Heels That Make the Perfect Dancing Shoes!

Are you planning for your next dance party? Or are you a professional dancer needing the perfect dancing shoes?

Dancers are impressive! How can they gracefully glide across the dance floor in various forms of heels and still appear like they’re floating on air? What kind of features do dancing shoes have to withstand all the movements?

Apart from ensuring that the heels don’t break during mid-performance, the dancers must also consider which kind keeps their feet feeling comfortable through extended periods. From long days and nights of rehearsals until the performances, dancers must bring their A+ game and wear heels that can see all these through.

Whether the shoes are for your dancing party or if you’re a professional dancer needing one, there’s only one place where the best heels for dancing reside: Wildfire Shoes! The brand has various collections ideal for dancers and performers.

What are the essential features of a pair of dancing heels? With the help of the team from Wildfire, let’s go through various tips to help you find the perfect one. We will also recommend the pair of Wildfire heels that embody them. Let’s start!


1. Choose the correct heel height.

How high your heels are makes a massive difference in your comfort while dancing. Beginners should start with a shorter height, then work up in mid-heels until you get the hang of things. Low heels stand at 2.5–5.5 cm, bringing you closer to the ground for more support and stability. It’s an excellent place to start, especially if you’re still learning to improve your groove. However, if you’re a professional who can glide on high heels effortlessly, go for it! Not all shoes with a height of 7.5 cm or higher are uncomfortable.

Some options from the Wildfire collection are Marquise, which is low, and Astonish for more height. Marquise is a pair of Wildfire low heels with a pointed toe and a suede-like feel. They are embellished with diamante accents, so you can boogie around the dance floor in style. Have fun while you do. A slingback strap holds the shoe in place, ensuring you won’t leave them on the dance floor mid-dip.

Meanwhile, impress your audience with Astonish, a pair of Wildfire high heels at 8 cm. The buckled ankle strap is ideal for adjusting the fit, enabling you to dance with more prominent movements without hindrance. The broad base spreads your weight around, provides stability, and relieves pressure, so you can dance all night pain-free and with confidence.


2. Look for a sturdy heel.

Sturdy heels are essential so dancers can maintain control over their footwork, reducing the risk of slips and falls during spins and turns. As mentioned, height doesn’t matter much when you have broad bases that keep you stable and well-balanced. This way, you can execute intricate movements with ease.

While some performers must dance with stiletto heels because that’s what the role entails, others go for the safer route. Wildfire gives you options where heel width is concerned. Stilettos are thin, narrow options that take a lot of practice to get used to. Meanwhile, block heels and heel mules have a stable, broad base, which makes balancing easier. Which one are you leaning into?

Perform your best while wearing stilettos with Wildfire’s Impress. With their slim double straps around the ankle, toes, and bridge of the foot, your shoes will remain secure throughout your performance. In addition, these stilettos add a stunning silhouette to your feet, complete with sparkling rhinestones that catch the light whenever you twirl and bend.

Vantage is like Impress, but with a broader base. These online-exclusive block heels have elegant, sparkly thin straps around the ankle, over the toes, and across the foot’s bridge, perfect for your formal attire. Dancing with 10 cm heels won’t bother you much because they spread your weight and boost your balance.


3. Find a secure fit.

Experience the beauty of graceful movement by choosing the perfect dancing heels that fit comfortably and securely on your feet. Avoid the discomfort of slipping and sliding by choosing shoes with fastenings or straps for a customisable fit. These straps ensure you can confidently dance with your partner without worrying about your heels flying off during a lift or rubbing your feet painfully when you dance.

Most options come with buckled ankle straps, like platform heels, which you can loosen as needed. Other women's heels have self-tie straps, which you can tie around your ankles and legs. Wildfire has several notable options for your best foot that provide a customisable, secure fit. Let’s look at Linda and Gemini.

Linda is a self-tie pair of strappy block heels. This stylish option clings to your feet and will become your new go-to dancing shoes. With Linda’s squared open toe heel design that gives your beautiful toes room to spread and move, you will have the best time dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Meanwhile, Gemini is Wildfire’s elegant pair of dancing heels. The buckled straps wrap around the back of the heel to your ankle, while three straps produce a nice angle across the top of the foot. Gemini will match well with your flowy dress, creating a beautiful look while you twist and turn.


Post-Dancing Footcare

Caring for your feet after an extended period of dancing with heels is vital to prevent discomfort and other potential injuries. You’ve subjected your feet to strenuous movements and must return to their relaxed state. Here are some steps:

  • Remove your heels and walk around a cold surface to help relieve the swelling. Take a few minutes to cool down and stretch your feet and legs, which improves flexibility and prevents cramps.
  • Check your heels for visible dirt and wipe them down while you elevate your feet on pillows or walls to promote blood circulation.
  • Soak your feet in warm water to soothe tired muscles. Massage your soles using your hands, a massage ball, or by rolling a bottle on them.
  • Before you head to the bedroom and rest for the night, ensure you have placed your heels in proper storage, away from floating dirt and dust.


Dance the Night Away With Wildfire Heels!

Shop online and browse our variety of heels, like stilettos, block heels, square-toe heels, court heels, kitten heels, and platform shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to put your best foot forward with your favourite pair of dancing heels!