Here’s How To Prevent Blisters From Occurring With Your New High Heels

Avoid Blisters With These Tips! 


Are you sick of getting blisters when you wear high heels? Wildfire is here to rescue you!


We want all of our customers to look and feel their best in our shoes. Our high heels get designed for fashion and function, but there are heaps of factors that can lead to blisters on feet. So, we've got some hot tips, information, and great add-ons for your next purchase.


Why do blisters form in the first place?


Tall, tight and ill-fitting high heels are the main causes of sores. Blisters are supposed to protect your skin from friction, pressure and rubbing, but they can be annoying at best and painful at worst. But what can you do about them?


1) Choose high heels with a shorter base


The higher the incline of your high heels, the more that your toes will be crammed into the tops of your shoes. Not only is this squeezing uncomfortable, but your delicate digits will also start forming welts.


Our low sling-backs are little and comfy, which makes them the ideal pick for outdoor events and all-day wear. These will be a dream come true for ladies who are always getting blisters.


Do you want a significant height boost without any additional pressure? Try high heels with a platform! Our espadrille wedges are a favourite in this design. While they seem toweringly tall on your feet, our espadrilles get their extra lift from a flat platform, so their low incline stops pressure-caused blisters.


2) Avoid hot-spots with the right high heels


Another clever way to stop blisters from developing in your high heels is to select styles that don’t cover with any of your problem areas.


If you know that the backs of your ankles are prone to irritation, then our open mules would be fantastic. These trendy block-style high heels slip onto your feet effortlessly, so you can avoid ankle fastenings that might scrape and hurt your skin.


Likewise, if you have a reoccurring issue with high heels that have straps over the top of your foot, then a slide-in style such as our pumps could help your feet endure events for longer without incident.


3) Try our sole salvation pack!


A sole salvation kit from Wildfire is the perfect pick for ladies who need to safeguard their feet when they wear high heels. This convenient and easily-carried accessory has everything you could need to stop blisters in their tracks and keep a smile on your face.


4) Experiment with inserts


Slipping and sliding in oversized high heels can also lead to blisters. Luckily, our gel cushions can help improve the fit and put a stop to that movement. Gel cushions are spongey, soft, and should give your high heels levels of comfort you won’t believe!     


Not only do they feel fantastic, but the right gel cushion can absorb shock, even-out weight distribution, and improve the fit if your high heels.


Our sole salvation kit has two different add-ons for your high heels: one that covered the back of your ankles and another that sits under the balls of your feet.


5) Protect your feet with plasters


Our sole salvations pack has two plasters included inside, and they’re a simple but effective guard against sores. If you knew one or two areas on your feet that will definitely blister, then cover up from the get-go. You’ll halt discomfort from your high heels before you even get them onto your feet!


Are you ready to see an end to blisters?


Follow these Wildfire tips and you’ll be wearing your newest high heels to events again in no time!