High Heels Ideal for the Summer Season

Some might wonder how wearing high heels during summer is possible when most events are outdoors. You're likely thinking of stilettos with their thin, narrow bases. We understand your point because narrow high heels will get stuck on outdoor surfaces like sand, soil, and pavement cracks. But other kinds can make your summer experience smooth sailing.

Wildfire high heels are the key to a stylish and comfortable summer season. The brand understands that you need to look excellent without the risk of falling or getting caught in various terrains. More importantly, comfort is a high priority for the brand, and it also added that to its considerations.

The excellent thing about the Wildfire high heels collection is its variety. You will find options with thick bases, providing a stable and comfortable experience. An even better version combines thick high heels with platform soles, ensuring your feet are not in an uncomfortable incline. And while there are closed and open-toed designs, we'd like to highlight the open ones since we need air circulation during the heat of summer.

Our checklist now consists of style, comfort, stability, and breathability, and the Wildfire team is up for the challenge. Let's identify various options that are perfect for the summer season. If you're ready, let's start!




Have you ever heard of textured high heels? This shoe style offers a unique visual and tactile aesthetic ideal for summer. When you think of summer, you associate it with life and character. In the same way, textured high heels offer that feeling whenever you take them out of the shoe closet. These shoes usually embody a seasonal aesthetic that aligns with the vibrant vibe of summer fashion, whether they have woven straws, printed patterns, or cork.

Wildfire has a couple of high heels that will mesh well with your summer wardrobe. It ticks all you need to make your summer events memorable and one of a kind. Expect to receive compliments and praise when you wear any of the brand's textured high heels. Let's look at a couple of notable ones.

Blake is an exciting option that deserves your attention. These textured high heels offer a mule-style slide-on fit, with two horizontal top straps in a raffia material. The footwear also has braided bands that boost its bohemian vibe. Showcase Blake on your next backyard get-together, pairing it with a white mini dress. Complete the look with bangle bracelets!

Emilee is another excellent option from the Wildfire collection. You've won the jackpot with two top horizontal straps made of crimped material and available in a pink shade for that bright summer vibe! Wear it with jeans or denim skirts for the perfect brunch look.




Another option to consider for summer is a pair of clear high heels. These translucent shoes have been making waves because they are eye-catching despite being minimalistic. Ladies wearing clear high heels are confident and sure of themselves, willing to expose their feet and flaunt them naturally. Why is this style perfect for summer?

For starters, clear high heels pair well with bright colours. As mentioned, summer is the perfect time to be bright and vibrant, but do not ever go overboard. So, tame those printed summer dresses with a complementary pair of translucent shoes. Secondly, this footwear has a light, airy aesthetic reminiscent of a warm summer breeze. The material's transparency lets you showcase the entire top part of your feet, from your cute painted toenails to your legs. This continuity that everyone sees gives the illusion of longer and slimmer legs, which you can maximise by wearing shorts, minidresses, and skirts.

Wildfire has a couple of clear high heels in its collection. Gretchen has a mule-style slide-on fit, which makes wearing a breeze. These high heels have two crystalline see-through top straps of varying thickness. The slim one is near the toes, while the thicker one covers the mid-foot. Although Gretchen stands at 8cm, the thick base distributes weight evenly, ensuring you are pain-free and cosy.

Desire is unique as it's a closed-toe design with translucent covers. The pointy-toe high heels from the Wildfire collection feature a diamante bow design on top of your exposed toes. An adjustable buckled ankle strap, also covered with diamantes, secures Desire and adds a sexy silhouette perfect for formal summer weddings. While the stiletto heel is not ideal for outdoor settings with soft surfaces, you can wear this for an indoor gala event that requires a glammed-up look! Use Wildfire's foot care accessories, like gel cushions, heel grips and stoppers for more comfort.




Have you noticed high heels with holes in them, showing strips of skin? Those holes are cut-outs, and they're perfect for summer. While we all love seeing sunshine in all its glory, dealing with the heat is another story. But because there are events and places to be, we adjust and find the best high heels for the job. Thankfully, cut-out high heels exist because they provide additional entryways for air. Those spaces are multi-purpose, boosting visual aesthetics while ensuring breathability, so let's maximise them. Whether it's intricate patterns or geometric shapes, these design features elevate the footwear's overall look and make a stunning statement.

At Wildfire, we ensure everyone finds the high heels perfect for them, so for those wanting to add a pair of cut-outs to their collection, now's your chance. The online-exclusive Quinn deserves a spot in your closet. These cut-out high heels remind us of gladiator-style shoes. The stunning shoes combine lace-ups and cut-outs around your feet and lower legs. The self-tie strap lets you control the fit around your ankles, ensuring you always feel cosy. You can enjoy extended hours outdoors without losing your balance or feeling the strain, thanks to Quinn's broad bases!


Shine this Summer with Wildfire!


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