High Heels Don't Have to Be Uncomfortable… Check Out These Comfort Styles from Wildfire!

Women have the misconception that all high heels are automatically uncomfortable. But it's time to change that perception by introducing the collection at Wildfire. 


The brand understands what women need to remain comfortable and has responded by producing shoes that exceed expectations.


Say goodbye to those awkward moments where you're walking like a stiff robot because these shoes are the easiest to wear. Instead, you'll wear heels like a pro with some practice. Who said you could not live your ramp model fantasies?


Get to know the various Wildfire high heels that deserve a spot in your shoe closet. Then, with the help of our team from Wildfire, you'll understand each kind better to make an informed decision. 


We'll help you get the hang of it, from colour to style. Then, if you're ready to dive in, let's do it!


Which styles are best for first-time wearers or those not used to wearing one?


The horror stories you've heard about high heels came from women who experienced wearing stilettos. Stilettos are something else; even professional models have a thing or two to say about them. 


Their thin and narrow heels alter the wearer's balance and centre of gravity, forcing pressure on only one area of the feet: the balls.


But fret not, because Wildfire's comfort styles will leave you with good memories. Once you try these styles, you'll forget the scary stories and wear them as much as possible.


1. Block Heels


The popularity of block heels rose when word of mouth spread about how comfortable they are. Try them for yourself. 


The thick, broad heel distributes the load instead of forcing pressure in just one area. As such, these relieve stress from the usual places that hurt—the feet, legs, and lower back.


Wildfire's high-block heels collection has thirteen unique colours: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. Neutral colours are the easiest to wear because they match almost all colour palettes.


While some people hesitate to choose white because they can get dirty quickly, you should try them! 


White can anchor any outfit, whether bright colours or toned-down ones. In addition, white heels give off a fresh vibe that instantly elevates whatever you're wearing.


2. Platform


Platform heels may look intimidating because they are staggering. So if you're a first-timer, you'd think this is not the way to go. But stare at the high heels closely, and you'll see that your feet remain level while these are high-heeled because there's a platform sole in front. 


You won't feel discomfort because the footwear uses a thick, broad heel that evenly distributes your weight. These platform heels will elevate you to new heights (literally and figuratively) without the hassle of pain.


You might recognise this fashion trend somewhere. Please remember that platform heels rose to fame in the 1970s, when disco peaked. So, this style is the best if you're in the mood to dance the night away comfortably.


Wildfire's platform high heel collection comes in six colours: black, green, natural, pink, silver, and white. If you want something comfortable that injects more life into your closet, how about getting them in green?


If you tend to gravitate towards black or other neutrals, it's time to switch things up and add some earthy colour to your closet. Green is a vibrant colour that people won't expect you to wear, so surprise them by wearing high heels in this shade. 


These platform shoes slim down your ankles and legs for a more pleasing appearance, so you can always wear them out confidently, even though they are high heels. Putting your own spin on your attire is a great way to have fun.


3. Open Toe


When searching for comfortable high heels, you don't only look at the back part of the shoe; choose one based on the front. It's hard to find comfortable closed-toe tall shoes because most have pointed designs and are painful. 


Pointy high heels squeeze the toes together, with the possibility of rubbing your skin, which can cause blisters. So how can you walk when you're in pain?


You don't need to punish yourself because there are excellent options among open-toed high heels. These shoes let your feet breathe, especially if you have sweaty toes.


Open-toe heels do not restrain your feet, allowing air to circulate. The only thing to note when wearing these shoes is that they expose your feet, so you must take extra steps to make them look good, like having a pedicure. Wear these with your maxi dress to your next special occasion.


How do I make wearing high heels a comfortable experience?


Everyone who wore high heels for the first time went through the same awkward and worried state you are in. It's not something you can wear and master immediately. It takes a bit of practice and patience.


To help your body prepare for the sudden height change, walk around the house on tiptoe before buying your high heels. Doing this will build muscle memory. 


Once you have your gorgeous Wildfire high heels, wear them daily and walk around the house for thirty minutes, increasing the duration each day.


It helps to think that wearing staggering shoes is like riding a bike, as both activities require balance and work on the same principle—always look ahead towards your destination. But, of course, it would help if you walked heel-to-toe instead of stomping your foot down all at once.


When you've gotten the hang of walking in high heels, you must also apply post-wear care, such as massaging your feet, raising them on pillows or walls for circulation, and soaking them in warm water. 


More importantly, if you don't need to wear casual shoes daily, don't. Your feet need to rest for a few days, so be sure to have Wildfire flats handy, too.


Find Comfort in Wildfire Shoes—Even When You Wear Heels!


There will always be a pair of Wildfire high heels to match your comfort needs. Browse the collection at the nearest Wildfire retailer or online store to find your perfect pair in the right shoe size!


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