High Heels Every Wardrobe Needs

What do you feel whenever you open your wardrobe closet? Does it feel like it needs an upgrade?


If it does, it’s time to add a new pair of Wildfire high heels because these shoes can elevate your look (literally and figuratively). However, we understand if you’re hesitant about this style because not everyone has a good experience with these shoes. 


Several stories of twisted ankles, toppling forward, and painful feet have turned women off from buying high heels.


But before you close your doors on these shoes, hear us out first. Some add a few centimetres to your height without causing you any strain. 


Would you believe Wildfire has various comfortable, stylish, and versatile shoes you’ll wear everywhere?


Allow our team from Wildfire to expound on this topic. We’ll showcase the heels that deserve a spot in your shoe closet because your wardrobe needs something like them. If you’re ready to discover them, let’s get at it!


Style 1—Block Heels


With heights greater than 7.5 cm, it’s understandable that women have second thoughts about buying them. But the emergence of footwear with thick and broad bases changed several minds. 


These give you the height you need and crave without the strain on your toes. How does it work?


You can understand how chunky heels work by knowing the root cause of women’s unpleasant experiences with stilettos, which gave them immense pain. 


Stilettos are painful because they alter your balance and natural form, increasing pressure and strain on the balls of your feet. In addition, the thin heel disrupts the wearer’s centre of gravity, forcing all the weight into one area.


Block high heels do the opposite because they distribute the weight and load evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. More importantly, these heels provide the stability that prevents you from toppling forward. 


This means that whatever negative feedback you may have received regarding these heels will gradually be replaced by compliments. 


These heels are a favourite among women who attend outdoor events since they are less likely to get caught in the mud, sand, or cracks in the sidewalk.


Aside from comfort, having these high heels in your wardrobe increases your style meter because they go with everything. In addition, wearing transparent footwear is the trend because they elongate your legs and make them slimmer. 


Check out the clear ankle-strapped high heels available at Wildfire. Add these high heels to your wardrobe to feel like Cinderella with her glass slippers.


Style 2—Platform


While having block high heels can make you feel 1000x better than wearing stilettos because of the load distribution, wait until you’ve tried using platforms


Picture a shoe with a broad heel at the back and a platform in front, which levels your foot and increases comfort. You won’t notice the staggering height because platform high heels put your feet in a good angle and position.


It may not be the first time you’ve heard of these heels, which became an instant hit in the 70s. Browse old pictures, and you’ll likely find photos of your mum wearing these high heels with bell-bottom pants. 


While the style has adapted to modern times, the comfort and staggering height remain. Wearing platform high heels can urge you to dance boogie on the dance floor.


Including these in your wardrobe will add height and life, and you must take advantage. 


Use these high heels often when you go out on dates or to formal occasions. This results in you, not your outfit, standing out. Then, spending hours standing will never be a problem again.


Wildfire’s collection of platform high heels is drool-worthy, especially the limited editions. These statement platform shoes are a blast from the past with ankle straps and a closed-toe design.


The platform base and large block heel provide the utmost stability as you mingle with people. If you want to add more colour to your wardrobe palette, choose the platforms in pink. 


Pair these pink shoes with a black dress, and you’re ready to steal the show!


Wear Your High Heels Comfortably


Even when wearing footwear with broad bases and platforms, height changes your natural gait. As such, you need to practise walking in them confidently. 


This way, you gain muscle memory, and your body gets used to the change. And since high-heeled shoes create pressure on your feet, you must know how to help them return to their natural state. Here are some tips:


  • Practise wearing high heels around the house daily, increasing daily duration. Walk on different surfaces, especially the kind that the event’s venue has.

  • High heels will force your body forward, so lean back and counter that tendency.

  • Learning to walk in these is the same as riding a bike since both involve balance. When walking in high heels, never look down. Instead, keep looking ahead to your destination with the end goal in mind.

  • Invest in heel grips and gel cushions to alleviate the pressure if you need more help.

  • Remove your footwear and soak your feet in a bowl or tub of warm water upon reaching home. Next, add essential oil and salts to give yourself the desired spa experience. 


Relieve pressure by massaging the balls of your feet with your thumbs in a circular motion.


  • Elevate them on pillows or the wall to get the blood circulating because these women's heels can constrict regular blood flow and cause swelling on your feet.

  • Rest them for the next few days by wearing flats or walking barefoot on cold floors around the house.


Improve Your Wardrobe—Wear Heels from Wildfire!


Wildfire’s collection of women's high heels deserves a spot in your wardrobe. Add any of the styles we shared to elevate your fashion vibe! 


The Wildfire brand offers an extensive range of women's heels suitable for any occasion, from the office to a night out partying. Their collection includes classic stiletto heels, mid heels, block heels, heeled boots, peep-toe heels, kitten heels, and platform heels. 


They also have court heels, low heels, heel mules, and pumps that come in various styles to suit different foot shapes and sizes.


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to buy now and pay later! 


You can count on Wildfire to help you put your best foot forward with your new favourite pair! Use our handy size guide to determine your true shoe size.