Heels Perfect for Your 9-5!

Who does not love shoes? We need shoes for every occasion. But because work takes up a big chunk of our time, we must focus on finding the right pair of comfortable heels. 


Heels have shape and style. You have different heels to choose from, like mid heels, square toe heels, platform heels, stiletto heels, court heels, low heels, kitten heels, block heels, and toe heels. Low heels and mid heels are best for a mini dress. Block heels and stiletto heels are women's heels favourites.


Square-toe heels, open-toe heels, toe heels, heel mules, and platform shoes are ideal for around-the-clock and formal attire. From high heels like Stilleto heels to our new season of women's heels that add towering style to every look.


We wouldn't want to add more pain to the stress level we are already experiencing from work, right? Debates and discussions have sprung left and right as to the perfect heels for work. Is this kind better, or does that pair make you more productive? Pros and cons have been said and written about each. 


Our team at Wildfire would like to help you narrow down the choices. Wildfire offers all kinds of shoes to cater to varied preferences, so your choice will depend on what you value more.  


The price is not too high. The price depends on the brand and style. The shop is always on sale. The shop discounts customers if they buy all different pairs of shoes.


Working in Heels: The Benefits  


Women who wear heels to work have a joint defence that being taller helps them feel more powerful and feminine. However, whenever they wear flats with pants, their go-to work outfit, their legs feel short and chubby, lowering their confidence level. 


Heels grant women a few extra centimetres, allowing them to look at their male counterparts head-on and with more authority. In addition, wearing these compels women to pay closer attention to their posture. For example, they must sit correctly, walk a certain way, and stand erect. 


Although not apparent, these improvements give women more capacity to act and feel self-assured. In addition, dressing nicely for work is a sign of respect. Whether you like it or not, heels represent "formality" in the workplace culture, especially if you are meeting with a client or presenting to top management. 


Frankly, some people make snap judgments about you based on the type of shoes you wear the first time you meet them. Wildfire carries heels that cater to your height preference. While some are more daring with their sultry stilettos, others are pleased with the comfort that blocks offer them. 


Our Wildfire team lists down our different shoes so you can choose conveniently. You might end up buying a pair of each kind to use alternately. One of your colleagues might even come up to you and ask where you got those heels because Wildfire shoes are all terrific conversation starters.  


Style 1 - Block   


Our block heels are so functional that you can wear them to work during the day and to a celebration of professional success with coworkers at night. Its thick platform gives your feet the best support possible by evenly spreading your weight and easing pressure. 

In Australia, this is one of the best sellers. Also, suit up for the upcoming special occasion. They love this shoe because of its style and straps. The height of the heel is not very high. As you can see, these types of heels are scarce. Partygoers can dance til midnight. 


These heels make it easy for you to walk around and stand while giving you the height you need to feel more in control. Wildfire block heels come in 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 12.  


Style 2 - Stiletto   


Stilettos signify power. Do you agree? Walking in those pointed and slim heels requires extraordinary skills. When you come to work in these shoes, you are showing them that you can conquer anything. 


Stilleto heels are fit for a special occasion. This pointed shoe is an excellent choice for every woman in the world. You can wear this with any wardrobe, especially in formal attire. Most formal attire is a favourite pair of stilettos. 


Stilleto heels are high heels that give you the confidence to walk and support your muscles. If you can overcome these painful heels, you mean business, and nothing can stop you! 


Wildfire's expansive selection of stylish stiletto heels will surprise you. They are so sexy that you'll opt to wear them for some after-work drinks. 

Choose the height that suits you best from the following: 7, 7.5, 9, and 11.   


Style 3 - High  


The benefits of wearing high heels include enhancement of appearance, posture, and leg muscles. In addition, no one can intimidate you again, as Wildfire's impressive collection of highs can make you. You tower over your workmates. You can choose from the following heights: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, and 12. 


Pro tip when wearing high heels: remove them the minute you get home. 

Returning your feet to the ground can realign your foot bones back into their correct position and stretch the tense tendons at the back of your legs. We also suggest bringing a pair of flats for travel on public transportation so your feet can rest.  


Style 4 - Low   


We know that blocks, stilettos, and high heels are not for everyone. Some people prefer wearing low heels since they are cozy and capable of providing enough height. Walking in shoes that could make you lose your balance puts unnecessary strain on your body.  


Because Wildfire's low heels do not have steep inclines, ladies shouldn't be concerned about developing muscle fatigue. Instead, pick a pair from our soft collection to match your polished corporate outfit. Three height options are available at Wildfire: 4.5, 6, and 7. 


Let's Simplify Heels-Wearing     


Knowing what you look for will save you from enduring the pain of wearing heels. Always go for the kind that provides you with comfort and stability. To give your toes more room to spread out, we advise selecting a style with a broader toe box.


These casual shoes give you the right foot. Put your best foot forward and browse through a famous online store today. You can find innersoles and cushions among our foot care items to help make wearing them more tolerable.  


The shop is almost sold out during the warmer months, especially in the new season. New heights in boots are also trending. Boots in Australia and worldwide are considered the most popular footwear in the country.


Practice Makes Perfect!    


Nobody gets it the first time. Wear your new heels at home before using them at work. You should test them out on as many different kinds of flooring as you can. 

A pro tip when walking on heels, particularly the high ones:

  1. Plant the back of the feet before the toes.
  2. Put only a part of your foot on the ground at a time.
  3. Keep your eyes up and concentrate on your destination rather than your feet.
  4. Shorten your stride.
  5. Most importantly, move slower. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your day and get a party. 

You may feel awkward since you're not used to this pace, but it will help you walk more steadily. 


In addition, simple workouts will strengthen your joints and ankles, which will help you walk more comfortably while wearing them. For example, a quick exercise you can do to prepare for balancing in high heels is the standing calf raise.


While watching TV, stand with your feet hip-distance apart and slowly elevate onto the balls of your feet before bringing the back part down. Repeat at your own pace. Nothing comes easily, and if you want to be able to walk in heels like a runway model, you must make an effort to master them. 


Are you ready to start your heels-at-work journey?  


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