Heels You'll Love Rain, Hail, Or Shine

Do you base your outfit on the day's weather report?


We hope you do, because your safety and comfort depend on wearing appropriate clothes and shoes. If you see a forecast saying there will be rain or hail, where your feet will likely get wet and cold, what kind of heels do you pick from the closet? 


Most likely, your choice covers your feet. We dislike nothing more than wearing the wrong shoes that leave our feet wet, dirty, and cold. So you should keep your open-toed heels for now and take them out when the season is warmer. 


Thankfully, Wildfire has various heels that cater to different kinds of weather. However, if you need help choosing the style you need, let's call in the reinforcements. 


The team from Wildfire will provide the kinds of features you need to look for in a pair of heels, depending on the weather. So if you're excited to learn more, please read on! 


How can my heels withstand rain, hail, or shine? 


You need versatile heels if you want your footwear to get you through rain, hail, or shine. Unfortunately, not everyone has an overflowing budget that allows them to buy different kinds of shoes to cater to various weather conditions. 


The good news is that you don't have to splurge on different shoes. Instead, choose chameleon-like shoes that adapt to what you need them for. 


Look out for heels that provide stability so you can stand steadily, even when the rain or hail has wet everything. If this is the case, steer clear of stilettos because those shoes can cause you to lose your balance and break bones. 


While stilettos are okay in warm and dry weather, you can't maximise them at other times of the year.


We recommend getting shoes with block heels because they spread the load evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. 


So, whether the ground is wet, dry, cold, or warm, the shoes won't give way quickly and will keep you safe and standing.


You also need to check the material of your heels to see if it's breathable, insulating, or, better yet, both. These features are essential because you want your feet to remain dry and fresh from sweat on a sunny, warm day. 


In the same way, you want to keep your feet warm when the weather's cold and wet. So, with all the features we enumerated, do you know which heels to get? 


The Wildfire Heels that are Perfect for Rain, Hail, Or Shine  


Since the shoes are from Wildfire, it goes without saying that they are stylish and comfortable, two characteristics that are always present in its footwear. 


We mentioned versatile, stable, block heels, breathable, and insulating. But before we digress further, which Wildfire heels checked all these?


The answer is Wildfire's collection of heeled boots.


Some ladies think that you can only wear boots in autumn and winter. While they are not the first shoes you'll think of during warmer days, they are still trans-seasonal footwear that allows you to enjoy your day in the rain, hail, or shine. 


Why are heeled boots the best for all kinds of weather? 


Boots look good on their own. However, the height of those available at Wildfire (about the reach, not the heel height) is ankle or long. So, the coverage and warmth you'll get on a dreary, wet day depend on the heels you choose. 


When you wake up feeling low with a mood as dark as the rainy weather outside, these heels can perk you up immediately. 


Dressing the boots up or down is a breeze, so whether you feel like wearing a parka, a long coat, shorts, or a mini dress, you won't have a problem. 


And as mentioned, you need thick or broad heels on your shoes to ensure you remain comfortable even after hours of being on your feet. 


Most heeled boots at Wildfire have block heels, which are stable and comfortable—you will never feel like you're about to topple forward or lose your footing.


Your next question is how to wear boots when the sun is up.


As mentioned, these heels are not your first choice during warmer days and months, but you can still enjoy wearing them. The first thing to do is remove the layers that you usually wear with boots, like tights. 


The next step is to wear these heels with sun-friendly clothes like rompers, shorts, skirts, and dresses. You can also experiment with boho-chic fashion by pairing your boots with a maxi dress. 


The key to wearing boots with heels in all seasons and weather is to be adventurous. Style is all about self-expression. 


Be confident with what you're wearing, as that's all that people will notice. After that, who knows? They might follow suit. 


How do I make my heeled boots weatherproof? 


The first step in ensuring your heels remain protected against the natural elements is to use a water and stain protection spray available at Wildfire upon unboxing. 


This invisible layer prevents the stain or fluid from seeping through the material, giving you time to wipe it off.


Wiping your heels every time you get home ensures they last a long time. Check every corner so that no dirt stays in the crevices. 


Prepare a dedicated space where you can store your heels. Get one if you have enough floor space for a shoe closet or rack. But if space is lacking, you can keep your heels in shoe bags that you can hang behind the door.


Investing in boot trees is critical because they maintain the shape of your boots. However, there are household materials you can use if you want to save money. 


For example, wine bottles and scrunched-up newspapers are the best ways to preserve the shape of your boots with heels. 


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