High Heel Styles Making Their Way Into The Fashion Limelight!

Our heels are making their way into the fashion limelight! If you’re looking for the most fashionable heels around, then Wildfire is the place to shop! Our designs will make sure you’re ready to step out into the spotlight in 2020. Why not stop in and have a browse of our newest trends? You’ll be looking your best on you next night out in no time!  


Get adventurous with some crocodile-textured heels!

We think you’ll go wild for these stylish shoes! If you were a fan of having leopard print and snakeskin on your heels last year, then a pair with crocodile texture is your next natural purchase. Customers who love the animal theme will enjoy this 2020 update, and it’s sure to keep your shoes looking fresh and modern. This season, our crocodile textured styles feature on mules, kitten heels, and other short styles. Unlike the previous animal patterns (which were quite eye-catching), reptilian material has a more subtle beauty. You don’t have to feel nervous about trying crocodile heels because they won’t clash with other patterns (unlike spotty or scaly prints). No wonder more women are trying these in 2020! 


Right now, sock booties are a seasonal favourite!

Form-fitting boots are must-have heels this winter! If you’re the sort of person who loves wearing platforms but finds it hard to track down a decent pair during the colder months, then sock booties are the style for you! The slender and elegant profile on these heels is what has made them a top pick in 2020. Since they’re ankle-high, they are more versatile than over-the-knee shoes and easier to pair up with a bigger range of clothing. Finding the perfect outfit to pair with these slinky heels will be fun and easy. The soft faux suede is warm and cosy, which means you won’t have to worry about cold toes during chilly days or nights. We know winter weather can turn in a second, which is why it’s always good that these heels can help you warm no matter what happens! 


Anyone who loves mules should try our slim-sided versions!

Mule heels have been a huge hit with customers at Wildfire over the past season. With their easy slide-in fit and broad platforms, these shoes combine a stylish aesthetic with brilliant practicality. Since mules offer hours and hours of supported wear, they are a favourite with office workers and make excellent heels for events that will last all night long. Wildfire has brought in a new version of these mules with a slender side profile. While the platform is still broad enough to keep you stepping out with confidence, the deceptively slim sides disguise the pragmatic heels. What’s not to love about that? 


Versatility will be yours with self-tie shoes!

Styling freedom is the great strength of self-tying shoes, and it’s the reason more ladies are getting a pair for their shelves in 2020! This season, we offer versions in natural and black, so mixing and matching strappy heels with your winter attire will be even less stressful than usual. The faux suede ties can tie as low or high as you want them to, and you can move them around until you’re happy with how they look and feel. We recommend that you match self-tie heels with cut-off or cuffed jeans for a casual look, and pair them up with party dresses for formal events. More and more ladies are choosing strappy styles this season because they’re versatile and oh-so-trendy. So, will you give them a try? 


The best heels of 2020 are waiting for you at Wildfire!

We’re dedicated to bringing our customers the most stylish and affordable footwear. Have a look at our heels online today!