Heels Perfect for All Your Summer Events!

What's your favourite part about going to summer events? Aside from meeting people, you can dress up and decide which heels to wear. Summer means you can wear any footwear, especially ones that expose your feet.


The simplest way to improve an outfit is to add heels. Add a pair of heels, and you're all set! These shoes can transform your look from drab to fab. At Wildfire, we have various women's heels to choose from, like stiletto heels, block heels, platform heels, mid heels, kitten heels, low heels, square-toe heels, court heels, open-toe heels, heel mules, and platform shoes, which are ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion. 


From high heels, stilettos, pumps, or heeled sandals, our new season of women's heels will add towering style to every look. So shop online today, and pick your favourite pair of heels, boots, flats, or sneakers. Choose women's heels that put your best foot forward this season with our directional edit of women's heels.


From towering platform pumps, open-toe heels, and stilettos to practical block heels and flattering wedges, the iconic collection features an extensive selection of must-have heels inspired by runways worldwide.


You will have plenty of time to attend activities during the summer. Of course, there are a variety of situations where wearing heels might not be appropriate, such as when walking on uneven ground, but you should still keep stylish shoes. 


On the contrary, these shoes can make you look stylish while giving you the comfort you need.


Our team at Wildfire will give you a rundown on the heels you should consider to look stylish during your summer events. Read on to find out!


Style 1Wedge 


You will appear fashionable wearing wedges with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. These shoes can distinctively elevate any summer style. In addition, wedges are comfortable heels to wear because of the shape of the heel.


You won't have problems with balance, thereby preventing mishaps from happening. Are you looking to wear a sundress to an event? A pretty white sundress and eye-catching bright wedge heels make a lovely colour combination.


You could also think about strappy wedges, which have a sophisticated look and keep your feet safe. Two crucial qualities that make wedges the ideal heels for summer are that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in.


Style 2Peep Toe 


It's fun and can get attention for styles you have not considered. For example, peep-toe heels have an open-toe box that allows the toes to show, giving you a mysterious, inviting vibe and leaving others wondering about the rest of the feet. It's also the best way to show off your freshly done manicure.


Are you aiming for a sophisticated vibe? If so, these heels are for you. Try pairing a tropical-printed skirt with tan peep-toe heels for summer.


Consider getting brightly coloured shoes, such as a cute floral midi, to complement summer dresses. This is an iconic footwear style that has evolved over the years. These shoes are perfect for all kinds of summer events you have lined up.


Style 3Low Block


We all want to feel comfortable during the sweltering heat of summer. Low-block heels are very comfortable because they make walking the easiest thing in the world. Also, the thick, wide heel spreads your weight evenly, making your feet feel better. 


These heels boost our legs, make us an inch taller, and improve our sometimes lousy posture. Sandals are already classic summer shoes. Adding low-block heels will make them appropriate for all your summer events.


They go with everything, can be dressed up or down, and are practical and comfortable because of the low, solid-covered block shoes. Some styling options include a black tee, a pair of ripped jeans, and a crossbody bag with black and strappy low-block shoes.


Style 4Strappy


These strappy heels never go out of style and are a timeless accent to all your summer outfits. They used to be worn only in the evening, but now they are often dressed for casual events, making them a great summer option. Of course, black, white, and natural are the obvious choices for summer, but you can still go bolder and brighter to match your mood and outfit.


Is a summer wedding on the horizon for you? Strappy heels, especially those with skinny silver straps wrapping around your ankles, will make a statement and turn heads. Different straps provide different silhouettes, making your feet look sexy and attractive. 


Are you feeling sporty and want to wear something different to a summer event? For a change, put on your tennis skirt beyond the courts. You'll be prepared for a night out in no time with the addition of strappy heels and a crop top.


Style 5Mules


Mule heels have a constant presence in most women's summer wardrobes. Mules, like shorts, floaty dresses, skirts, or wide-legged pants, add a cool and fashionable appeal to any summer ensemble.


If you have slim feet, search for these heels that fit snugly to support your toes and keep the shoes from falling off. 


If your feet are wide, go for regular or wide-fit options. Plus points for these shoes go to the insole support and coverage on top of the foot. Some styling suggestions you can play with for your summer events include skinny jeans and a favourite top, an ideal day-to-night ensemble.


Combine these heels with linen trousers or a shirtdress for a laid-back summer vacation look.


How to Keep Your Shoes in Tip-Top Shape


1. Clean the Insides


There's nothing more rewarding than putting your feet up after a long, hot day. But before doing that, you must clean the insides of your heels, especially if you walked all day and let out some sweat caused by the warm summer day. A simple trick to get rid of dirt or skin oil buildup in your heels is to wipe the insides with a dry tissue.


Use a brush to remove dirt if the shoes are made of leather or suede by making quick circular motions.


2. Expel Odours   


Did you know that coffee grounds are a miracle odour-removing tool? You can make portable coffee sachets that you can put on your heels to absorb odours. Put a package with ground coffee inside your shoes.


3. Proper Storage


Store your shoes after taking them off. Leaving them thrown on the ground in a pile will distort them and allow dust to gather.


It's Time to Show Off Your Heels This Summer!


At Wildfire, Choose from low, mid, high, or block heel designs and browse open-toe heel sandals that are perfect for summer or heeled booties that look great with a skirt and tights for the cooler months. They're a great option with a suit for the office and will even elevate a pair of jeans for your next smart-casual event. Wedges are an excellent choice for outdoor activities during the warmer months.


How do I know my shoe size? Use clear filters to check your size, styles, colours, and new heights. For those not scared of adding a little height to their wardrobe, a pair of platform heels will ensure you gain a few inches. It's time to have fun during your summer events! 


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