Heels You Need For Summer!


Do you need a new set of summer heels?

Let our styles bring out your wild side this season! You can’t go wrong when you choose a pair of shoes from Wildfire. We’ve got summer heels in all the latest looks at low prices that everyone will love!


Mules will be a fun party pick, but they make an excellent choice for work too!


As mid-high summer heels, mules bring longest-lasting comfort, so it’s easy to spend a day wearing them. At Wildfire, our favourites have a single coloured band across the toes and a broader see-through strap over the top for added style. The open backs on these summer heels give your feet and ankles a graceful profile, but they also enable you to experiment with maxi-dresses and long skirts without covering up any design features. The quick transition on and off of your feet that mules bring is also a point in their favour. If you never get ready on time and need summer heels that you can get on quickly, then you’ll enjoy their easily-accessible fit.  


How do you feel about fluorescent styles?


If you love the idea of summer heels that will help you stand out, then these stilettos are the ones to choose! We love the sweet self-tie fastenings, and we’re sure you will too. Summer heels of this sort are ideal for parties and events hosted indoors. If you want to put a fun twist on classic cocktail styles, then our fluorescent summer heels are your best option in 2019. We’d recommend wearing these with plain block colours that can make the yellow or pink pop even more! However, you might also like to try these bold summer heels with your most colourful floral prints and other patterned clothing. 


Espadrilles are a must-have for your collection! 


Anyone who loves wedges needs a pair of these in their wardrobe. Summer heels like these are the ideal fusion of function and fashion. The textured bases on these espadrilles add a trendy feel to any look, while the platform sneaks in a few extra centimetres of height that won’t increase strain or pain when you have them on your feet. Like our fluorescent summer heels, espadrille wedges can help make any outfit eye-catching and unforgettable. So, why wouldn’t you grab these wedges for your collection?


Try flatforms as your summer heels


One shoe trend you should consider to wear in place of your typical summer heels is our flatforms. These cosy styles come with a flat platform base. There is no incline included in the design, but since flatforms give you a little height lift, we’re willing to include them in our collection of potential summer heels for this list. Like espadrilles, these styles are excellent for wear outdoors during the warm weather. You’ll have way more fun at an outdoor musical festival or a backyard party with these on your feet than you would in stick-thin summer heels. Variations of this look incorporate features from our mule slides, self-tie straps, and buckled sandals, so there are plenty of options for you! 


Get your season started in a great new pair from Wildfire!


Whatever you imagine from your dream pair of summer heels, Wildfire has something to suit you. Not only do we offer heaps of variations of all our leading designs, but we also have plenty of different colours and finishes for you to try too. We’re sure that you’ll find summer heels that can give your collection a boost this season, so have a look online. When you see the gorgeous styles waiting for you on our shelves, you won’t be able to resist!