Heels You’ll Like to Wear Again and Again!

Are you tired of buying heels that you only get to wear once? The thrill of finding gorgeous shoes is inexplicable, but sometimes, they are not what we expected. While the heels look fantastic, they are too painful to wear, so they end up in the closet to collect dust. 

It’s time to change all that with Wildfire heels. The reputable brand’s collection is top-notch in style and comfort. Whether you’re looking for office-appropriate options, strappy sandals, bridal shoes, or casual styles, the brand has several choices deserving of a spot in your closet.

Say goodbye to those uncomfortable and impractical heels piled up in your closet and make space for worthy investments. The brand’s collection will make you love wearing heeled shoes again, enticing you to wear them repeatedly. What are the reasons that can make you choose heels over sneakers daily? 

Let’s discover the answers with help from the team at Wildfire. If you’re ready to dive into everything related to heels you’ll wear again and again, let’s start! 


What can make you wear heels repeatedly?


Women love collecting shoes, owning several kinds they can wear alternately. Heels are a staple for special occasions that require dressier clothes. But sadly, not all of them deserve to be there. Some options are too painful and uncomfortable to wear, leaving ladies with blisters, sore feet, and a bad experience. But those unpleasant memories shouldn’t stop you from wearing these gorgeous shoes altogether, especially since Wildfire has excellent options that can erase those negative experiences. What makes the brand an excellent choice? 


1. They have varying heights.


Wildfire understands that women have varied needs and preferences. While some have the gift of walking on towering heels for extended periods, others prefer to be much closer to the ground. Your capacity to remain comfortable despite the height depends on your tolerance and the support you get from the shoes.

Wildfire has platform heels that stand at 8cm or higher but can still make your feet feel level and natural. These shoes have broad bases and platform soles that minimise your feet’s incline. When you wear these heels, you get a significant height boost without the pain and discomfort typically associated with them. Imagine how great it is to spend hours on the dance floor, enjoying the party without suffering the consequences afterwards. 

Check out Venom from the Wildfire collection. It offers thick, chunky block heels and a supportive platform base. A buckled ankle strap ensures the shoes won’t come off when you dance, while three thin horizontal straps add a sexy silhouette across your feet. 

Ladies who prefer to be closer to the ground will find suitable shoes from Wildfire’s low heels collection. With heights that range from 2.5-5.5cm, wearing them will be a breeze. Kitten heels are famous for their short, tapered bases. Think of them as mini stilettos. But despite being thin and narrow, the short height makes wearing them easy. 

Consider adding Tulsi to your shoe collection. These Wildfire slingback kitten heels feature a trendy pointy shape and stylish crunch detailing on the upper. Its elasticised strap with knot details provides an adjustable and eye-catching fit.  


2. They have broad and slim bases. 


Similar to the concern with height, the width of the bases also poses an issue. While some ladies can walk on thin, narrow heels, most prefer broad ones that are more stable. Learning to walk on heeled shoes is comparable to riding a bicycle, where balance is essential. Can you imagine staying on your feet for extended hours wearing stiletto heels, which concentrate pressure on a single area on your feet? 

Yes, some ladies can tolerate it with the help of foot care accessories like heel stoppers, grips, cushions, and innersoles. But after prolonged use of these heels, you can feel the strain and discomfort when you get home. Even if you massage your feet and raise them on pillows and walls to boost circulation, you wouldn’t want to wear them for two consecutive days. 

Although Wildfire’s Faith can be a stunning addition to your closet, with its gorgeous open back and toe design and delicate diamante detailing, we recommend more hours of practice to ensure your feet can walk comfortably. 

Meanwhile, investing in shoes with broad bases, like Wildfire’s block heels, is brilliant because they provide more support. These shoes distribute weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. Regardless of how long you stand, walk, or dance, they will keep your feet cosy. Ladies were overjoyed when this option emerged, changing their lives completely. 

The excellent thing about block heels is they come in low or high. So, whether you want a slight elevation or a more staggering one, you can still maximise the load distribution, which makes it more comfortable. More importantly, block heels provide stability. Ladies prefer using them for outdoor events, where the likelihood of walking on wet, soft, or uneven surfaces is high. Block heels protect you from getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks. 

Update your shoe collection with Lorna from the collection of block heels at Wildfire. This classic mule option features a slide-in fit courtesy of two top straps with a trendy shape. The gorgeous linen material adds more texture and visual appeal to this beauty. 


3. They are stylish.


Ladies return to Wildfire when they need heels because they never run out of gorgeous choices. The collection offers visual appeal like no other, whether you like closed or open-toed, strappy, or pumps. Aside from offering various style options, the brand also ensures a broad spectrum of colours to delight multiple preferences. With thirteen easy-to-match colours, ladies will have a grand time deciding which to add to their closet next. Choose your next pair of heels in the following colours: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, or white. 


Find Your Favourites at Wildfire!


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