Heels We Know You’ll Love

Every woman should own at least one pair of high heels in their wardrobes, even if one pair gets worn once a year for a special occasion! Not everyone loves the thought of wearing high heel shoes, and we don’t blame you.

It can become a painful and uncomfortable task, and it’s vital for women to feel comfortable and confident in their clothing and dress shoes.

If you aren’t someone who particularly likes to wear tall heeled sandals, then make your way over to Wildfire, and we guarantee that we have the perfect heels online for you!

We have a range of platform heels that are suitable for all of you ladies, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at Wildfire’s collection of heels that we know you will love!

So, without further delay, read on, and we will show you some popular tall womens heels designs that we currently love.

We Have Heels In Different Heights, So Your Comfort Is Guaranteed!


At Wildfire, we know how everyone is different when it comes to high heels, and everyone’s tolerance and comfort levels vary, and that’s why we cater to every woman’s needs. We have a range of designer brands heels in varied sizes to suit everyone’s preferences.

Since our shoes come in different heights, you can always find the perfect pair of square toe heels at Wildfire that will make you feel comfortable and confident. If you are looking for an instant lift, you can't go past our online exclusive high heels styles.

Or if you prefer something for a more everyday mid heeled shoes or just something lower in general, then give our mid to low heels in a slip-on mule design a try. And for those of you who prefer a slight boost and effortless balance, unlike a tall structure, then our kitten style peep toes are perfect for you!

Regardless of height preference, at Wildfire, we are here to help you find the perfect black heels that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Block Heels


This style has to be one of the most popular styles amongst women. Not only are they sleek and stylish, but they are also highly comfortable compared to other heels pump types on the market.

Their solid block heels distribute your body’s weight difference compared to a thinner, skinner shape, and consequently, they take some pressure off the front and balls of your feet, which results in a more comfortable stand.

Now that we’ve covered the comfort level of these mid heeled shoes, let’s get to the good stuff, how do they look?

Well, luckily for you, at Wildfire, our block styles are incredibly stylish and feature some of the season’s hottest trends, like ankle straps, translucent straps and details, mule designs, pointed toes and suede-like and leather-like fabrics.

With a combination of these modern features, you can guarantee that your feet will look fabulous in a pair of our leather block heel!

Lace-Up Styles

Lace-up heels typically originate from two different sources of inspiration over time, one being the roman gladiator sandal and the second being the classic ballerina slipper. Over time lace-up styles have come and gone, and believe it or not, they’re back!

 Lace-up heels are back better than ever, so why not pick yourself up a pair from Wildfire? Our lace-up styles feature delicate strappy details across the front of the feet and feature a fantastic cake stand or block shape heel in true gladiator fashion.  

The beauty of these styles is that you can chop and change the look of these shoes just by choosing to tie these ankle boots straps up! Tie them high or low. However you decide to tie these shoes, you can guarantee that they will have you looking 10/10.

And in true Wildfire fashion, these styles come in a range of online exclusive colours, so you will struggle to say yes to only one pair! Pick up a couple of these stylish toe heels in every shade to get you through the busy events season, and how can you say no to these hot colours?

Take your pick, black, nude, blue, green or white.  

Espadrille Styles


These are the perfect heels for the ladies who don’t particularly like wearing tall stiletto heeled styles. Our espadrille styles are trendy, especially for the warmer weather. Our espadrille styles feature platform or wedge heels and secure foot straps and ankle straps.

Take your pick with these square toes heels. If you are looking for a more casual look, you may like our slip-on winter styles, which feature wedge-shaped heels and a thick toe and mid-foot band to keep your feet in place.

Or if you prefer something with an ankle strap, then we have you covered too! These wedge sandals feature a toe strap and a wraparound ankle strap with a trendy circular buckle.

Our espadrille styles will bring a relaxed, fashionable vibe to any outfit this season.

These heels are incredibly comfortable with their cushioned soles and come in popular colours like black and tan, and with their contrasting coloured platform heels, it’s easy to pair these shoes with any outfit.

These styles will add that boost of height you are looking for in extended sizes without uncomfortable heels.

Affordable Price Point


Regardless of the style you are after, you can most certainly guarantee that our leather boots heels will be sitting at a price point you’ll love! We must keep at the top of our game and keep on up with competitive prices, and that’s why our prices are always affordable.

Styles and trends come and go, so if you are looking for something that will last you season after season or simply looking for a trendy style, you may only wear it once or twice until the next best thing hits the market. Regardless, you can guarantee that Wildfire has you covered on price point. We know that you will love our fashionably affordable peep toe heeled shoes!

Look No Further!

Find the heels that you’ve been searching for at Wildfire, call off the search party and make your way to Wildfire’s today.

Our heels are trendy, comfortable and affordable; we have a vast selection of tall black leather styles that we know you’ll love.

Find your dream pair today, and it’s only a few clicks away!