Heels You'll Never Want to Take Off!

What is one thing that women love, hate, or both?


The answer is heels because some people love them for how they elongate their legs, some people hate them because of how painful and uncomfortable they are, and some love and hate them for both reasons.


While stilettos fall under the category of the most loved and hated pair of heels, we reassure you that there are styles available that you'll never want to take off! When you check Wildfire's collection, you'll discover types that are kinder to the feet, which you must add to your wardrobe rotation.


Heels have a way of adding instant glam to your overall look. These shoes have four characteristics, and you'll never consider removing them. So say goodbye to muscle strain, backaches, and ugly postures.


Say hello to one of our more popular styles. The kitten heels have low, tapered heels, which people describe as a short step up from flats. These are dressy enough without sacrificing comfort or walking ability. They're so adorable you'll never want to take them off.


Style 1—Low Heels


Low-heeled shoes relieve women with foot pain from standing on their toes all day in high heels. This footwear goes as high as 2.5–5 cm, an ideal height with no steep incline, providing women with the elevation they crave and the comfort they need.


Your feet, mules, legs, and back will forever be grateful for choosing low heels; you'll never think of removing them. So say goodbye to muscle strain, backaches, and ugly postures.


Say hello to one of our more popular styles, the kitten heels.


These shoes have low, tapered heels, described as a short step up from flats. These heels are dressy enough without sacrificing comfort or walkability. They're so adorable you'll never want to take them off.


Style 2—Block Heels


Block heels are the next most comfortable type. These godsend creations come in low or high and distribute your weight evenly for the comfort and support your feet need!


They are proof that not all high heels are painful. They provide comfort through that thick heel, which relieves pressure from your feet. Unlike stilettos, you will never have to worry about losing balance or toppling forwards because they do not alter your centre of gravity.


Block heels are at the nexus of height and comfort, a style you will never want to remove from your feet. You might even consider living in them!


Do you want to add some colour and life to your wardrobe?


If yes, get a pair of Wildlife block heels in 14 colours: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. We suggest getting one in a natural shade if you want a subtle, attractive colour that complements everything you own.


This style should always be in your closet because it's perfect for special events outside.


Style 3—Mid Heels and High Heels


High heels are only some people's cup of tea, especially if they exceed 7 cm, like stiletto heels. But some women love them and can endure wearing them for hours! These are classic heel heights; mid-height heels should be comfortable all day.


Stilettos are a different story altogether. One of the main reasons women love wearing them, especially at work, is because high heels boost confidence and power. It would help to remember that block shoes also fall under this category, so not all are painful.


Wildfire has gorgeous high heels that match well with everything you choose to pair with them. But, of course, we want you to be experts at wearing them, so you do not want to remove them.


We also have women's heels like square-toe heels, or what others call "heel mules," open-toe heels, platform heels, platform shoes, and court heels that you can pair with casual, formal attire.


However, if this is your first time wearing high heels, let's allow time to practise in them.


Our team at Wildfire gathered some tips on how you can walk confidently in high heels. Read on to learn more!


Tip 1—Practice makes perfect


Test your new Wildfire high heels on as many types of flooring as you can, including carpet, slippery surfaces, and stairways. Constant practice will help you develop muscle memory. It's best to practise walking on your toes around the house even before you purchase a new pair of high heels to strengthen your calves and improve your control and confidence.


Tip 2—Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe


When stepping your foot forward, rock from your heel to the tip of your toe in a fluid motion. You can mentally repeat "heel-toe; heel-toe" while you do.


Tip 3—Walk More Gradually and in Small Steps


Did you know that your stride shortens as your shoe height increases?


Instead of walking like usual, you should take small steps when wearing high heels.


Taking your time to reach your destination will keep you safe and steady.


Tip 4—Imagine a Straight Path Leading to the Finish Line


Wearing high heels is like riding a bike. Both activities require balance, so the concept is the same. You never look down and imagine a straight line to your destination.


You can imagine having an invisible book on your head, so you are standing straight as you walk towards your destination. Please remember to add a little hip shimmy as you proceed to your destination.  


Tip 5—Gradually Lengthen Your Wearing Time


To achieve expertise in wearing high heels, you need to allot time daily to practise. But since most events last about 4 hours, we suggest that you gradually add more time to your practise sessions so you can get used to wearing them for longer periods.


Step up by increasing the time intervals each day leading up to your event. Work your way up, starting with 30 minutes, then an hour the next day, and so on, until walking in high heels is second nature.


Grab a Pair You Will Never Take Off!


The best way to feel better about yourself is to look good! So you deserve a pair of Wildfire heels that you'll never want to take off! Adding new shoes gives your closet a chance at life. Add a Wildfire clutch, and you're headed to a better you!


Head to Wildfire's shop online or to the stockist nearest to you. Our flexible payment plans let you buy your new heels now and pay for them later.