Heels Perfect for The Holiday Season!

Do you need a new pair of heels for the holiday season? Well, do not fear because the team at Wildfire are here to help! You will love what we have on offer for you, girl. Our range of heels is sure to suit your style for the holiday season. Whether you love to spice things up or to look for something to wear during the festive season, then you are in the right place.


Take a look at our range of high heels ​below. We are sure you will find the perfect pair of pumps right here with us!


Style 1 – Block 


Check out our range of block heels. These pumps are perfect for a day out in the sun with family and friends. Welcome in the holiday season whilst wearing a gorgeous set of heels. A pair of block heels are perfect for the holiday season because they are comfortable and easy to wear. 


You will love what these pumps can do for your holiday look. You can trust that these pumps will look perfect with just about any outfit. Whether it is a mini dress or high-waisted pants and a cute crop, there will be plenty of looks to go with your new pair of block heels. These shoes are a must-have for your holiday season, girl. 


The best thing about these classic black pumps is that you can wear them all year long, so once the festive season comes to an end, you can look forward to styling these shoes with your other outfits. 


Style 2 – Wedge 


Get your hands on a stylish pair of wedge heels this festive season. You will love what these pumps can do for you and your outfit. If you love the European summer, then you will want to invest in a set of these wedge heels even more. Wedges take inspiration from the fashion trends in Europe. 


Women overseas get to spend their summer in a pair of wedge heels and mini-skirts because, why not?! 


There are plenty of outfits you can create to suit your pair of wedge heels. The Australian summer can encapsulate warm and breezy days with lowkey nights. A set of wedge heels are the perfect fit for this environment. You will love what these pumps can do for your festive season. 


Trust us, girl, you will be getting compliments left, right, and centre with these wedge heels on your feet! So add these heels to your wardrobe ASAP!


Style 3 – Platform Stilettos


Do you love to wear a pair of heels? Do you hate the pain associated with wearing pumps? If you are nodding your head yes to both of these questions, then you will be sure to love investing in a pair of platform pumps. 


These pumps are a must-have this festive season. Platform heels are super comfortable on your feet and can help you feel fabulous all day long. For sure, your family members will want to know where you got these heels from as soon as they see you in them. You will love to wear these pumps all year, whether during colder or warmer months.


There is no better feeling than the one you get from a pair of platform stiletto heels. These heels can ensure you look and feel confident all day long. So ditch your jane debster heels and invest in a new style of platform heels. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, you will get attached to your new pair of platform heels, girl! 


Style 4 – Kitten


Girl, you need a pair of kitten heels in your life ASAP! These are a must-have pair of shoes for every occasion. 


Whether it is the festive season or the middle of winter, you will love wearing a pair of kitten heels. These look perfect when styled with a mini denim skirt and loose-fitted blouse. You will also rock these pumps with a flowy maxi dress. The options are endless in a set of these pumps, girl! 


Kitten heels are the perfect in-between to a pair of stilettos and platform pumps. Kitten heels give you the same style as stilettos, but without the pain. You will love wearing these pumps from morning until night. These are the must-have heels for the festive season. 


You can spend the day socialising with friends and family without worrying about your sore feet. It is a win-win in our eyes, sis! 


Style 5 – Chunky Heels


Say hello to this super cute trend! That’s right! We are talking about our range of chunky heels. These pumps are a statement piece that you need in your life. So if you ever feel unsure of what outfit to wear for the day, all you have to do is throw on your pair of chunky heels, and your outfit will get sorted. 


There is something super fun about wearing a pair of chunky heels during the festive season. This shoe style gained popularity during 2021, and we could not be any more obsessed. These pumps are super stylish and look great with just about every outfit. It also has a different range of sizes that will surely fit your foot length.


Chunky heels take us straight back to the ’70s, and it is a total vibe. You will love how comfy and wearable a pair of these chunky heels are!    




One thing that every girl forgets to invest in when buying a pair of heels is shoe accessories. These are a must-have for every pair of pumps. You will feel lost without a set of accessories for your shoes, girl! 


If you love to wear pumps, you need to invest in a set of accessories. We recommend getting your hands on some half-gel innersoles for your pair of heels. These sit on the inside of your shoes and add an extra layer of comfort for your feet. These accessories will make wearing a pair of heels ten times easier throughout the festive season. You will be thanking us later, sis! 


Have You Fallen Head Over Heels in Love?


We thought you would! There is nothing better than the feeling of buying a stylish new pair of shoes. We know that these pumps are perfect for the holiday season. If you are ready to get your hands on a set of these pumps, head to the Wildfire store website today, girl!


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