Heels We’re Loving!

Come and see the best-loved heels at Wildfire! We know keeping up with 2020 fashion trends has been a bit tricky of late, which is why we’re inviting you to learn about some of our favourites. In this handy article, we’ll tell you a bit about the heels that our customers are loving this season. So, shall we get started? 


Say hey to heels with crocodile texture!


Get on top of the current trends with some gorgeous crocodile heels! Don’t worry— these styles are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly. After snakeskin patterns and leopard print spots were a must-have last season, and now it looks like crocodile skin is coming in as the 2020 contender. Shoes with this distinctive texture will be a fun update from your usual plain summer and spring heels. Besides, one of the best things about crocodile heels is the fact that they’re surprisingly subtle. While their reptilian finish is eye-catching, these shoes come in complementary colours like black and beige, so they shouldn’t clash with any of your outfits. If you have had a hard time in the past trying to find footwear that will match with the most colourful clothes and vibrant patterns in your collection, then our crocodile styles will be a breath of fresh air! 


Rediscover the trendy look of cake-stand heels!


Have you spied any of these lovely retro shoes? If you’re a fan of vintage-made-new styles and love the new nostalgia for 90s fashion, then our cake-stand heels should be the first item on your Wildfire shopping list! For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘cake-stand’ styles, they look very similar to pumps and other skinny stilettos. However, the heels sit further forward on the style and have a slight curve. There are a few different versions of these retro shoes that we’ve got available at Wildfire in 2020. If you want something that will make everyday feel like summer, then our thong-style heels are the way to go. These combine the easy fit of summer thongs with the easy grace of stilettos. Of course, we have a handful of cake-stand heels decorated with sleek and slender straps too, so there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy! 


Step out in the cutest sock booties!


These form-fitting heels are perfect for the change of the season! Are you a fan of smooth and soft faux suede fabric? Not only will these feel great on your feet (especially with such supportive platforms), but they’re also a gorgeous pick. The ankle-hugging fit of these boots has a few different advantages. Firstly, with the material stretching up your ankles and the heels there to accentuate your leg muscles, these shoes will have a flattering effect on your figure. Secondly, the cinched fabric will keep your feet from getting cold and prevent sand, small rocks, and other annoyances from sneaking inside of your boots. 

If you’re tired of spending spring and summer in nothing but leather-look heels, then the sweet fabric on these booties will be a welcome change. This sort of textured finish will add a whole new element to your outfit and keep you looking fresh! During the warmer months, we recommend sock booties in a natural shade. 


There you have it!


Here at Wildfire, we’re loving sock booties, styles with crocodile texture, and cake-stand heels. Who’s feeling a bit more inspired by their shopping choices this season? Well, don’t worry if one of these three designs didn’t leap out at you, because Wildfire has a huge collection of other heels for you to see. Jump online and have a look today! We know you’ll fall head over heels for these fabulous styles!