Here are the 5 Staple Heels You Need in Your Wardrobe

Women and heels have always had a love-hate relationship. Stilettos make your legs appear longer and draw attention to your gorgeous calves, but they are excruciating, especially after two hours!


Thankfully, other kinds of heels are kinder to the feet. And you must have at least one pair of each style to match your wardrobe.


Heels have a way of adding instant glam to your overall look. But what is one thing you should always pay attention to when buying a pair, especially if you're buying one for a special occasion?


It's comfort!


What good is a striking pair of heels when you are wincing in pain deep down and cannot enjoy the moment?


Other characteristics you should consider are affordability and versatility!


Of course, style is still essential, but never choose it over comfort! So, with open-toe heels, platform heels, court heels, block heel mules, wedges, and pumps, do you know what pair of women's heels will make you put your best foot forward? Which one will become your favourite pair?


At Wildfire, there are five heels you must have as a staple in your wardrobe. Of course, choosing which one to walk in will depend on your preference. Our team at Wildfire Australia would like to help make decision-making easier by giving you a rundown of each.

Please read on to learn more!


Style 1 - Low to Mid Heels


Let's start with the most comfortable type of heels. 


Low is a godsend for women who had to endure the painful experience of wearing highs and stilettos for hours. With these shoes, women can get elevation minus the discomfort.


They go as high as 2.5-5cm, a height that doesn't have a steep incline, which is good for your feet and legs. In addition, low heels will save you from muscle strain and back aches. One of our more popular pairs is the kitten, with soft and tapered heels. 


This pair is so pretty and comfortable that celebrities have caught on with the trend. You'll always have outfits that match them! They're so adorable you would want to wear them with your outfit of the day!


 Style 2 - Block Heels


 Some good news for you, not all styles of high shoes are painful. The gods were so kind to create block heels, which will save us from the pain and imbalance that its slimmer cousins cause. 


Its popularity stems from the thick width of its heels, which distributes your weight evenly.


Yes, these shoes will save you and relieve pressure from your feet!


Block heels are at the nexus of height and comfort, a style that your future self will be grateful that you got. 


If you want a bit of colour in your life (and wardrobe), choose from the 14 available at Wildfire.


This style must be a staple in your closet because it's ideal for special occasions with outdoor locations.


With block heels, you are safe from getting stuck on soil, grass, sand, and pavement cracks!


These shoes are so functional you can even wear them to the office.


 Style 3 - High Heels


High heels are any pair of shoes higher than 7cm.


Most people endure wearing them because of the boost in confidence and power. 


Block heels fall under highs, so not all of them are painful.


On the one hand, Stilettos is in a different league of pain, which we'll discuss later.


The high heels available at Wildfire are stunning and look good with whatever you choose to mix with them—even with formal attire. Wearing high heels, however, requires extra planning because they shift your centre of gravity and, consequently, your balance. 


You must set aside time to break into high shoes and practice walking around the house.


Test your high heels on different floorings if possible – carpet, wood, linoleum, tiles, and staircase, among others.


 Style 4 - Stiletto Heels


These long, slender heels prove that you must do everything in moderation. The sexiest kind, albeit most painful, of heels available.


Wearing a pair of stilettos will get you a second (or even a third) glance. For one, because these heels are sexy and stylish. Two, because seeing you walking in them is impressive.


Wearing them for long periods is torturous, so people are likely applauding you deep down! Stilettos are painful because they put your foot in an awkward position and alter your balance. It would help if you committed to practice and preparation when choosing these heels. 


Make your life easier by purchasing stoppers, grips, and innersoles at Wildfire. You may use all the help you can get to make wearing stilettos more tolerable, so take advantage of these. 


Style 5 - Bridal (Such as Square toe heels, Kitten Heels, Open Toe Heels)


 The fifth kind is for our stunning brides! Bridal heels combine all four styles we discussed earlier. But if you think you can't use your bridal shoes anywhere else, you're wrong! 


With the versatility in all of Wildfire's shoes, we guarantee that you can wear your bridal heels to your honeymoon and even at work if you wish!


Choosing shoes you'll wear on your big day can be challenging because you need to consider many things, such as venue, weather, your wedding dress, and the list continues. But to help you decide, here are a couple of tips.


We advise wearing higher, thinner heels indoors and thicker ones outdoors. Opt for the low ones in our range so you can spend the day standing, walking, and dancing without pain! In addition, shopping for your shoes before the final tailoring of your wedding gown ensures you can wear them as they adjust the hem. 


Bridal shoes from Wildfire come in nine unique colours. Modern brides don't stick with traditional white and have gone more experimental and bolder with their colour! 


Time to Grab a Pair for Your Wardrobe! 


The best way to get out of a rut is by getting yourself something new! A pair from these five staples is an excellent choice that can do wonders. You're giving your closet a new chance at life by adding a new pair of heels to your wardrobe rotation.


And since the Wildfire collection of shoes is affordable, you can get one of each style and rotate them daily! These heels are the change you didn't know you needed! Shop online at Wildfire's shop or the store nearest to you.