Here’s How To Wear Block Heels This Season!

Dress To Impress With Our Range Of Block Heels 

One of the great things about block heels is that they are hard to wear wrong. All but the lightest and floatiest clothes can look great with these, which means you have endless style combinations waiting for you once you've purchased them.

So, if we want to talk about how to wear block heels, we should be talking about where.

In the workplace

As a general rule, you will want to make sure that the shoes you wear to work are the right mix of practical, comfortable, and (of course) beautiful. Depending on the work policies and dress codes that you have to remember, as well as your movements during the day, your ideal block heels may look very different to someone else's.

As it stands, we do have some favourites in mind.

Short styles are almost always the way to go for work. Low block heels are more comfortable to drive with, balance in when your train or bus goes around a corner sharply, or walk in (when you're still half asleep in the morning) than high styles. Additionally, if you are up and about constantly during the day, then these block heels should also keep your feet from getting achy and sore as hours drag.

Mules are one variation of block heels to consider. With their low, stable base and sweet peep toe, mules are easy to pair with pants or a skirt. Our top picks come with soft faux suede material as a bonus.

Pointy-toed styles are also a popular pick. These block heels help your feet appear more slim and shapely.

Out and about casually

Who would have thought that block heels would be this popular as casual wear in 2018? You're sure to have noticed more than a few people are adding block heels into their everyday wardrobes, and at Wildfire we love it!

If you want to wear block heels out on the weekends or whenever it takes your fancy, then we'd be happy to tell you how.

First, try wearing them with your favourite jeans and t-shirt combination, or with a fun dress. Block heels are a great way to dress up your laziest looks, bringing effortless style instantaneously. If you want to go with a strappy style or block heels with ties that hug the ankles, then remember to showcase them with cut-offs pants or something that will highlight that aspect.

Weddings and other special occasions

If we asked you what makes a pair of block heels formal or casual, what would you answer? Is it the design? The décor? At Wildfire, we tend to think it's the colour.
Our range of styles is so vast and varied that can be hard to pick. Here are the basics:

White block heels will always be an iconic look at weddings, but gold, silver, and natural are also making their names known. Metallic shoes are easy to accessorise with similarly shining jewellery, which means you can lift your look even further. Natural is a great go-to as a formal colour because it is innocuous and matches other colours (even vivacious prints and patterns) excellently.

It's no secret that block heels bring superior comfort and long-lasting endurance to their wearer. Unlike skinny stilettos, the sturdy base on our block heels provide hours of extended wear. These are easy to dance in, travel in, and reintegrate into your regular wardrobe once the party is over.

Endless styles

As one of our most popular kinds of shoes, there is a vast and varied range of block heels waiting at Wildfire. So, why wait? Come and browse our looks online and unleash your wild side!