Heels We Love, So We Know You Will Too!

There are so many styles and colours of shoes available that it takes time to narrow down the choices. So how do you do it? Do you shop only when needed or when something catches your eye on social media or in fashion magazines?


When finding the best heels around, we turn to Wildfire, whose vast collection can fit everyone's tastes. You can find various colours, styles, and heel kinds to suit your needs and lifestyle. 


But we'd like to make it easier for you by suggesting Wildfire heels we love, which you will love too!


If you're game to learn more, let's start! We’re calling in the Wildfire team, as they know the ins and outs of their footwear. We trust that the heels they'll highlight fulfill all the characteristics essential in a pair—stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable.  


1. Heel Height


Wildfire's collection of heels comes in various heights that cater to the different capabilities of women. Some have a low tolerance for high footwear or anything more than 7cm and would instead settle for low heels, ranging from 2.5 to 5cm.


When you browse through the low collection, you'd see choices that can add a few centimetres to your height, maintaining a comfortable distance from the ground. 


Also, check out the limited edition or online-exclusive heels, as these styles are exemplary and one-of-a-kind.


If you're looking for something ideal for a weekend event, such as a baby or bridal shower, the style we have in mind will look good with dresses and capri pants. 


This footwear has short, broad heels and zigzagging top straps that add to its appeal. Additional security comes via the stylish band across the big toe. 


For those who feel that 2.5-5cm is not enough height, check out the collection of high heels at Wildfire. There are several notable styles, but we'd like to highlight their qualities. 


Consider the unique closed-back heel featuring a gorgeous bow design, ideal for formal occasions. 


These stilettos have adjustable ankle strappings, which provide extra comfort and support. When you wear them, ensure your dress is shorter so people can see the beautiful bow at the back of your feet.


2. Heel Width


Some people look for comfortable shoes, whether high or low, and achieve that by going for thick, broad heels. The popularity of block heels rose because of how comfortable they are. 


They distribute the wearer's weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of the feet, legs, and lower back. 


The good thing about these shoes is that you can wear them for hours and remain cozy and stable. Wildfire has a lot of this footwear to fit your fancy. 


You might be interested in the platform style as it keeps your feet leveled despite the staggering height. In addition, the block heels at the back and the platform in front ensure your feet remain at ease. 


Also, thanks to the ankle straps securing them, you won't have to worry about your shoes accidentally coming off.


Wear heeled boots if you get cold quickly and prefer block heels that provide more coverage. The footwear is ideal for winter because they keep you dry, warm, and stable. 


Choose styles that reach until your knees, as they provide more warmth and will let you wear shorter clothes—skirts, dresses, shorts with the help of assistance—during winter. 


On the one hand, narrow heels make your legs look longer; however, wearing them can be a health hazard since they alter your balance. 


On the other hand, stilettos make women feel sexy, but the downside is the pain and discomfort they bring, which limit the duration of wearing them comfortably. 


The gorgeous pumps at Wildfire come with stiletto heels. They have pointed toes and are suitable for work functions and special events. 


If you are willing to give this footwear a go, you can alleviate the physical pain with the help of heel grips, stoppers, and gel cushions available at Wildfire. 


3. Colours


The Wildfire heels come in fourteen gorgeous colours to match your wardrobe. Pick from black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


Of course, if you're a neutral colour fan, you'd automatically choose black, white, or natural heels. But why not give others a try?


Sometimes, a new pop of colour makes a massive difference, even if your clothes are the same. So give orange, green, or purple a chance. 


Standing out in a crowd is an opportunity to get people's attention, especially in a crowded networking event. People will remember you as the person wearing orange heels they noticed from across the room.


Some people hesitate on bright colours, thinking they're hard to match. But the rules are simple. If you're wearing bright heels, wearing neutral clothes is safe, turning your footwear into the focal point or accent of your entire look.


However, the colour you'll choose will still depend on your taste. If you get black shoes, it's also a great choice, especially since they fit all your clothes in the closet. In addition, black is the most versatile and easy to dress up or down.


How to Walk Comfortably in Heels?


What good would gorgeous heels be if you can't walk in them confidently?


And since we've already discussed the heels we love, let us provide tips to help you walk in them like a runway supermodel.


  • Practice makes perfect, an adage highly applicable when you want to learn how to walk in these shoes confidently. So before you get your heels, you can start walking on your toes to strengthen your calves and balance.

  • Breaking your heels is easier if you walk on different surfaces wearing thick socks. Do not remove them, even when doing chores, as they help you gain muscle memory.

  • Like riding a bike, wearing heels relies on maintaining balance. Never look down when walking; go straight to your destination. 


You Deserve to Have the Best Heels in Town!


We've shared the heels we love because we want you to get the style you deserve. Hopefully, you found what you needed and can buy them by heading to the nearest Wildfire retailer or the online shop!


Wildfire carries a large variety of women's heels, making it an ideal destination for special occasions or a night on the town.


They have everything from classic stilettos to open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, and platform heels. In addition, court heels, low heels, mid heels, heel mules, and pumps are all readily accessible in a variety of styles and sizes to suit a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes.


Wildfire has you covered whether you're searching for a go-to pair for a special occasion or a couple of the season's hottest trends.


You can put your best foot forward in every situation with their selection of strapped stilettos, summery platform shoes, and wedge shoes.


You can find the best deals and prices on some of the best brands in the world when you shop online, but if you want the best online shopping experience, check out Wildfire from your home.


You could also go to the store closest to you to find the right pair of heels for women to go with your formal attire.