Here’s How To Wear Sandals And Still Look Good!

Look Good This Sandal Season! 


Bring out your wild side with this season’s best sandals! There are some gorgeous flats on offer at Wildfire, but our heeled styles are an excellent choice for your next purchase too! Plus, they all have one great design feature in common— their elegant, leg-slimming, crisscrossing straps.


Now, keep these four quick tips in mind as you look for your ultimate match:


1) Wear clothes that suit sandals best


Whether you choose to tie them high or low up your legs, these strappy sandals are designed to accentuate your ankles. So, when you’re planning an outfit, be sure that you pick clothes that can draw attention to your calves. There’s no point to wearing these sandals if you conceal their highlight feature, after all!


At Wildfire, we recommend pairing these self-tie sandals with skirts, shorts, dresses, or shorts, as long as they don’t go any lower than mid-calf. That way, you can be sure that you’re showcasing your shoes. Jumpsuits and playsuits are a hot pairing with sandals; you can wear your favourite party clothes with these as well!


2) Keep colours consistent


One great thing about our sandals is the range of colours that they come in. Our most popular finishes can complement any outfit or accessory flawlessly. The top two tones for sandals at Wildfire are beige and black— two of the best looks to match with vibrant colours, flashy patterns, and the like.


Black sandals can be a bold fashion statement against bright clothes and something easy to pair with your favourite ebony clutch or bag.


Natural-toned sandals look excellent against diamantes, rhinestones, and other sparkly décor and jewellery. That is why people adore this shade at weddings and formal occasions. Plus, they can be a sweet and subtle set to help even out an eye-grabbing animal, floral, or geometric print.


Our advice for styling and colours is this: find the right balance and look for you. Most people, whether knowingly or not, have a bias for either black or natural. If you aren’t sure, do a quick inventory of your accessories and go from there. Then, think about the occasion and your intended outfit before selecting sandals.


3) Don’t forget about trends!


If you want sandals that look good, then find shoes that embody the best trends of 2019! A popular Wildfire pick, in this case, has to be some of our block-heeled sandals.


Block heels are your first option for comfy height-boosting party shoes. They’re thicker in the platform than stilettos, but they haven’t quite reached the full wedge base yet. With a broader point to stand on than skinny heels, these will handle tougher terrains and extended events nicely.


They’re chunkier than block heels, yes, but the natural base stops this style from looking too heavy. These wedged party shoes will make your legs look sleek, slender, and sensational.


4) Wear them in the right place


Shoes look their best in the setting they belong. If you’re shopping around for sandals, then make sure that they are going to suit the surroundings of your next event.


For any outdoor parties, this means your best bet could be flats or heeled sandals with wide platforms. That way, you should find it easy to walk on a lawn, sand, stone paths, or uneven surfaces.


If you’re indoors at a restaurant or other venue, then feel free to try sandals with a high heel! For a formal occasion, our tallest styles will have you looking stylish and sophisticated.


Let us help you get started!


Finding sandals is easy at Wildfire. Browse the range online today, or see our styles in stores exclusively at Spendless.