Heels or Flats… Which is Best for Work?

Who does not love shoes? We need shoes for every occasion. The difference lies in their preference for them. Some belong to Team Heels, while others are on Team Flats.


It depends on your taste and the occasion. Which one is most useful for your day-to-day work? Wildfire made various shoes; if you want to wear high heels, choose stiletto and block heels. It is an excellent choice to wear formal attire on a special occasion.


They also have mid heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, platform heels, kitten heels, and court heels. Platform, square, mid, and open-toe heels are low heels that are best for most older women. 


Especially platform shoes are the all-time favourite pair of women much older. These women's heels, with low heels, give support to their feet while walking. As a result, they can walk for long hours.


Debates have sprung up on which of the two is better, especially for work. Do you prefer heels, as they exude a more professional vibe? Or do you value your comfort more than anything and veer away from any footwear with height? 


At Wildfire, we offer a wide range of trendy, stylish, and in-season designs that will cater to both teams. How about you? Are you team heels or team flats?  


Let's Go High for Team Heels  


The typical argument for women who prefer to wear heels to work is that height makes them feel more feminine and empowered. However, with trousers as their staple office attire, their legs feel short and chubby with flats, reducing their confidence level. 


Yes, women wearing high heels look beautiful in any dress. High heels in any style look fabulous in a black dress. Partygoers always wear high heels with straps and styles. High heels, like stiletto heels, make you stand out and stunning. 


They are given extra centimetres, enabling women to stand eye-to-eye with their male counterparts, literally and figuratively. With straight backs, women at work feel more confident that they can tackle anything head-on. 


In addition, the extra centimetres give off a particular aura of authority.  

Wildfire carries different kinds that cater to your height of choice. Others are content with the comfort blocks provided, while some are more adventurous with their stunning stilettos. 


Here is a list of the various Wildfire heels you can choose from. 

Who knows? You might decide to buy a pair, or perhaps three, to use alternately. In addition, our heels are great conversation starters, so one of your coworkers may approach you and inquire about where you purchased them.  


Style 1 - High  


Aside from the benefits of confidence and empowerment, as we mentioned earlier, wearing high heels improves your physique, posture, and leg muscles.    


Wildfire boasts an impressive collection of highs that will allow you to tower over workmates who intimidate you. They cannot look down on you if you're several centimetres taller than them. 


Our high heels come in different heights: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, and 12. With stiletto heels, your legs look longer and more comfortable. In addition, walking while wearing high heels looks feminine.


Several of our high heels come with straps that wrap around the ankles, giving you additional support and fewer chances of leaving a shoe behind like Cinderella.  


Style 2 - Stiletto    


You can distinguish stiletto heels by their pointed and slender design. This pair screams power. Yes, Queen! Show them who's the boss at work! If sporting this footwear already makes a statement, imagine how much more so if you select one from Wildfire's collection.  


You will be astounded by the variety of chic stiletto heels offered by Wildfire. They come in various heights: 7, 7.5, 9, and 11.  

Our stilettos are so sexy that you will choose to strut them after work. Any outfit can match these women's heels for any special occasion, even formal attire. 


In Australia, these high heels are now trending.

Style 3 - Block    


Our block heels are so versatile that you can use them both during the day for work and at night to celebrate professional accomplishments with coworkers. In addition, its thick platform provides superior support for your feet by equally distributing your weight and relieving pressure. 


Block heels can be worn in any wardrobe. It gives a foot forward for every girl. These heels give you the height you need to feel powerful while making it easier for you to move and stand. Wildfire offers block heels in varying sizes: 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 12.  


Style 4 - Low    


We must admit that block heels, high heels, and stilettos are not for everyone. Some people favour low shoes because they are comfortable and provide ample height. You don't need to exert yourself by walking in shoes that could cause you to lose your balance and fall forward.  


Ladies need not worry about muscle fatigue because Wildfire's low heels, like short mules and kittens, do not have steep inclines. For a more professional work look, pair our selection of low heels with suits and slacks. There are three height options: 4.5, 6, and 7.  


Let's Simplify Heels-Wearing   


If you know what to look for, you won't have to endure wearing heels. Instead, choose the kind that provides you with comfort and stability. We suggest looking for a style with a broader toe box, providing more space for your toes to spread out. 


In addition, you might want to look at our foot care items, like innersoles and cushions, as these can make wearing heels more bearable.  


Let's Chat with Team Flats  


Everyone on Team Flats will tell you they are all about comfort. Because they find it much easier to commute to work, these ladies favour flats over heels. They contend that flat shoes can be just as fashionable and elegant as their significantly higher equivalents, and you don't need heels to dominate your coworkers. 


Attitude is everything! If you are a member of Team Flats, you might want to check out our online store or the retailer closest to you. The flats in Wildfire's collection showcase the most recent trends.


Your casual day at work dress will look better with our strappy shoes and slides. Additionally, you can wear our comfortable loafers and go directly to the dance floor for some post-work socials.


 Finally, mules are a pair of backless flats. They are perfect for those suffering from discomfort in their heels. Platform heels are trendy during the warmer months, especially in the new season. The warmer months have the highest sales.


These backless flats are a terrific option if you cannot wait to wear your cropped pants to work. Letting go of heels and choosing to go with flats does not have to make you feel underdressed for work. A Wildfire pro tip: 

Add on accessories that will make you feel more empowered. Our collection is known to achieve that.  


We Love Both!  


It all comes down to what makes you feel confident and at ease in the end. It doesn't matter if you're wearing heels or flats—the important thing is to be productive! Why not get both? Visit Wildfire and treat yourself to our affordable pairs! 


They are all vegan-friendly, which means the production of our footwear does not use any animal products. Wearing these brands of shoes, high heels, or flats is the best collection. 


So, shop now! Women's heels and platform heels are almost on sale at the shop. You can shop online by using clear filters. Online shoppers can easily choose the shape, style, shoe size, and price.


The price is very affordable. Enjoy Shopping!