Heels You're Going to Love This Season

As we usher in a new season, it's time once more to change your wardrobe, including shoes. So, what look are you aiming for this time? 

Classy and stylish, perhaps? These women's heels look stylish and stunning. 


Women's heels have styles that suit any dress. So line up your special occasion and choose your favorite pair of shoes that match your dress. Women's heels at Wildfire, especially stiletto shoes, are best for formal attire. 


Slacks or any wardrobe can wear for any occasion.

Then, you came to the right place since Wildfire is home to the best collection of heels around. So, where do you look for inspiration regarding the perfect heels? You probably get them from magazines and online fashion vlogs.


We couldn't blame you if you've already pinned and bookmarked images of particular pairs you want to own. They are gems for women. So, to make it easier for you to turn those wishful thoughts into reality, the Wildfire team created a list of the shoes we have for you. So, please read on and find one you'd eventually call your own!


Choose from a wide range of styles, like stiletto heels, block heels, platform heels, mid heels, low heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, heel mules, and platform shoes, ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion. Stiletto heels, kitten heels, and low heels.


Style 1 - Stiletto 


Are you excited about painting the town red? While Wildfire does not have stiletto heels available in red, you can choose from 10 other colours. In addition, we have a unique pair in purple that would stand out from the crowd. 


Stilettos heel is good for any outfit. Court heels are very popular and demandable at the shop. The question is, how long can you stand in stiletto heels? 


Admittedly, these shoes are not the most comfortable pair, with their thin pointed heels. The tendency is for women to experience a bit of discomfort when wearing this style. 


It takes a bit of practice because re-centering of balance is involved. However, stilettos heels shoes are perfect for casual wear too. You can use this for a party or any occasion. 


In Australia, this is an excellent choice of shoes for women's heels. Even all over the world. As they say, "You can't cut corners, my love. You've got to work hard for it."


Style 2 - Low 


After reading up on stilettos, you're probably intimidated by the idea and the work that goes into wearing one. However, you don't have to worry because there are options for women who are averse to pain and discomfort. 


Say hello to low heels, a godsend substitute for women who want elevation without the torture. Low heels shoes like mid heels, square toe heels, and platform heels are designed for most elderly to support their legs and ankles for long walking. But, of course, all platform shoes are best too. 


Wildfire's current designs come in the following heights: 4.5, 5.5, 6, and 7. 

Unlike their higher counterparts, our low heels do not have steep inclines, protecting your feet from muscle strain. Pick the one that calls out to you, and we assure you that whatever you end up with will be a thing of beauty. 


Wildfire heels are known for their chicness and affordability, a perfect way to usher in the new season. Wear them every day!


Style 3 - High 


High heels are similar to stilettos in the amount of pain they cause. 

But as they say, "No Pain, No Gain." Women want high heels because wearing a pair emanates confidence. 


Any footwear with a height of 7 and above falls under this category. Women wearing high heels shoes like boots are attractive with any suit. During warmer months in Australia, especially the new season, these women's new heights are towering style to every look. Styles and straps give confidence to the foot.


The good thing about wearing high heels, particularly ones from Wildfire, is that you get a sense of empowerment. All you need to do is prepare for it beforehand. Help yourself, specifically your feet, by purchasing foot care accessories like stoppers, grips, cushions, and innersoles. 


Trust us, and your feet will love you for them!


Style 4 - Bridal 


All four seasons are considered wedding seasons, so we'd suggest that our brides choose a pair from our bridal heels collection with the weather and venue in mind. Also, choose thicker heels for outdoor ceremonies to avoid getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


 We've heard horror stories of brides tripping or falling on their big day, and we don't want that to happen to you. So Wildfire's bridal heels collection comes in nine colours, including green and pink. Modern brides have stopped limiting themselves to wearing traditional white shoes and have gone more experimental. 


We want our brides to be the stars of their big day, an easy feat with Wildfire bridal heels at your feet. Yes! Bridal heels at Wildfire look stunning and stylish for every girl. Straps are different from the others.


Style 5 - Block 


Block heels are the go-to shoes for women who prioritize comfort and height. The block's thicker heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet. These shoes are perfect for women attending formal outdoor events where inclement weather and natural elements can affect the experience. 


You will get your money's worth if you purchase a pair of block heels from Wildfire's collection because they are versatile. You can wear them on multiple occasions, from day to night. Block heels are also comfortable. So put your best foot forward and browse your famous footwear.


Tender Loving Care Tips for Your Heels


Our practical Wildfire customers would want to lengthen the life of their beloved pair. So here are some ways you can extend the life of your heels well beyond the current season. Our tried and tested tips will help you make them last until the next decade, hopefully.


Tip # 1: Constantly clean them.


Treat your pair of heels like a baby, with constant cleaning and love. Use a soft cloth to polish your leather heels every so often. There are erasers available that remove stains and hardened grime from the surface. 


We mentioned our foot care section, where you will find good water and stain protection spray. It's very tempting to put your feet up after a long day in heels, but we recommend inspecting them upon removal to keep your shoes in tip-top shape. Check immediately for cuts and dirt, and wipe them off before they dry up.


Tip # 2: Sanitise them always.


Hygiene plays a massive role in maintaining your heels' longevity. When you let dirt and grime sit on your shoes for a long time, it can grow mold that causes an unpleasant smell. The best trick is to wipe all the dirt off before it even gets a chance to gather.


 You can search online for various techniques for effective grime removal that will not harm your footwear's material or colour.


Tip # 3: Store them properly.


Placing charcoal sachets inside your shoes will prevent humidity from causing them to smell. Keeping your heels fresh is essential to keeping them longer. If your budget permits invest in a cool and dry shoe closet that will protect your shoes from harmful environments. 


If space is limited, you can opt to get shoe racks instead. In addition, there are available shoe bags with lots of pockets that you can hang from the back of a door.


Learn to Let Go  


While the tips we shared can help you prolong the life of your beloved heels, the time will come when you need to let them go. When that day comes, look at it as an opportunity to head to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you to get a new replacement. 


Our affordable prices and flexible payment systems, such as Afterpay and Zip, will not blow your budget. 


So, what are your waiting for? Shop now at the nearest store. Or, you can shop online and search by using clear filters for easy finding your shoe size, brands, style, and even price. The price is not too high. The price depends on the brands and styles.


Enjoy Shopping! The best price is almost sold.