Heels That Will Suit Women Of All Ages!


Find heels that can suit ladies of all ages at Wildfire!

Members of every generation deserve trendy, affordable, and comfortable styles. Down below, you’ll hear about some of Wildfire’s most diverse and people-pleasing designs. Now, read on and find out which of these will work for you!


Are you shopping for the bridal party? 


One occasion that might call for heels that can suit women from multiple generations is a wedding. If the bride is definitive that her family members and closest friends should be in matching footwear, then the style to choose might be our block heels! At Wildfire, we have a dozen style and height variations, which means we can cater to the oldest and youngest members of the bridal party. As a rule of thumb, white and natural block heels are the place to start, as these are the most complementary and traditional wedding shades. So, if you’ve got a Big Day on the horizon, then feel free to have a look around our collection!


Mule heels have been top fashion favourite this year


Everywhere you look at the moment, open-backed mules are stepping out in style! Our favourites at Wildfire come with see-through perspex bands and mid-high block heels. The broad base on mules provides balance and a supportive platform that can tackle different terrains. We know that this extra support makes mules enticing to both experienced and novice wearers of heels, which explains their sudden surge of popularity. Not only that, but mules also switch well between casual and formal settings, and that flexibility adds to their appeal massively.


Our low sling-back heels are another crowd-pleaser


Ladies who need shoes that they can spend an entire day in will love the ease of wear that these styles afford them. With their short but skinny heels, our kitten-high sling-back designs have all the elegance of stilettos but none of the pressure. As such, they can add a formal touch to any ensemble but without causing your feet or ankles any unwarranted strain. The pointed toes help shape your feet and make them seem slimmer too. Given their comfy feel and effortless style, sling-back heels make an excellent pick for ladies of all ages. We especially like to see this sort of shoe in the workplace, office, and other formal settings.


No wardrobe could be complete without cocktail heels


A classic set of stilettos belongs in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of her age. It doesn’t matter whether the heels are sky-high or only low, because any set of cocktail shoes can get worn over and over again to different occasions. What’s fantastic about this type of shoe is that the right pair can last you years and get you through any formal event.


Do you want to look of heels but not the incline? We have another option for you! 


This season, flatform sandals are the leading alternative to heels. After all, there are so many events and get-togethers that get held outside in the sunshine during summer, and lawns have never been the best territory for stilettos. These shoes have a flat platform base which will give you a small height boost that’s roughly the same amount as a set of kitten heels. Once again, these make a fantastic pair for ladies of all ages. However, the spongey sole on this type of shoe is a definite upgrade! The self-tie straps on our flatform sandals make them reminiscent of our much-loved faux suede block heels. Try yours with a cute printed dress or jumpsuit, and we know you’ll have a great time!


Wildfire is here to help!


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our heels! And remember, ladies of all generations can awaken their wild side with our styles!