Heels Not for You? These Flat Shoes are Perfect for Every Occasion

Wearing heels, especially exceptionally high ones, can impact your health, especially your feet. Aside from pain and discomfort, you can have blisters, bunions, and, in worse scenarios, ankle injuries. So, we fully understand why heels are not the shoe for you.


What's your most sensible alternative? Flats. Wildfire has a massive range of footwear that is perfect for every occasion. In addition, wildfire flats come in eight colours that will match your wardrobe rotations. 


These classic colours are black, blue, leopard, natural, pink, tan, vanilla, and white. In addition, our team will give you a rundown of the many benefits and the available Wildfire collection to make your decision-making process more manageable.


Style 1 - Sandals  


Nothing beats comfort sandals, whether slides or strappy. Since the weather gets warmer and the feet need to breathe, these are perfect for spring and summer. Wildfire sandals are overflowing with comfort.


The open design allows moisture to escape and provides your toes with wiggle space that saves you from ingrown toenails. In addition, Wildfire boasts about the affordability of its footwear, giving you value for your money. Our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, allow you to buy your footwear now and pay later. 


Sandals Category 1 – Slides


 The most well-liked kind of sandals is the slides. Their name explains the ease with which you wear these by sliding them on and off. Slides are backless and attach to your feet through the strap or multiple straps covering the top parts of your feet.


This barely-there footwear is ideal for dress down, lazy days, and coffee runs. Some styling options you can consider are girly playsuits and printed dresses. Also, wear a white pleated flared midi skirt and a blue knit sweater for dressier occasions.


Wildfire has it all for you, whether metallic, beaded, or embellished.


Sandals Category 2 – Dad Sandals


Have you ever seen old photographs of your father from the late 1990s? If yes, you probably noticed him wearing sandals with touch-fastening straps! Hence, the name. This footwear often comes in a minimalist colour palette, which works with everything.


Whether your staple outfit is athleisure or dresses, the dad sandals will match them perfectly. In addition, flat shoes are perfect for every occasion. 


Style 3 - Mules  


The end of winter signals the blooming of flowers. It's also the perfect time to showcase your ankles and other parts of your feet. Mules are flat shoes that are closed at the front and open at the back.


Some women may need more time to be ready to expose their feet with sandals, so they prefer to show a small part through mules. Clothing that exposes the ankles works best with these flat shoes. Next, it's time to wear your cropped pants, midi skirts, and dresses!


We suggest folding longer pants to look good with these flat shoes s from Wildfire. 


Style 4 - Loafers  


Have you seen a Wildfire women's flats style that looks more masculine than the others? Loafers are a popular style of flats because they look trendier than sneakers and feel more comfortable than boots. In addition, these are stylish, classic, and cozy.


It's time to upgrade your wardrobe to include this footwear because they are perfect for every occasion. Choose jeans, skirts, dresses, and dresses, or those you'd typically wear with sneakers. We mentioned they are ideal for every occasion. But we must reiterate that these women's flats are also appropriate for formal events.


Rely on loafers to add texture to your overall look. Invest in these Wildfire flat shoes if your goal is to be your absolute best in every event. Ours come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. 


Discover your accurate Wildfire size through the handy size guide.


Reasons Why Wildfire Flats (Not from a Brand Shop) Are the Best for Your Feet 


Comfort is the top reason why. But if this is not enough for you, our team will share more reasons to consider purchasing this footwear.

  • The benefits you receive for your overall happiness and health; for example, in contrast to high heels, flats keep your feet from becoming intolerable, reducing the strain on your joints and back.
  • Flats let your feet stay in their natural position, which makes it less likely that you'll lose your balance or fall forward. In addition, this footwear does not force you to transfer your weight forward like stilettos, saving you from changing how you walk. 
  • Most styles of flat footwear are appropriate for varied types of weather. Though some of your feet may get wet, it's safer than wearing high heels during lousy weather. You wouldn't want to slip and twist your ankles unnecessarily.
  • For example, a popular reason women choose ballet flats is the ease of travelling. Bringing ballet flat shoes does not take up much weight or luggage space. Can you maximise the area and pack more items—perhaps another pair? Another reason is how easy it is to catch buses, planes, or trains and run across airports and platforms when you're late. 
  • The versatility of these shoes makes them perfect for every occasion. Active people have a lot on their plates, such as work, travel, house chores, grocery shopping, errands, and time with friends, but this footwear makes it all possible!  


It's time to start filling your shopping bag with flat footwear!


With everything said, it's time for you to get yourself a pair of flats that you can use for every occasion. If your budget allows, get one of each kind to fit all your activities. But if you must only choose one, go with the style that calls out to you the most.


Who knew it was possible to feel fabulous and comfortable at the same time? Keep things stylish with classic colours and fabrics, or make a bold statement in animal print patterns and eye-catching block colours. Get some stylish flats that are timelessly fashionable and appropriate for any season.


Do you want your feet wholly exposed or just a portion? Weigh all the considerations until you find the shoes that work correctly. Then, your search can be over; just head to the Wildfire Australia online shop, where you can browse and sort by price: low to high price, high to low price, or the nearest store. 


We think this is a nice feature for our price-conscious shoppers! At Wildfire, it's always the right price at the checkout!