Heels That You Will Want to Wear Again and Over Again

Imagine this: you open your closet and prepare for the day. First, you browse which shoes can go well with your outfit, then narrow down your choices. Then, as you slip on a pair of women's heels, you instantly feel the added height and the way the shoe elongates your legs, and your posture instantly transforms.


Suddenly you feel taller, more confident, and more elegant. These are just some of the reasons why women have been choosing to wear heels for centuries.


The right pair of heels can do wonders for a woman's wardrobe and self-confidence. Even though not all of them are as comfortable as others, there are styles for every occasion and person. 


And once you've discovered your favourite pair, you'll want it to be your go-to footwear! 


But it's not just about the fashion statement. These shoes have benefits beyond making you look great. Wearing heels can help tone leg muscles, improve posture, and even make you look taller. The power of these shoes lies in making women look and feel their best!


Our team at Wildfire is here to help you find that perfect pair to elevate your wardrobe and confidence. The collection ofheels at Wildfire is heaven at your feet, and you'll love to use them repeatedly. 


Style 1—Low Heels to Mid Heels


Low and mid-heels are an excellent choice for women who want to look stylish and feel comfortable. You can use them repeatedly, and they're inexpensive, so they're a wise and valuable investment. 2.5–5 cm, making them easy to walk in and comfortable for all-day wear. There are several types, each with unique features and benefits.


Kitten heels are the most popular because of their unique, short, and narrow heel. They are perfect for those new to wearing heels because they offer just enough height to elongate the legs while providing stability and comfort as you walk.


Wedges fall under the low-heel category, providing additional support and comfort because the heel extends through the shoe's sole. They are perfect for outdoor events like garden weddings or when you need to walk long distances. 


You will want to put these on repeatedly, to the point where you make up any excuse to go out and use them.


Style 2—Block Heels


If there's a favourite pair you'd swear by, it would be a pair of block heels. What's unique about this style is its thick, sturdy heel, which can range in height from low to high. 


Also, a block heel is wider and squared off, while most are narrow and tapered. This helps distribute your weight evenly and gives you more stability and support.


Most women wear heel mules and block-heeled shoes that are closed at the front while leaving the back open. You become a better version of yourself by sliding your feet inside this gorgeous footwear. 


These are the epitome of retro glam, with a comfort level beyond the roof! Going higher than you're used to is a breeze with platform shoes. Also, the wearer's weight is spread out more evenly on platform heels, making them great for walking around all day.


Gladiator block heels are stylish, versatile, and comfortable. They can give any outfit a bohemian or edgy look. You'd want to use these repeatedly because of the stares you'll get as you match them with a summer dress, shorts, or jeans.


Style 3—High Heels


High heels, defined as shoes higher than 7 cm, can make legs appear longer and slimmer. But they add a touch of class to any outfit, whether formal attire or a night on the town. Some varieties of this are stiletto heels, open-toe heels, square-toe heels, court heels, etc.


Block heels offer the same benefits as traditional high heels but add stability and comfort. You can enjoy the elevation without discomfort and strain. They're perfect for every day. 


Stilettos are another kind, but you will only appreciate them if you're an expert. These heels are a popular fashion choice to make the legs look longer and slimmer. 


But not everyone can wear them because they can be uncomfortable, unstable, and even dangerous. After all, they throw off your balance.


Things to Remember So You Can Put on Heels Again and Again


1. Comfort: Listen to your feet when they tell you they hurt. Always prioritise your comfort when choosing heels. What good would longer legs bring when you cannot walk properly and suffer pain? 


2. Quality: Invest in quality footwear because they use materials that keep you comfortable and stable. Suppose you're looking for high-quality and affordable footwear, shop at Wildfire! 


3. Heel Height: Consider the heel height and choose from low to high, depending on what makes you comfortable. If you're new to wearing these, start with lower heels and a work-up.


4. Breaking In: Granted, you've bought the correct shoe size; allow time to break in new heels before wearing them for extended periods. Then, pace around your home in them and try them on different surfaces, gradually increasing the time you spend in them as you confidently develop the skill of walking in them.


5. Change: Switching up your footwear and alternating styles is also essential. It can prevent injury and overuse on one part of your foot and give your shoes time to rest.


6. Foot Care: When wearing heels repeatedly, caring for your feet is crucial. We recommend keeping them moisturised and getting regular massages, especially in the ball area, when you can. After removing them, put them on the wall or prop them on a pillow to allow blood circulation.


7. Occasion: Consider the occasion and the activity you'll be doing when choosing your heels because some events or activities require more comfortable shoes than others.


8. Practise: As mentioned, walking in heels is the best foot-forward practice. It will help you learn to walk well and push you to use them without getting hurt.


Elevate Your Shoe Game!


Why settle for anything less when Wildfire heels can elevate your look and make you feel comfortable simultaneously? Shop online or visit our nearest store, and always remember to choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable!