High Heels Don’t Have To Mean Expensive. Check Out Our Affordable Range!


Say no to over-priced high heels!

Say no to over-priced high heels! Wildfire brings you the best new designs at amazing prices, so you always get your money’s worth. Buying the hottest high heels of 2019 doesn’t have to be a hit to your wallet, and we’re here to prove it!


Who says fashion has to cost?


In this day and age, there are so many shoe retailers out there. Competitive prices are a must in this market, and Wildfire delivers on that front! Our high heels are affordable, fashionable, and can help you keep up with all the current trends. Whether you’re the sort to wear a style once and move onto the next-best-thing, or someone looking for go-to high heels that will last, Wildfire has you covered. Our low price point makes any (and every) fashion habit affordable.


When you shop at Wildfire, you can forget about spending hundreds on one pair of high heels. What would buy you a single set somewhere else could get you a handful of our best high heels at Wildfire, and still leave you spare change!


If you’re shopping for high heels on a budget, then ours are the perfect option! 


Finding a work/life balance is difficult enough, even before you throw budgets into the mix. When you also have rent, fuel, food, and other expenses that need your attention, treating yourself can make you feel guilty enough already. And, we know how disheartening it can be to blow a week’s worth of pay on a single set of high heels. Trying to save and maintain a social life can also be tough when you’re spending all of your money on outfits. Once again, the affordability of our high heels cannot be understated.


You can barely tell the difference!


The great thing about shoes is that hot trends are easy to spot and to duplicate. We watch for emerging favourites, put our spin on the style, and then we send our high heels your way! If you’re always on the hunt for a red-hot fashion item, then our low prices should be enticing. Maybe you’re after high heels with animal print, tubular straps, self-tie bands, or trendy espadrilles wedges. Whatever it is, our expansive collection probably has something that qualifies. So, why would you waste money on expensive high heels when you could grab ours instead? Our shoes are excellent quality and near-identical to some of the best brands around, so there’s no good reason to pass them up!  


Buy yourself more time!


At Wildfire, we also offer our customers some alternative payment options, including Afterpay and Zip. By selecting either of these at our checkout, you can buy high heels when you want them and pay for them later. If you have an event coming up fast, desperately need a new pair of high heels, and can’t wait for your next paycheck, then Afterpay and Zip are so helpful. Buy your shoes, Wildfire will send them out as usual, and you get to space out the payments over a few weeks. Let Afterpay and Zip take all the stress away, while you take your new high heels out! For more information, have a look at the information (or FAQ) pages on our website.


Let us treat you to fairly-priced high heels!


You can get everything from short stilettos to sky-high wedges at Wildfire. No matter what the event, occasion, setting, or dress code is, our range has got you covered. But don’t just take our word for it—shop around, and you’ll see that our high heels have everything going for them. Hop online and browse through our range today, and find the pair to bring out your wild side!