Heels You Won’t Want to Take Off!

Wildfire will help you find the cosiest heels! Are you tired of returning home from a long day (or wild night) with sore feet from your shoes? Our comfy heels will make sure that’s a problem of the past! 


What features make a pair comfortable? 


Some people have no trouble wearing these sorts of shoes, while others struggle with even the smallest platforms. You’ll only know where you land on the spectrum once you start wearing heels, but there are still some things we can warn you about in advance. For starters, high styles put the most pressure on your feet. Higher heels have steeper inclines, and, while tall arches work wonders to slim down your legs, they can cause tension and strain to build up in your muscles. Similarly, thin styles like stilettos provide little by way of balance. Block heels and designs with broad platforms have a large surface area to support your feet, ankles, and legs. Meanwhile, tiny points can give you the wobbles. In essence, you’ll want low and wide heels for the most enduring comfort. 


Have you got any sling-back heels in your collection?


If these lovely vintage shoes are missing from your wardrobe, then you’d better remedy that situation quickly! Sling-backs might be some of our shortest styles, but they have a timeless air and elegance that makes them an effortless formal or corporate pair. The little kitten heels won’t make your feet sore, and they’re easy enough to balance on if you have to walk on grass, soft carpet, or other tricky surfaces. As such, sling-backs can be a go-to for events if you aren’t confident about the setting or end time. After all, if your next special occasion could last anywhere from a few hours to most of the day or night, then you’ll want heels that can help you go the distance. We’ve got all sort of different colours and patterns for you to choose from this season as well, so come and look for some new sling-backs! 


Mules are the perfect middle option! 


Are you familiar with these open-backed block heels? The mid-high platforms on these shoes offer balance and steady support for hours and hours. With this in mind, you won’t be surprised to hear that mules are some of our most popular designs, especially now that we’ve brought out a whole line of new ones! Some of our favourite of these heels for 2020 include zigzagging top straps, but you can’t go wrong with two thick top bands either. We’d also recommend our crystalline see-through mules for ladies who love the hottest fashion trends this year. Translucent heels are just as comfy as the other versions, but they have the advantage of being an instant match with any colours or patterns that you want to wear. 


Do you want to start looking ahead?


Keep an eye out for our ankle boots! You’ll want to have some of our booties and similar block heels in your collection once autumn and winter roll around. While the weather is still hot, take a glance at our structured booties. These partially open heels have popular features like laces and woven material; any would be a bold style choice. However, once the cold change comes in, you can keep your feet toasty with our ankle boots! The elegant block heels make our boots fitting for formal events and outfits, so don’t be shy about wearing them when it’s time to party. Plus, the faux suede material is warm and super soft, so you’ll always be happy to take them out! 


You’ll find the cosiest heels at Wildfire this season


Join us online and start looking through your options today. We’re sure our heels will take your fancy!