Heels You’ll Never Want to Put Down!

Wildfire has heels that you will never want to put down. This unique style will create more outfit combinations to change your daily look. Whether you wear these casual heels to work or to meet with friends, you will get the attention you deserve.


Your colleagues, family, and friends will likely ask where they can get their hands on the same pair. Whether you share it or not, you read it at Wildfire first. Do you have an idea which style we’re talking about?


While Wildfire has several heels that deserve a spot in your closet, there’s a style that ladies have often overlooked. 


They are comfortable, even if the heel height is 9cm (granted, of course, you've got the right shoe size!) because of the thick, broad heel. But that’s not what makes these heels the best pair to reach new heights!


Our team will discuss these shoes in detail so that you can learn more about your next purchase. Trust us when we say these are the Wildfire heels you’ll never want to put down. Are you ready? Let’s do it!


What are cut-out heels?


From their name, you can deduce that cut-out heels purposely cut out parts and patches that showcase your skin or feet underneath. 


While these aren’t the first pair you’ll consider wearing during the cold months, they will be your favourite pair during the summer and spring.


Your playful and unique style elevates the fun in your outfit. A ruffled midi dress in the spring or a shirt and shorts in the summer would look better with your cut-out heels.


Women can’t get enough of these because they can draw attention to your feet and create a sexy silhouette and form with them. Wearing these heels will remind you of gladiator shoes.


How can you style them?


Let’s move on to the better part of the discussion: styling. Knowing how to style cut-out heels is essential to maximising them. Here are some ways:


  • Coordinate them with prints. Cut-out heels look perfect with massive patterns, preferably abstract ones.

  • These will match perfectly with a solid white or black dress. Wear this combination to work and transition directly to evening affairs.

  • As mentioned, you can put on cut-out heels with shorts and a shirt because they go well with denim. A second option is to pair it with a denim miniskirt instead. Add a chunky necklace or chandelier earrings as an accessory.

  • Elevate your work outfit by wearing cut-out heels with a blazer dress. Doing this will show off your legs and nice feet. Looking good at work is an excellent mood boost that can motivate you to finish your tasks with flying colours!

  • Wear cut-out heels with cocktail dresses for outdoor events like a garden or beach wedding. However, you must ensure that they have block heels instead of stilettos. 


Having a thick, broad heel will not only save you from being stuck in sand, soil, or pavement cracks, but it will also distribute your weight evenly, making the experience more comfortable.


Does Wildfire have this style?


Yes, Wildfire has cut-out heels in its collection. Reserve a spot in your shoe closet for Quinn. These come in black and natural, two neutral colours that perfectly match your clothes. 


Since it’s a self-tie design, you can easily adjust Quinn’s laces for the best fit. The cosy block heels will let you wear them without hassle all day and night. 


The flattering form makes the wearer’s legs appear longer. It stands at 9cm, a height you may not be used to. While the footwear has comfortable block heels, you may still need to learn some tricks to walk confidently. 


Let’s not waste these gorgeous pair by stomping around in them. Here are a couple of tips for walking comfortably in heels:


  • There’s a basis for the saying that practice makes perfect, because it does. Avoid wearing heels you bought the same day if you don’t want to get hurt. Buy your shoes a few weeks before and set aside 30 minutes daily for practice. Walk around the house on different surfaces to gain muscle memory. Increase the duration of your daily routine. Give it a week, and you’ll walk like a model off the runway.

  • Break them in. The fastest way is with thick socks and a blow dryer. The heat from the blow dryer will expand the heels and mould them around the shape of your feet with the socks—an instant solution!

  • Saunter in a heel-to-toe manner. Never stomp your entire foot at once when wearing heels. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it can also ruin your shoes.

  • Think of it as learning how to ride a bike. Both need balance. The best advice is to look straight ahead and never down. The higher your shoes are, the smaller your gait, so take your time and smile at everyone while you do.

  • Invest in foot care accessories like heel grips and gel cushions to avoid blisters and unnecessary pain. These things make the experience of wearing heels easier and more tolerable.


How do I take care of them?


When you look at Wildfire cut-out heels, we guarantee love at first sight, so here are some additional tips. This time, we’ll teach you simple ways to make your new favourite shoes last longer.


  • Give your heels a good wipe-down every time you get home. Letting the dirt stay on will destroy the material. Ensure you get all the corners and crevices.

  • Moisture is your heels’ worst enemy. It can destroy the material and cause bacterial and fungal buildup, producing a foul smell. Ensure your footwear is completely dry before storing it. Dry them naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. If you need to hasten drying, use scrunched-up newspapers, as these have moisture-absorbing capabilities.

  • Invest in shoe closets or racks so that floating dust cannot settle on them. If you don’t have enough space for either one, consider using bags made especially for shoes instead and hanging them behind the door.


Find Your favourite at Wildfire!


Be a trendsetter and start wearing cut-out heels everywhere. No doubt, people will take notice and follow suit. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer store or shop online!


Wildfire also has a wide selection of women's heels, perfect for formal attire or an evening on the town. We have various heel types, from traditional stiletto heels to open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, and platform heels.


We also provide different styles of low heels, mid heels, high heels, heel mules, court heels, and pumps that accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and shapes.


Wildfire covers you, whether you're searching for a go-to pair for a special occasion or a pair of the season's hottest trends. You can put your best foot forward in any of their stilettos with straps, and their wedge and platform shoes are perfect for the warmer months.