High Heels for Work Don't Have to Be Painful… Check Out These New Styles!

Shoes are a girl's best friend, but which one among all the types available? Maybe they all are. Women relate to sneakers more when they feel carefree and to flats when they want to feel at ease, but which shoe do you turn to when you badly need motivation for work?


High heels are the best during days when you feel down and demotivated. The instant boost in height and confidence does wonders for you. They're like superpowers that spread all over and make you feel like you can do anything you set out to. And as much as everyone wants to have that same relationship with high heels, they can't find the best style to keep them cosy during long work shifts. Wearing comfortable shoes is necessary because you need to focus on the tasks. If your high heels hurt, that's another stress to add to your overwhelming day, and you don't need that.


Thankfully, Wildfire has several options. The brand understands what women need for work and curates a collection that caters to that. Wildfire high heels are a mix of broad and thin bases, open and closed toes, open and closed backs, and slide-in and ankle-strapped designs, so there's something there for everybody. 


What's the dress code like at your workplace? Are they strict or lenient? Discover the high heels for work that don't have to be painful. Let's get started!


Broad Bases


The width of your high heels affects the pressure distribution on your feet. That's why the balls of your feet hurt when you wear stilettos: the narrower the base, the more centred the pressure is in one place. So, if you'll be on your feet most of the workday, rushing from one meeting to another, choosing high heels with thick blocks for a base is best. Several options from the Wildfire collection stand out, such as Lorna, Bonsai, and Venom.

Lorna high heels are a modern classic with a slide-in fit. Pair these stylish and cosy mules with a dress and be ready to present the monthly report instantly. These high heels have a broad base, two linen top straps, and a trendy shape. 


Bonsai is perfect for long days at work as it provides excellent support. These Wildfire high heels have a thick base and platform sole that spreads the weight evenly. Bonsai is so cosy that it can take you to dinner and dancing afterwards. The two elegant straps on your feet and two thin straps around the ankle create a sexy silhouette that will make you feel so good that you'll forget your work stress.


Venom takes the cake when it comes to comfortable work high heels. This style option has a thick base and platform sole that level your feet so you won't feel any strain during the day. The ankle buckle strap will keep you safe and secure, especially when you commute for client meetings.


Heel Placement


The placement of the heel on your shoes matters for comfort. It will push all the weight forward if it's at the edge, making them uncomfortable for work. Choose high heels where the heel is directly below your foot's heel because this provides more support and balanced weight distribution. Wildfire has excellent options with this feature, such as Lottie, Celine, and Aries.


Lottie slingback high heels can elevate your style and comfort at work. This style option has a stretchy sling strap that provides an adjustable and customisable fit. The high heels have a polished and formal look that is perfect for critical work functions where you must impress colleagues and potential clients.


Celine high heels have a mule-type, closed-toe, and open-back design. These are ideal if you spend most days typing reports on your desk. These showstopper high heels have an edgy buckle strap detail in front, adding character to the point-toe style. 


Aries high heels feature a thin ankle strap, a square toe shape, and a curved strap that adds a trendy twist. With the heel directly under the heel of your foot, you can expect all-day support and comfort.


Additional Tips and Tricks


Since we don't want you to feel uncomfortable with high heels or feel the aftereffects at the end of the day, here are some tips and tricks that ensure you remain cosy. Staying comfortable will help you hold that confident smile from the time you wear your women's heels until you remove them.


  • Take slow, assured steps, gently placing one foot in front of the other as you walk. The taller your high heels are, the shorter your strides will become, so don't fight that. Adjust your steps and put your foot down slowly in a heel-to-toe manner.

  • Use Wildfire foot care accessories like gel cushions, heel grips, and foam innersoles to boost your comfort while wearing high heels. These things prevent your feet from constant rubbing and contact with the shoes, saving you from blisters. They also absorb the impact, lessening the pressure on your feet and making the experience more tolerable and fun.

  • Soothing your feet after over eight hours in high heels is the best way to end your day. Walking your swollen bare feet on a cold surface is an excellent relief because it helps with circulation. While high heels are sexy and a fantastic confidence booster, they make your feet and muscles work for hours, so give them a mini-spa treatment. Massage the balls of your feet, where most of the pressure is centred. Use your thumb and move it in a circular motion. Feel all the stress leave your body, preparing you for a long, blissful sleep.

  • Prop your feet on pillows or the wall for a few minutes to help with circulation. Doing this will help with the swelling, ensuring your feet feel better and rested for another day of wearing high heels.

  • Rest your feet from high heels for your health and maximum comfort. Alternate with excellent Wildfire flats that are also appropriate for work.

Boost Your Work Experience with Wildfire High Heels!


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Nothing comes close to how high heels can make every work experience better. Grab your new favourite pair of women's high heels at Wildfire now!