Heels We Love for Winter 2023

With winter 2023 closing in, it's time to check your wardrobes to confirm if you have the clothes you need for the cold months. Are your heels ready?


What good will beautiful shoes do when you can't walk confidently in them? You don't want to wear heels that will not provide the coverage necessary and end up freezing your toes. 


Since we expect cold weather in the following months, warmth is your top priority when choosing a style.


As such, let's focus more on heels that cover and warm your feet. Wildfire has a category for closed-toe heels, which will make you drool. With nine unique colours available, you'll have a grand time choosing the one that fits your wardrobe best. 


Which among black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, and white tickles your fancy?


Our team is here to help you get familiar with the different women's heels (from wedges to platform heels) at Wildfire, suitable for winter 2023. The recommendations will come with ways to style them and make you look like the best version of yourself in the coming season. 


We hope you're excited to learn more, and we're excited to share them with you!


Style 1—Slingbacks


The available slingbacks at Wildfire are ideal for casual and formal occasions. Walking in these shoes is easy because they have low heels that cause little to no strain. The slingback, or the strap behind the ankle, adjusts to the right snugness and comfort.


Since these heels still have an open-top design, which may cause a problem with the cold, we recommend wearing tights and pantyhose with them. 


Pantyhose will also help ease the rubbing of your toes because the slingbacks have a pointed-toe design, which may squeeze your toes.


Styling these heels for winter involves a dress with tights for warmth if you want to look more feminine. You can also opt for trousers when you wear slingbacks to work. 


As for casual dinners, it's best to pair these women's heels with jeans and a nice top. Remember to layer on a scarf and jacket for warmth.


 Style 2—Loafers


Wildfire's heeled loafers are a must for an office worker like you this winter. 


The shoes have chunky block heels at the back and platform soles in front, which level your feet. As such, the staggering height will be tolerable since the shoes keep you balanced.


More importantly, block heels distribute weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and back. They also offer more stability because they have a broader base than thin ones like stilettos.


The loafers at Wildfire are reminiscent of the 90s but with a modern twist. The look is very classic and would boost your confidence in the workplace. 


Wear the heeled loafers with a black dress and a striking wool coat if you want to look crisp this winter. 


Step into the office wearing this combination with your heels, and people will automatically know who's boss! 


When the temperature gets even lower, take out a pair of handy tights for more heat. You can wear these heels from the office straight to after-work activities.


These heels are an excellent choice for casual everyday wear with capri pants, a turtleneck long-sleeve top, and a long sweater. 


Wear an accent necklace to complete the look. Winter is already gloomy, so wear accessories matching your heels to add life to your vibe.


Style 3—Pumps (Your Choice: Mid-Heels, Block Heels or High Heels?)


One of the trends getting hyped for winter 2023 is non-show-stealers or styles that coordinate perfectly with your outfit. Your heels should be subtle and understated to let the clothes steal the show. Wildfire has a style that fits that bill perfectly.


The pumps come in black and natural—colours that don't steal the limelight but add classiness and elegance to your vibe. 


The style's tall and skinny heels and pointed toes are daunting, but Wildfire has foot care products to make wearing them a breeze. 


You don't want your stilettos sinking into the soft ground, so get some of Wildfire's heel stoppers. Meanwhile, add some gel cushions and heel grips to absorb the pressure and lessen the rubbing with your heels.


The trend is to coordinate your dress with the heels, so monochromatic black is the most obvious way to go. Wear a black sequin dress with your black Wildfire pumps, and you're good to go. Wear the pumps to weddings, work functions, and gala nights.


Style 4—Boots


As a bonus, we're introducing heeled boots into the mix. Boots are the automatic footwear for winter, and this year is no exception. The boots at Wildfire have block heels and platforms to ensure you remain steady and safe during the harsh winter. 


With reaches that range from ankles to knees, you can choose the level of warmth and coverage you need. 


These heels are available in seven colours: black, brown, green, natural, tan, vanilla, and white. We'd suggest you choose a white pair with platform heels. 


These have a thick platform base and chunky heels that level your feet. These heels reach the knees for more coverage and have a shiny outer material for style and an inner zipper. 


The design of square-toe heels leaves enough room for your toes to spread naturally, which you need for balance and stability.


Who says you can't wear short dresses and skirts during the winter?


You can wear anything with these knee-high boots, which protect most of your lower leg. Add tights or leggings to the mix if you need more warmth. 


And if you want to wear them underneath your long dress to a formal event, go ahead! No one will know which heels you wear anyway—just be sure you get them in your shoe size!


Make Wildfire Your Winter Staple!


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