Heels That Every Girl Will Love


Why is it so hard to find heels that you love?

Maybe you aren’t looking in all the right places! Wildfire is here to help direct your next shopping trip by talking you through some of our best designs. How about we look at some heels now? 


Why would you deny yourself platform heels? 


Even if a vintage-made-new look doesn’t do it for you, we know the glamour and long-lasting comfort will change your mind about these! Wildfire has a handful of gorgeous platforms that you can try out this summer. We highly recommend a pair for ladies who love the look of sky-high heels but can’t handle a steep incline. Not only are they far more natural to walk, stand, and dance in than styles with a sheer slope, but they’re also on-trend! What could you lose if you choose platform heels?


Go for trend with our leopard print and snakeskin material:


Some of our favourite heels of 2019 come with animal prints!


Snakeskin heels come in steely grey, so they’re an instant match with monochrome clothing. If you find colourful patterns too flashy, then our chic snakeskin is an excellent alternative to something more vibrant. You’ll still be bringing a bold fashion item into your ensemble, but can keep our heels subtle if you want to as well. As far as designs to go for, we recommend mules. You can get some sweet mule heels from our shelves in 2019 with see-through top straps and snakeskin material. With their slide-in fit and casual sophistication, you really can’t go wrong with mules!


Leopard print styles are a much-loved look with our customers, and the best has to be our tall block heels. We love how eye-catching and effortlessly glamorous the spotted print can be, and we know that you will too! Heels in this style have slender wrap-around straps with a buckled fastening, which make them even more convenient for the fit, and more flattering for your calves. Anyone could fall in love with leopard print heels!


Why stay small? Live big with our wedge heels! 


There are reasons why espadrilles wedges are so popular, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure them out. These emboldened platforms look great, feel fabulous, and have a design that fixes problems common to other styles! Stilettos and tall block heels have a difficult time on grass, but the broad platform of an espadrille has no issue with soft surfaces. That means these are outstanding shoes for indoor and outdoor wear.


The leg-lengthening effect of our wedges is also a talking point! The thick platform blurs the line between the end of your feet and the start of the heels, creating the illusion of lithe limbs. The illusion is even more powerful when you pair that slimming base with cross-crossing straps which make your calves appear stretched! Not to mention, the braided texture adds to the fashionable aesthetic.


Let’s take it back to basics


As fun and fresh as all the previous options have been, you also can’t go wrong with simple stilettos. At their core, a set of heels from this section is best-suited to weddings, work events, and other formal settings. The leading look has a single band around the ankle and one across the tops of the toes, but you’ll find heaps of variations in our range. Timeless elegance could be yours, so long as you choose a set of our classic heels.


Do you have an idea of the sort that you want yet?


Let Wildfire unleash your wild side with a brand new set of heels this season. Whatever your style looks like, we’ve got something to make it work!