Heels So Comfortable, You Won’t Want To Take Them Off!


Have you had a troublesome time trying to find heels that you can wear painlessly?

As much as we all love the glamour and gracefulness of stilettos and high styles, they can be tough to pull off. Even if you’ve got exceptional balancing skills, the aches and pains that come with steep heels can cause troubles for anyone. Wildfire believes in bringing customers the best styles, the lowest prices, and the most comfortable styles. We’re going to give you a rundown of our top tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your new heels as effortlessly as possible. And, we’ll also cover the leading trends of the season, so you don’t get left behind in 2020!


Kitten heels


If you’d like to add some classic elegance to your wardrobe, then these are a ready-made pick for you this season! Our sling-back styles may have skinny heels, but the short height will keep you feeling comfortable for ages. As such, shoes in this style are perfect for all-day wear. Add our kitten heels into your weekly work wardrobe, and they’ll become a favourite pick fast. You could wear our block-colour versions every day of the week without them feeling tired. Still, if you’d like your cosy heels to make more of a statement, then ones with an animal print would be brilliant too! 




These thick-soled block heels will do wonders for your comfort levels. While styles in this look are tall, they don’t have a steep incline. The flat platform creates most of the height boost, so you can stand should-to-shoulder with your tallest friends without getting achy ankles. Platform heels like ours are a bold choice, so be sure that when you start pairing outfits with them, they don’t come across looking heavy.


Espadrille wedges


Heels like these are the ideal choice for ladies who want to take their look to a whole different level. Much like our platforms, these wedges use a flat platform as the base before adding the angle on top. Espadrilles create the illusion of longer legs and make them appear more defined, but without causing unnecessary stress on your joints and muscles. As such, these heels are a prime choice for anyone who wants a few extra centimetres without incurring a painful penalty. Plus, they look marvellous too!




Our lace-up booties are real beauties! The partially-enclosed style allows for excellent air circulation and ample protection, so they’re marvellous heels in any season. Once again, the thick base gives you plenty of support, so you shouldn’t have any trouble if you want to wear them for hours and hours. During summer, booties will be a dream pair at backyard parties, musical festivals, and events held under the stars. The laced uppers give bootie heels a fresh and edgy look that we know you’ll love!


Translucent mules 


These are a modern classic! The broad block heels provide you with enduring ease of wear. It’s no wonder that ladies are going wild for our transparent mules when they have endless versatility and eye-catching designs! If these translucent styles were any more magical, they would be glass slippers! So, let these see-through heels help create a real-life fairytale for you this season! We have open-backed mules or block heels in this crystalline look, so you can get whichever ones excite you the most.


Which ones sounded the best to you? 


Browse our collection if one of these fantastic styles jumped out at you! Even if espadrilles or kitten heels don’t end up in your shopping cart, we’re sure you’ll spot something that sparks your interest. Now, come and see what Wildfire can offer you!