Heels Not For You? Summer Flats Perfect For Any Occasion!


Let us find you the best summer flats this season!

If you have a unique hatred of heels, or can’t stand the thought of spending another party in stilettos, then sandals and slides are a fabulous substitute style. Despite the disappearing stigma around wearing summer flats to formal events, there are still ladies who choose to ignore their needs and continue to wear heels out unhappily. At Wildfire, your experience is our main priority. When you take home our shoes (summer flats or otherwise), we want to know that you feel indestructible and look marvellous! So, we’re going to dispel any doubts you have left about taking our sandals out to your next special event.


Summer flats are sensational wedding shoes! 


Short of an official request from the bride and groom to wear heels, no rule says you have to wear heels to a wedding. If you’d be happier and more comfortable in summer flats, then don’t feel obligated to compromise and wear heels instead. After all, you’ll be a better guest when you’re full of energy. No one wants to sulk on the sidelines with sore feet, and not because they chose stilettos instead of slides. You’ll be able to dance the night away, and feel more at ease, in summer flats. So, do yourself a favour, and choose comfort!


You should welcome summer flats into your formal wardrobe too! 


Dressing for any event can be a struggle, particularly if you don’t know what the celebrations involve. You might end up outside on the grass instead of staying indoors on carpet. Maybe a group of your friends will decide to break away from the primary group and party someplace new. In any case, summer flats enjoy more versatility and flexibility than any set of heels. Stilettos might struggle to make the switch or look out of place, but you’d have no trouble travelling from a backyard party to a club in a set of summer flats.


So, what sort do we recommend for your wardrobe? 

1. Sling-back summer flats


These shoes have pointy toes and a timeless feel. The wraparound heel straps give these summer flats the same vintage feel as some of our favourite kitten heels. Ladies who love classic designs will adore the black version, while modern shoppers should make their choice from our leopard or snake print ones. Summer flats in this look are effortlessly gorgeous with dresses, jumpsuits, and all sorts of other outfit combinations.

2. Woven-texture mules


The open-backed heels and pointed toes on these summer flats give your ankles a flattering feel. Woven detail is a hot and trending feature this season, so we have to recommend a pair of these! If you love dressing in fun floral prints when you go out, or want an excuse to wear eye-catching colours, then you should know that these mules a natural match. And, since they complement a broad array of clothing, you can feel free to take these summer flats out to casual and formal settings.

3. Flatforms


Get the height boost that you desire! If your only hang-up about summer flats is the fact that you don’t want to be the shortest one in all of the pictures, then we have a solution for you! Our flatforms sandals have no incline, but they do have a platform base. These cute and modern summer flats are a ready-made match with formal wear, so there’s no reason to pass them up this season! Also, they’re a stable style, so you can take them outdoors without trouble if the event takes place on (or near) a garden or beach.


Are you convinced yet?


You won’t regret a set of Wildfire summer flats, so come and see us today!