Heels You Can Wear for Every Occasion are at Wildfire!

Is your calendar of activities for this year already filled? What are your events?


Thinking of what to wear for every occasion you attend can be stressful. You must concern yourself with the outfit, the heels, and even accessories that suit the event and location. Give your closet a once-over to check what’s there and what you need to buy. 


It’s better to buy days or weeks before the event because you need time to get used to wearing heels.


Consider everything when choosing the heels you will wear for the occasion. Heels require some getting used to. They do force your feet to move at an incline. Allow our Wildfire team to help you.


Aside from looking at the shoes’ comfort, style, versatility, and affordability, you need to know if you won’t feel out of place when wearing them to the event. So let us go through different occasions and the appropriate Wildfire heels for each. 


This way, you can narrow the choices and make a more informed decision. Read on to learn more!


Block Heels for Garden and Beach Weddings


Is the special occasion you’re attending an outdoor wedding at the beach or in a garden? If it is, we highly recommend choosing a pair of block-heeled shoes.


These shoes are known to be one of the most comfortable, whether high or low. The thick, wide heel spreads the wearer's weight evenly, making the feet, legs, and lower back feel less pressure. 


It would help if you never sacrificed comfort because having fun at an event or special occasion is impossible when you’re in pain.


Block heels are ideal for outdoor weddings because you can safely walk on surfaces like soil, sand, and pavement cracks without getting stuck. Wearing a narrower heel would likely dig you deeper into the ground. 


You wouldn’t want people to remember you as the guest who sank.


For a cosier experience, wear open-toed platform block heels with ankle straps. Platform shoes will not give your feet too much incline because the platform also elevates the front part.


Open-toe heels or even square toe heels will provide enough space for your toes to spread naturally, unlike closed ones that push them forward and cramp them. The ankle straps are always a good idea. You won’t lose your shoes while you dance and party the night away. It's better to be safe than sorry!


So, of all the styles in women's heels, Which is your favourite pair? Is it platform heels, court heels, stiletto heels, kitten heels, heel mules,


Low to Mid-Heels for Family Reunions and Gatherings


Family reunions and gatherings are usually casual and more relaxed, so wear low heels. This event is a time to sit back and catch up with people you have yet to see.


Since you will likely be putting your feet under you, Indian style, we suggest choosing strappy slides with low heels, so you can easily remove them when you want. Wildfire has a fantastic collection with unique straps that will have everyone looking.


Choose from the various straps available. For example, some low heels have braided double straps across the top of your feet. Another one uses clear, see-through top straps for a modern and stylish feel. 


The third style is a pair of low heels with zigzagging top straps accentuated by a trendy band across the big toe.


Since family reunions and gatherings are always fun and playful, now is the time to choose colours you usually won’t wear. Wildfire low heels come in eight colours. These are black, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. So, which of the options in the mix are you eyeing?


High Heels for Charity Balls and Award Ceremonies


Is your company holding a charity or award ceremony soon? These events are strictly formal, with dress codes that would require you to wear formal attire and high heels.


We recommend going for colours such as gold, silver, or black. While the thought of wearing them can be daunting, always remember that these shoes can have a thick, broad heel, so be comforted with the idea that at least you won’t be in pain.


But you must practise if you want to wear high heels for longer than four hours, whether block heels or stilettos. We don’t want you to waste such a good event by looking stiff and stressed.


Here are some tips that our Wildfire team gathered to help you walk in high heels confidently, thus putting your best foot forward!


Tip 1—Take Smaller Steps, From Heel to Toe


Because high heels tend to shorten your stride, it would be best not to fight it. Instead, take small steps, carefully putting your heel on the ground before the toe. Avoid putting your whole foot down at once. Instead, take the next step only when the other foot is entirely on the floor.


Tip 2—Improve Your Posture


High heels can shift your centre of gravity, which might force your lower back to compensate. Avoid this by maintaining good posture.


Keep your back straight when wearing high heels. Imagine balancing an invisible book on your head to keep your head straight. Strengthening and using your abs will help your lower back and make you look thinner at the same time.


Tip 3—Practice Around the House, Increasing Duration Each Day


We mentioned earlier that you need to buy your high heels early. It would be best if you had time to practise on different kinds of floors around your house to get the hang of them.


More importantly, you need enough time to get used to wearing high heels for long periods, especially if the charity ball or awarding ceremony lasts for four hours. Start with 30 minutes and add 10 more every day until you reach your desired time. 


After you've learned to walk with confidence in high heels, treat yourself to a foot spa and massage as a reward.


Satisfy Your Need for Shoes at Wildfire!


Knowing where to get the best heels for all your possible events is half the battle. The other half is wearing them and having a grand time. Wildfire is an excellent choice for women who like to shop online!


Don’t wait any longer! Invest in Wildfire heels by heading to the nearest retailer or online store. Shop and include heel grips, stoppers, and cushions for added comfort and support!