Heels That Will Always Have You Looking And Feeling Your Best!

Our heels will have you looking and feeling your best every second that they’re on your feet! Finding the shoes of your dreams will be oh-so-easy since we have an enormous selection of designs for you this season. Browse through our collection of heels and we know something will get your attention. 

We’ve got everything from the ultra-modern looks trending in 2020 to the classic designs that our customers can’t get enough of, so there are no excuses for passing these up! But, don’t worry— we won’t leave you to sort through our heels all alone. Today, we’ll talk you through some of our most stylish and cosy styles. See if there’s something that speaks to you! 


Short heels offer a little height boost and easy comfort! 


you’re struggling to make a decision on a design, then you should know that sling-back styles are some of our most popular picks. Here at Wildfire, we have skinny kitten heels that are sure to catch your attention. 

These vintage-made-new styles can bring an air of sophistication and class, and we’ve made sure to give them a modern update. We have these sling-back heels in a plethora of different finishes, including sleek faux leather and soft faux suede. No matter what sort of materials catch your fancy, the Wildfire collection has got something for you! 


We know you’ll love our mule heels! 


These easy slide-on shoes are sure to satisfy you this season. Since most mules are minimalist designs, these heels are a top pick for warmer seasons like summer and spring. You won’t have to stress about getting hot, sweaty, or stinky feet with mules there to cool you down.

The broad block heels are also a bonus. Mid-high platforms offer longer-lasting balance and comfort than sky-high designs. Plus, the width of the heels will help keep you steady and stable on uneven surfaces, which means they’re perfect indoors and outdoors.

Do you want to know which ones we like best in 2020? One of our favourite mules has a see-through top band, which makes it so easy to match with outfits in different colours. However, our strappy heels come in heaps of looks and we think you’ll love them too! 


Keep warm and look cute with over-the-knee heels!


We love seeing these shoes out during winter and autumn because the extra warmth from thigh-high boots make wearing summery skirts and dresses easy. Likewise, wearing over-the-knee heels with your favourite jeans will keep your legs from getting cold on the frostiest days. The faux suede material is kind on the skin and very soft, so you’re sure to love the feel of these shoes. 

Besides, if you’re looking for heels that can help you make a statement, then these are the shoes to choose! Because of the length of the style and the bold black material, you never need to worry about your shoes getting overshadowed by your outfit. 


You can always use innersoles and gel cushions to safeguard your comfort! 


Are you familiar with Wildfire’s foot care accessories? While our heels are super comfy and sure to keep you happy, we know that some ladies need a bit of extra help. If you’re not confident in platforms and want to be assured of your pair’s ease of wear, then innersoles or gel cushions are excellent options. Affix them to the bottom of your heels, and you will get to enjoy the feel of the extra-spongy base while you walk, stand, dance, and do whatever! 


Wildfire’s shoes offer the best blend of fashion and comfort!


If you don’t believe us by now, then try a pair for yourself! We know that our trendy and cosy heels will win you over!