Heels You'll Want to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

By this point in the season, you're likely making your Christmas wishlist and checking it twice. So what's at the top of your list?


We won't be surprised if it's a pair of Wildfire women's heels, because all our available styles are so good that you'd want to wear one everywhere you go. But, hey, it's the holiday season, event invites are coming left and right, and you need footwear to see you through them.


You came to the right place because Wildfire won't let you down! Please read on! Our team will give you a rundown of Wildfire heels you'll want to add to your Christmas wishlist because they are comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable!


Low to Mid Heels Your Feet Will Love!


 If you were to invest in shoes that you can wear multiple times in the coming year because you won't have any problems with pain, we suggest buying any pair of low women's heels. These shoes combine comfort, style, and versatility.


There will be occasions when you need a bit of height, and these shoes are the perfect choice because they are 2.5–5 cm, which is a comfortable level at which you can stand, walk, and mingle for hours! Low women's heels also have gentle slopes, which protect your feet from getting sore muscles.


The team at Wildfire would like to share some examples of low heels you can consider.


1. Kitten


People often refer to kitten heels as the small step up from flats, another way of saying a pair of flats with some height. This footwear could quickly become your favourite pair with formal attire for any special occasion without sacrificing comfort or walkability.


2. Sling Backs


You might want to put slingbacks on your Christmas list because their open backs let you show off your sexy heel. Its most distinguishing feature is a strap at the heel of the foot or ankle, some with a buckle or elastic strap to keep them secure.


3. Low Gladiators


Low gladiators are heels that have a vintage look to them. This casual footwear is ankle-length gladiator sandals with heel heights between 2.5 and 5 cm. If you're looking for unique shoes that will spark conversation at your garden or beach events, this is the one! Very chic, indeed!


Go for Wildfire Low to Mid Heels!


Wildfire low heels are better for your health than those with high, staggering ones. However, it would be best if you exerted more effort and had a lot of practise to prevent toppling forwards.


It would also help if you changed your walking style for footwear higher than 7 cm because they alter your balance and shift your weight forwards.


What are your plans for the new year? Do you have a lot of trips and work events coming up?


If yes, we suggest you choose any Wildfire footwear available in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. If you're one with a half-shoe size, we suggest going one size up. As for colours, you can choose from eight: black, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. The Pantone colour for 2023 is Viva Magenta, so pick a colour that will match it!


Block Heels Your Back Will Love!


While block and low heels offer comfort and support for extended walking and socialising, the crucial distinction between them is the block's heel width because they are broad and thick.


This footwear with thick heels distributes your weight evenly and relieves pressure on your feet. More importantly, you can choose the one you can wear comfortably for long periods and add it to your Christmas wishlist.


Low-block women's heels are the perfect combination and the best footwear for the coming year. Unlike stiletto heels, thicker heels will keep you from sinking into the ground, sand, or gravel. In addition, these heels will save you from torture during special events, especially outdoors.


Even though walking in this footwear is a comfortable experience, like wearing high heels for the first time, it wouldn't hurt to master a few walking tips, especially for special occasions.


  • Get better with practise. Test your shoes on several types of flooring throughout the house, including wood, tiles, carpet, stairways, and slippery surfaces.
  • Rehearse the heel-toe walking manner. Put the heel down first before the toes in a back-to-front motion when walking in this footwear. Avoid putting all your feet down at once.
  • Break in your shoes. Use thick socks when practising in high-heels to stretch and shape the footwear to your feet. Trust us, walking will be more pleasant, and blisters won't develop.


The team at Wildfire would like to share examples you might like. Also, try platform heels or platform shoes, court heels, and block heel mules! They're similar to block heels, except you get additional height in front of your toes, thus giving you more comfort and balance.


1.    Enclosed Toes


Have you ever hit the corner of a table with your toe? So painful. Enclosed toes will protect your toes from natural elements like rain and foreign items like pebbles. Covering them with these heels will do wonders, and they look good with jeans and dresses, too! What more can you ask?


2.    Pumps


The pumps are ideal heels for work because of their easy slip-on fit, providing long-lasting comfort as you go to different meetings. This footwear with closed counters does not have any fastenings. Look for pumps with rounded toes because these block heels allow your toes to spread and remain painless.


3.    Strappy 


If you're looking for a pair of high heels during Christmas, these ankle-strapped heels will keep you stable as you mingle and dance the night away. This footwear, which also comes in square-toe heels, is the best choice, ideal for indoor and (especially) outdoor ceremonies since the straps will keep the footwear attached to your feet the whole time.


These open-toe heels go perfectly with a party dress for the coming warmer months. The open-toe provides the breathability you'll appreciate, especially on hot summer days! Choose from low to high heels in this style.


Go for Wildfire Block Heels!


If you buy a pair of these mid-to-high heels from Wildfire, they will have built-in arch support and a cushioned, shock-absorbing footbed. If you buy a pair of these mid-to-high heels from Wildfire, they will have built-in arch support and a cushioned, shock-absorbing footbed. In addition, these shoes are versatile and reasonably priced!


The Wildfire collection of footwear comes in fourteen unique, vibrant colours that you can mix and match with your wardrobe for different events, like all your Christmas parties! The colours are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. As for size, they are available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.


Add This to the Top of Your Christmas Wishlist!


Christmas is a season of giving; after a year of working hard, put your best foot forward—you deserve a gift of comfort!


Shop online at our website or the nearest retailer! Get it from Wildfire.