Heels You Can Wear to Work

Finding women's heels, you can wear to work can sometimes be frustrating. Instead, you should find shoes that meet dress code requirements, are comfortable for eight hours, and are versatile enough to wear after work.


Most office settings are more conservative with the kinds of heels they consider appropriate. So which will be your favourite pair—kitten heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, heel mules, platform heels, court heels, or stilletos? 


But, to be safe, the styles we recommend would pass strict dress codes and make you look like the girl boss you are. 


Let’s forgo embellishments and fancy styles for the meantime and focus on still stylish types for after-work events. So which will be your favourite pair—stilettos, wedges, pumps or platform shoes in low, mid, or high heels?


Let’s call in the Wildfire team, as they are the experts in the heels department, to give us a rundown of the various styles you can wear to work. Let’s start!


Why should I wear heels to work? 


This topic has always been a cause of debate since more people prefer flats or something more comfortable to work in. 


However, people who are for heels prefer to wear them to work because these women's heels give them the confidence to put their best foot forward every day. In addition, the added centimetres take them to new heights on par with their male colleagues.


Moreover, standing taller while presenting and speaking in front of a crowd helps shoo the nerves away. Something about people tilting their heads higher for you instead of looking down on you adds confidence.


More importantly, heels make your legs look longer and slimmer. A boost in confidence has a domino effect, making women feel more motivated to work, which produces results that benefit the entire company.


Choosing the right style is the key to creating a comfortable work experience with heels. 


You can choose the heel height and width to ensure the shoes can distribute your weight evenly and that you’re not too far from the ground that it makes you uncomfortable.


Which Wildfire heels should I choose?


Wildfire’s immense collection of heels offers you varied choices. But since we’re working on the premise that these shoes should pass strict dress codes, we’ll narrow down the choices to styles that will. 


The heels we’ll recommend are closed-toe designs devoid of shiny decorations. But since these shoes are from Wildfire, we ensure they look good and trendy for after-work events. 


More importantly, these shoes remain comfortable to ensure you perform your tasks and duties well.


Style 1 – Slingbacks


Slingback heels are like pumps; the only difference is that the back of the shoe has a strap that wraps from one side of the foot, around the back of the ankle, and to the other side of the foot.


So, while the shoe covers the front part of your foot, it exposes the back.


These heels are comfortable, especially since they allow your feet to breathe. In addition, the open back provides an entryway for air to circulate and moisture to escape. 


One thing to remember about slingbacks is their strap because it sometimes slaps the bottom of your feet, creating a distraction at the office. Avoid this from happening by tightening the sling to fit you just right.


Wildfire’s slingback heels add a subtle elegance to your work look. While it comes in black, green, blue, and pink, we can only recommend the black one to fit the conservative workplace scenario. 


Styling these heels for work is a breeze. You can wear them with skirt suits, pantsuits, and dresses.


Style 2 – Pumps


As mentioned, pumps and slingbacks are similar, but this one encloses the entire feet leaving only the top open. These heels are not flashy or understated, perfect for workplace settings. 


Not everyone’s a fan of dazzling and embellished shoes. However, don’t tag these heels as boring because their simple elegance makes them a check for strict dress codes. 


Besides, they are stylish enough to wear straight to dinner and after-dinner drinks.


Pumps are perfect to wear with any of your work clothes—dresses, skirts, and suits. When you walk into the meeting room wearing these heels, we can guarantee 110% attention.


Colleagues will take notice, compliment you, and ask where you got your pumps.


Inform your co-workers that you got them from Wildfire! The pumps at Wildfire have pointy toes and stiletto heels. 


While this combination can make women cringe at the possible pain, you can invest in heel stoppers, grips, and gel cushions to make wearing them more bearable. 


These three can help relieve pressure, protect you from constant rubbing, and prevent getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


Style 3 – Loafers


Loafers have always been a popular footwear style. But try to imagine the impact now that block heels are attached to them. These shoes have always been minimalist, and that is their selling point. 


You won’t have to worry about comfort because the thick and broad heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back.


Most workplaces will have people standing, walking, and rushing between meetings. With loafer heels at your feet, you need not worry about stability or comfort. These shoes are top-notch at providing those two.


The online-exclusive loafer heels from Wildfire comply with all the strict dress code requirements. They're black, have closed toes, and add height to the wearer. And these heels are also stylish and versatile. 


Loafers and blazers go well together. You can wear the loafer heels with a black dress topped with a grey checked blazer to work. Complete the look with diamond jewellery to ooze girl boss vibes. 


You can also wear a black monochromatic look – trousers, a turtleneck sweater, and loafer heels. Finish the look with a gold chain necklace and an oversized purse. A pairing with a formal attire or an outfit can turn a special occasion from drab to fab in no time!


Level Up Your Work Style with Wildfire!


Elevate your work look (literally and figuratively) with Wildfire heels. Head to the nearest Wildfire store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later! Be sure to use our size guide to find your shoe size!