Heels Perfect for the 9-5 Work Week!

Do you have a 9-5 job? Do you need to wear a pair of corporate shoes throughout the day? If you agree to both of these questions, you have come to the right place, girl! Our range of heels is sure to help you take your corporate look to the next level. 


We offer a wide range of heels that will look perfect for your 9-5 job. But, of course, there is nothing better than rocking a set of heels during your 9-5 job. The team here at Wildfire has gathered a range of styles that will instantly make you fall in love. 


If you are keen to check out our collection of heels that are perfect for work, then scroll down below, girl! 


Style 1 – Block Heels


Take a quick view of our huge range of block heels. These are the type of work shoes that every girl needs at least one pair of in her life. These shoes are the perfect definition of comfortable, low heels.

In addition, you will find that these shoes offer a small and thick base, which is perfect for walking in throughout the day and still look flawless. They are also perfect for girls who love a little heel height boost. So put your best foot forward with these block pumps.


The best thing about these women's heels is that you can find them in a wide range of styles, designs and shoe size that will fit your foot length. These heels are sure to take your office look to a whole new level.

You can find these shoes in a range of bright, pastel, jewelled, or accessorized designs. Moreover, you can choose your type of block heels. Whether in low, mid heels or high heels, circle or square toe heels, we already know you'll look amazing.


You can invest in block heels dedicated to one specific day each throughout the week. Pair these classic black pumps ​with a set of ¾ pants and a loose-fitted blouse or a summer dress. The office will not know what hit them!


Style 2 – Cake-Stand 


Try something new this season with our range of cake-stand heels. You will become obsessed in an instant when you rock a pair of these heels, sis! 


The cake-stand pumps are designed to go against the standard 'norms' and take your corporate fashion look to a whole new level. These heels will ensure that all eyes are on you throughout the day. Trust us, you will receive compliments from left, right, and centre. 


The cake-stand design is sure to become your new favourite pair of heels. These pumps are perfect to wear during the summer warmer months of the year. You will love how stylish and comfortable these platform heels ​are on your feet. The cake-stand design is a must-have in your life, girl.


The best thing about these heels set is that you can wear them outside the office. So whether it is an after-work dinner or a special event, you will look flawless in a pair of these pumps! Reach new heights with these items!


Style 3 – Kitten Heels 


Feel flawless from head to toe in a pair of our kitten heels. These are the perfect set of pumps to wear to a day full of office fun. These shoe types will take your corporate look to the next level. 


Kitten heels have been in the world of fashion for many years now. You will find that these are super easy to wear, comfortable on your feet, and stylish. A pair of kitten heels will ensure that you look and feel your very best throughout the day. There is something about these open-toe heels that makes them so appealing. 


Kitten heels feature a mini stiletto heels-like base and an open-toe design. The mini base is what makes these shoes so easy to wear. Our favourite style that we offer is TAMPA. These high heels are to-die-for! So make your shopping activity fun with us!


Style 4 – Heeled Boots


Do you need a new shoe pair for the office in the winter months? Well, look no further because our range of heeled boots will become your new staple. These are the perfect set of pumps to wear for a cold day in the office. In addition, these heels will look perfect with your corporate outfits. 


We love to style these heels set with a pair of denim jeans and blazer or an oversized shirt, belt, and teddy coat. We love how comfortable and stylish these shoes can look on you, girl! 


Our range of heeled boots comes in various styles and designs, which means you will always have options. Whether it is a set of low-cut, knee-high, or thigh-high boots, you can trust that you will love wearing them all day long. 


Rock a pair of these heels for your weekend antics, and watch how versatile they can be. You will love what these shoes can do for your next look! 


Style 5 – Pointed-Toe Heels


Stay chic and classy from 9 to 5 in our range of pointed-toe heels. These are the shoes that every girl needs in her life if she works an office job. The corporate world will love what you can do with a pair of these pumps, babe! 


The pointed-toe design is a classic in the world of fashion. This heel has come in and out of fashion style over the years. Despite that, it has always remained a must-have pair of heels. The pointed-toe look will ensure that you look sophisticated and professional all day long. 

These suits any formal attire or even casual attire for that upcoming special occasion.


Your office meetings and lunches will have you feeling your very best, and it is all thanks to your heels. So get your hands on a pair of these pumps ASAP, queen!


We also offer other shoe styles and designs. From platform shoes, court heels, and heel mules to kitten heels, our new season of women's heels will add towering style to every look. Shop online today!




Do not forget that you need to get some shoe accessories when you invest in a new pair of heels. You will feel so much better than before once you wear a comfy pair of pumps. 


Why not try wearing some half-gel innersoles with your next pair of heels. These innersoles will give you an extra layer of comfort that cannot get found anywhere else. These shoe accessories are too good to resist! Shop online with us!


Have You Fallen Head Over Heels in Love?


We know that these shoes are the perfect fit for your workwear wardrobe. There is nothing better than rocking a new pair of pumps from 9-5, girl. So strut your stuff all day long in comfort and style with a new set of shoes!

Head to the Wildfire website today and score yourself a new pair of kicks. Continue shopping with us!