Here's What to Look for in a Pair of Formal Shoes

When it comes to dressing for special occasions, every detail counts. Of course, your formal shoes are an essential part of the perfect image, but your outfit and accessories are also important. 


Your choice of footwear can make or break your look. An excellent pair of dress shoes can elevate your outfit, looking polished and put-together. On the other hand, the wrong one can ruin your style, leaving a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons.


Do you know what constitutes an excellent pair of formal shoes?


If you still need help, the team at Wildfire is here to provide you with the answers. But first, let us help you find the perfect pair of dress shoes that complement your outfit and make you feel comfortable the whole time. 


Do your dress shoes go well with different outfits in your closet? Can you wear it on other occasions? It's also good to focus on the footwear's versatility to get more bang for your buck. 


There are so many questions, so we'll start providing answers. Read on to learn more about what to search for in a pair of dress shoes. 


1. Fit


Your comfort during the entire special occasion will depend on the fit of your dress shoes. To ensure you remain stress-free throughout the event, make sure the footwear fits you correctly. Ill-fitting ones can cause discomfort and pain, making it impossible to have a good time.


Measuring your feet and knowing your size and width would be best. When trying on dress shoes, wear both and walk around in them. Doing this is critical because not all feet are the same. 


We suggest you leave enough time to break in your new dress shoes before wearing them to a special occasion. It's best to shop for footwear in the afternoon when they are at their largest size to accommodate the swelling. Confirm your Wildfire size with the handysize guide.


2. Material


When buying dress shoes, you need to consider the material or make because it can affect the wearer's durability, appearance, and comfort. 


There are lightweight materials that provide breathability. And you need breathability in formal shoes to keep your feet fresh the whole time. 


Wildfire's vast range of formal shoes comes in vegan-friendly materials, which do not harm any animals in production. This material might interest you because it is environmentally sustainable and does not leave a high carbon footprint. But, more importantly, they are affordable and can withstand exposure to natural elements. 


3. Styles


When choosing dress shoes, style is essential because it can make or break your style. One way to ensure a perfect match is to choose the footwear after you have selected your outfit. 


This way, you can match the colour and style of the dress shoes with the clothes. 


It's best to be aware of what the situation requires. Most likely, the event you're going to will tell you what to wear or the dress code, so you'll know what to buy. 


For instance, a full-length wedding gown would require a different style of dress shoes than a cocktail dress or a business suit. 


4. Heel Height 


You must prioritise comfort with the time you will spend at the event. What can you tolerate? 


Heel height is essential when purchasing dress shoes because not everyone can wear heels for long periods of time. This footwear typically goes around 5-7 cm, giving the wearer the illusion of long legs. 


However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards more comfy and practical options, leading to the rise in the popularity of flat dress shoes. This option is ideal for those having trouble walking in high heels. So what's the point of looking good but feeling crappy inside? 


5. Heel Type


The heel type will also depend on your comfort. Wildfire has different kinds of heels available, and here is a rundown of them: 


  • Low heels are not as high as the others, so these are optimal. They exude elegance and style and save you from the discomfort of taller heels. In addition, the kitten heels are cute and always in season.

  • Ourblock heels are perfect for height and comfort in dress shoes. They can be low or high. Their thick, wide heel, sometimes called "chunky," spreads your weight evenly and takes the pressure off your feet. In addition, there will be no adjustments, as stilettos do. 

  • Stiletto heels are for those willing to endure discomfort for the sake of fashion. These shoes are undeniably attractive but can be painful to wear for long periods. 


In addition, their narrow, pointed heels can alter your balance and gait, so it is advisable to break them in and practice walking in them before the event. 


6. Colour


The colour of your formal shoes is essential because it will be the basis of the cohesion of your overall style. For instance,if you are wearing a neutral-coloured outfit such as black, grey, brown, or navy, you can opt for a more vibrant or bold-coloured shoe to add a pop of colour and make a fashion statement. 


There's no reason to worry, as Wildfire's formal shoe line come in various colours to suit all your needs and events! There are 14 attractive colours available for Wildfire heels that you will go gaga over. So check it out and choose which calls out to you! 


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Now that you know what to look for in a pair of dress shoes, it's time to focus on your new knowledge to the test and dress to impress! Aside from looking good, your choice must make you feel good! 


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