Heels You'll Want to Wear Again and Again

Do you ever wonder why ladies go gaga over heels when they are not as comfortable as flats or sneakers? There is a wide range of styles of women's heels to choose from, like stiletto heels, block heels, platform heels, mid heels, low heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, kitten heels, heel mules, and platform shoes, which are ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion.


The question is, which one will become your favourite pair?


Try asking the ladies, and the typical answers are confidence and empowerment. There's something about appearing taller and looking at people, particularly men, at eye level without needing to tilt the chin up.


Another reason is to appear more attractive and leaner. Women become more attractive to others when they wear heels because of their posture change and more hip movement.


Certain styles are known for the pain and discomfort they cause, but they remain popular despite that. Stilettos lengthen your legs and highlight your beautiful calves, but try wearing them for more than three hours!


Thankfully, other kinds of heels are kinder to the feet, and they are the ones you'll want to wear again and again.


Another reason is women's love for anything iconic. Heels have always been a fashion trend, and they instantly glam up your entire appearance. They make the wearers look more attractive, which gets a second (or even a third) glance from others.


Wouldn't you want that if you could get something stylish and attract more attention in the process? So, what kind of shoes will you want to wear again and again?


Any of the heels at Wildfire should be a staple in your wardrobe. That's the first step to putting your best foot forward!


Please read on to learn more!


Get Sexy with High Heels or Stilettos


These long, slender heels prove that you must do everything in moderation. Let's start with the sexiest, albeit most painful, of heels. Anyone who can wear stilettos for long periods of time deserves a standing ovation.


Stilettos hurt because they force your foot into an uncomfortable position and move the centre of your gravity. Walking around in these sexy and stylish heels takes a lot of skill. First-timers must commit to practise and preparation if they wish to wear stilettos confidently.


Some women prefer this kind and wear them like a second skin, so they choose this style to wear again and again. Oh, lucky them!


Whether you're an expert or it's your first time, make your life easier by purchasing stoppers, grips, and innersoles at Wildfire. You may use all the help you can get to make wearing stilettos more tolerable, so take advantage of these.


 How High Can You Go?


High heels are any shoes that are taller than 7 cm.


We've already discussed the most challenging kind, the stilettos.


The good news is that not all high shoes are painful, such as block heels, which we'll discuss briefly.


Wildfire has some gorgeous high heels that match well with everything you choose to pair with them.


If you're willing to set aside time to prepare for them, this can be a style you wear repeatedly.


Break in high heels and practise walking around the house on different floorings, such as carpet, tiles, wood, and staircases.


Always remember that the top priority is your comfort.


Block Heels Block the Pain Away (Platform Heels, Too?)


As we mentioned, wearing block heels will relieve pain and discomfort.


The gods were so kind to create block shoes that give you height and relieve pressure on your feet.


It is the most popular among Wildfire's collections because these shoes combine the height and comfort women crave.


The heels are wide and thick, distributing your weight evenly. This prevents your muscles, ankles, and back from suffering more than they should.


If you want a bit of colour in your life (and wardrobe), choose from the 14 available at Wildfire.


We boldly claim that you will wear block heels again and again, especially if the occasion is outdoors. These shoes protect you from getting stuck on soil, grass, sand, and pavement cracks!


The shoes' versatility makes them one of the best aspects of this design.


 Let Comfort Flow with Mid Heels to Low Heels


Not all heels are uncomfortable, thanks to low heels, which only go as high as 2.5–5 cm.  Women are grateful they can switch to this look instead of enduring the agonising experience of wearing high heels and stilettos for hours.


Low heels provide women with the elevation they need without dealing with steep inclines that can harm the feet and legs. Say goodbye to muscle aches and back pain!


With its low and tapering heels, the kitten is one of our more well-liked pairs. Once you've tried them on, you will want to wear them again and again! You'll always have outfits that match them!


 Make Weddings More Glam with Bridal


Our stunning brides deserve a style dedicated to them! Bridal heels encompass all the earlier kinds we discussed. But if you believe you can only wear your wedding shoes once, you're mistaken!


We assure you that it's possible to wear your bridal heels to your honeymoon and even to work if you choose, thanks to the versatility of Wildfire's footwear! You can wear this style again and again!


Deciding which shoes to wear can be challenging with many factors, such as the venue, weather, and wedding dress. But here are some suggestions to aid your decision-making.


We suggest wearing thicker heels outdoors and taller, more delicate heels indoors. Choose low heels so you won't experience any pain while dancing, standing, or walking throughout the day.


Purchase your shoes before your wedding gown's final fitting so you can wear them while they tweak the hem. Modern brides have abandoned the traditional white bridal heels in favour of more daring and adventurous colour choices available at Wildfire.


Other colours include black, blue, clear, gold, natural, pink, silver, and vanilla!


Which Style Do You Want to Wear Again and Again? (How About Square Toe Heels?)


Have you decided what kind of heels to add to your wardrobe? Choosing any of these five staples can do you wonders. Nobody will stop you if you want one of each!


It won't break your budget because our collection of Wildfire shoes in Australia is all affordable. Shop online by visiting Wildfire's online shop or the nearest store.