High Heels For Every Budget!

Events all seem to come at once and it can be overwhelming looking for the perfect high heels to go with the perfect outfit. That's not to mention finding something that others haven't seen you wear before! For instance, on a date night, your outfit is at the forefront of your mind. The last thing you should be worrying about is, 'What heel height goes with what I will wear?' So take the stress out of finding the perfect shoes and let Wildfire do all the hard work for you!  


Buying High Heels Can Be An Expensive Task! 


That's why Wildfire is here, providing you with the most stylish shoe trends at incredibly affordable prices year-round!


Whether you are on a strict budget or you can afford to be a little thriftier with your cash, Wildfire is your one-stop-shop. Find yourself a trusty pair of womens heels that will seamlessly take you through event after event, or find any of your hot favourites: heels pump, stiletto heels, or platform heels and pick them up in every colour! Whatever your budget, you can most certainly afford to shop at Wildfire!


What Are You Looking For?


Whatever womens heels you are on the hunt for, we've got the right shoes for you. Take the hassle out of shoe shopping and head on over to Wildfire. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to high heels. Our variety and range are next to none and most definitely is right on trend, so do yourself a favour and find yourself the perfect pair of high heels today!


Block Styles


Block high heels have to be one of the most worn heel shoes amongst women, so what a great place to start!


These versatile high heels are extremely comfortable, and their designs and stylish exteriors make these shoes suitable for almost any event. Although our block heels range in several heights, you might want to forget low heel or mid heel shoes for now and try our line of high block heeled shoes!


Kitten Block Styles


If you are looking for work shoes, you can't pass up our kitten heel styles; the small incline makes these babies suitable for almost any workplace. The low heel makes these heel shoes feel like you are wearing a pair of flats, making these high heels incredibly comfortable for the office. That's right, no blisters or sore feet here!


Tall Block Styles


If you are looking for a tall block heel shoe style, again, look no further! Our wide range will certainly have you coming back for more. If you are looking for the perfect high heeled footwear to get you through your busy events season, then make your way to Wildfire! Our elegant and sleek slip-on, sandal or wrap up styles are perfect for your dressier outfits and nights out, dress to impress in a pair of Wildfire's high heeled footwear for your next event.


Our block style high heels are extremely versatile in design. Whether you are looking for a simple slip-on heel mule style shoe that is perfect for the office, or something like a strappy heeled number for events and dressy wear, then we have a range of stylish designs just waiting for you. We've got the standard white heels or black heel styles as well as other colours that we are sure you will love!


Although at first glance, these high heeled pieces may seem to be high-priced like designer brands, lucky for you, they most certainly are right on budget. So, what are you waiting for?


High Heels Shapes & Sizes


Similar to our block heeled styles, our high heels range in shapes and sizes, meaning we have various other high heels shapes, not only block shapes! If you are looking for a modern cake stand style, slightly flared heels or classic stiletto heels in a range of trendy designs, we have just what you are looking for.


Cake Stand Styles


These high heels are slim like stilettos, but they curve in slightly from the back, so if you find yourself getting bored with the usual block or stiletto styles, then you'll love this quirky 90s style! Just like how you feel about flared heels, you might get overwhelmed by the strange shape. These womens heels feel just like flat sandals as they are as easy to stand, sit and dance in. They are perfect with occasion dresses, and can do very well as wedding shoes!




Our stiletto heels have recently had a revamp! These shoes are no longer tall pumps that are ridiculously hard to walk in. These high heels have made a comeback in a slender kitten style height. Gone are the days where you will be dreading pulling those stilettos out of the wardrobe. These low heel dress shoes are so comfortable. Trust us, you will be pulling these babies out to wear more than you ever imagined!


Square-Toed Styles


Forget round toes. The next best thing is square toe high heels, and what's better than bringing this retro style back?


Our styles that feature sharp square toe cuts are stylish and sleek, which adds a trendy twist on conventional designs for high heels. These shoes will most definitely add a point of difference to your outfits. In this line, we also have the latest trend to hit womens heels: toe heels or  peep toe heels. So, why not give this trendy style a try the next time you are on the hunt for new shoes?


Thong Styles


On the topic of retro 90s trends, this one has to be right up there, and we are glad they have made their way back into our wardrobes! Thong high heels combine the simple, laid-back appearance of a slip-on shoe and a stiletto's elegance. These shoes are less conventional than your usual high heels; the shoe's slip-in motion offers an excellent fit yet still has a sophisticated profile. Feel free to dress these styles up or down, however you please!


Espadrille Wedge


Wedge sandals in various heel heights are worthy of mention here! Maxi, midi or mini dresses — pair it up with espadrille wedge shoes in any heel height for a fabulous look! You've got to see our collection!


As we said, we have low heel, mid heel and high heeled styles that are suitable for any occasion! Make shoe shopping the least of your worries and make Wildfire your one-stop-shop.


It's affordable to add new shoes that are just as good as designer brands at everyday low prices, and no wardrobe would be complete without a pair of Wildfire's trendy styles. So, which ones will you add to your collection?


Browse our range of womens shoes online or in-store today! Also, check out our line of foot and shoe care, accessories, our size guide for shoe sizes, and many more.