Heels We Love In Winter

Finding a pair of heels you can feel safe in during the winter is challenging because you must consider several things. For starters, can the shoes provide warmth? 


Heat is necessary during the cold season to keep your toes from freezing. The heels should cover your feet or, at the very least, your toes.


Next, are they stable? Stability is critical in heels because you will encounter many wet and slippery walkways and surfaces. A slip accident is no laughing matter, especially if it causes permanent damage.


Lastly, are the heels stylish and versatile? These two are critical if you always want to look your best. How you look impacts your confidence and how people will remember you. 


As for versatility, you need heels you can wear beyond the winter season. Practical shoppers believe in shoes that provide more bang for their buck.


The question now is, which heels will you love for winter?


Consider the three points we made when choosing your shoes for winter. Better yet, find the best heels at Wildfire


The brand’s team will help you find the style that can keep you warm, comfortable, and steady and provide the height you crave. Please read on to learn more!


Heeled Boots


Heeled boots have all the features mentioned: coverage, warmth, stability, style, and versatility. Most Wildfire heeled boots come with block heels, which are so comfortable you won’t want to remove them.


Block heels are a crowd favourite because they evenly distribute the wearer’s weight. 


You can avoid the usual strain and pressure people get from wearing stilettos. And because the base is broader, you can feel safe walking on slippery surfaces.


Advantages of Wearing Heeled Boots


Boots with block heels are a trend that lasts through all seasons. These transeasonal heels appear at various casual, business, or formal events. 


But it’s during the winter when they rock everyone’s fashion style the most. And we can’t blame you because these heels can (literally and figuratively) elevate your style. What do you get when you wear boots in the winter?


  • Functionality


These heels allow continuity with your daily grind despite the added unpredictability and danger of the winter season. Heeled boots give you height, warmth, and safety, which you can maximise at work. 


You can rush to your meetings, stand during presentations, and walk out to lunch because these heels reassure you that you’re safe.


  • Versatility


Heeled boots from Wildfire are not only appropriate for various events, but they also come in various styles. 


The versatility of this collection will provide you with options at multiple heights and reaches. You can have high or low heels and shaft options that are ankle, long, or knee-high.


  • Warmth


Heeled boots work excellently in winter because they cover your feet, ankles, and lower legs (if you choose the ones with longer shafts). 


Materials used in these heels provide insulation, which holds the heat a little longer to keep you toasty. And since these heels cover most of your leg, they keep you dry.


  • Style


Why do you think ladies look forward to autumn and winter when most people are averse to the cold? They can pull out their heeled boots from the closet and walk the streets in style! 


These shoes make them feel like they stepped off the runway, even when hopping and avoiding street puddles.


  • Comfort


Winter can be stressful because the freezing temperatures require ladies to layer clothes. Feeling and looking bulky isn’t exactly motivating. However, heeled boots turn things around because they are like a warm hug. 


The block heels keep you stable and supported, making you feel comfortable despite the harsh natural elements.


Wildfire Heeled Boots


The varied styles of Wildfire heeled boots can cater to different tastes, so there will always be one for you.


1. Size


These heels come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. If you’re a half-size, we recommend sizing up. You must know your specific Wildfire size because shoe brands vary. 


With the help of the handy size guide, you can determine the correct Wildfire heels if you know your size in the US, UK, and EU systems.


2. Colours


Do you want to change things up in your closet?


If you do, pick one (or even two) from the range of colours available for Wildfire heeled boots. These heels come in seven unique colours: black, brown, green, natural, tan, vanilla, and white.


Tan is an excellent colour. It’s neutral enough to match most of your clothes, yet the colour also pops, adding zest to your outfit. 


Most people stick to heels in black or brown, but it’s good to try something different. Besides, tan is almost skin tone, so it will elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.


Check out Sully, Wildfire’s online-exclusive heeled sock boots in tan. These heels have a soft microsuede material that hugs your feet and keeps them cosy in the cold. 


The stretchy ankle socks create a flattering side profile. These heels stand at 8.5cm, which is still comfortable since they are stable and distribute the load.


However, if you’re looking for boots with longer shafts, most are in black or white. If we were to choose, we’d go for black. 


These boots are easier to maintain than white ones, especially in winter when the natural elements are extreme. Some notable black knee-high boots include Simulate Duress and Andy.


Of the three, Simulate is the only one with platform soles. So imagine how comfortable your feet will be in these heels because they won’t subject your feet to painful inclines. 


Simulate has a comfortable square-toe design, a stylish shiny material, and an inner zip that secures you in the boots within seconds.


Elevate Your Winter Style with Wildfire Heels!


Chase the winter blues away by elevating your winter style. Heeled boots are the answer to that gloomy winter feeling. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online to grab heels now!


You can browse our current collection of women's heels, which includes a wide variety of new heel heights and shapes—mid-heels, high heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, stiletto heels, platform heels or platform shoes, court heels, kitten heels, and heel mules—to complement your formal attire for any upcoming special occasion. 


Put your best foot forward because your search is over! You've found your favourite pair of heeled boots.