High Heels Perfect for the Summer Party Season

The summer season is here, so you must prepare for all the parties and events that come with it. Since it's warmer, several events are likely outdoors, maximising the warmth and the beautiful sunlight. And the best way to elevate your summer party wardrobe is with high heels.

High heels effortlessly boost your style, confidence, and height. Choosing which style will depend on several factors, but your comfort should be your top priority. What good are excellent high heels when you cannot wear them well? It doesn't paint a beautiful picture when you're bent and hunched. Wear your tall shoes with pride; imagine an invisible book sitting on your head, and you're balancing it the whole time.

Not all sparkly and gorgeous options are comfortable. Similarly, not all comfortable high heels rate excellently in the fashion metre. But one brand seamlessly combines both in its collection.

Wildfire Shoes is a reputable brand with a vast and well-curated collection. Name what you need, and you'll find one from the brand. Since we're talking about high heels for the summer party season, the Wildfire team will help us assess how to find the correct shoes. If you're ready, let's start!


1. Confirm the location


While there's an excellent probability that events are outdoors during the summer, it's still wise to check so that you can consider the base of your high heels. Why is it vital?

Outdoor events usually use the existing surface or landscape, so if it's a beach, expect sand. With garden weddings, you must deal with soil and soft ground. In both cases, you need shoes with broad bases to avoid getting stuck in the ground. Block high heels are the best choice for a comfortable outdoor event. Even if they are taller than 7.5cm, you can remain stable and safe. More importantly, these high heels distribute body weight evenly, relieving the pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back.

You can use the thick ones or stilettos with their thin, narrow bases for indoor settings. As a warning, even professionals find wearing stilettos uncomfortable after a few hours, so please consider it well. But if you insist on trying something new, make yourself comfortable using some of Wildfire's foot care accessories like cushions, heel stoppers, and heel grips.


2. Verify the weather


The weather impacts how cosy you can get during a summer event. Ladies prefer open-toed high heels for parties because these options keep their feet well-ventilated. How can you enjoy and have fun when your feet are sweating profusely?

Strappy high heels fly off the shelf for the same reason—the sexy silhouette they offer your feet. You have slide-on options, where you slide your feet, and the straps stay on top of your feet. Meanwhile, you can also choose strappy high heels with buckled ankle straps for security and adjustability. These options are excellent when dancing, so you won't leave your shoes in the middle of the dance floor.

If your summer event has an unusual rainy forecast, protect your toes from getting wet with closed-toe high heels. Pumps are an excellent choice, providing a classy and minimalist elegance.


3. Check the occasion


Learn what kind of occasion it is, formal or casual, and then choose the appropriate high heels. If you are going to a gala function, the organiser will explicitly or implicitly say what they expect you to wear. They expect your high heels to be black or metallic, like silver or gold.

At Wildfire, you have access to thirteen beautiful colours. Apart from the three mentioned, you can also get high heels in blue, brown, clear, green, natural, pink, purple, tan, vanilla, and white. If your party is less strict, such as a bridal or baby shower, you can experiment with bold colours like pink, purple, and blue. A white floral mini dress will match women's heels in pastel shades.


4. Ensure versatility


The fourth reminder is more on the high heels if they can transition effortlessly from day to night. As a wise shopper, you want shoes you can use more than once. Will they suit events that last all day? Can you use the high heels again for future events?

At Wildfire, the answer to these questions is obvious. All the options in the brand's high heels collection offer versatility. And since they use premium materials, the longevity makes it possible for you to use them a year from now. When purchasing staggering shoes, you consider the overall picture perfect for summer parties. Choose options that are for long-term use so that you can maximise your investment. There's nothing like an excellent pair of shoes to make parties and gatherings in the summer fun!


5. Practice walking confidently


After finding the best high heels for your summer events, the next step is ensuring you can walk in them confidently. Here are some easy tips that will make you walk like a professional:

  • Practise walking in your high heels. It's best to try different surfaces to prepare for various events. Do it indoors and outdoors.
  • Break in your shoes, especially the tight ones. Wear thick socks while walking around the house. To hasten the process, use a hairdryer and point it towards the tight spots. Wiggle your toes for 2–5 minutes. The heat will expand your high heels, following the shape of your feet.
  • Your strides shorten as your shoes gain more height, so take small steps in a heel-to-toe manner. Never put your feet down at once.
  • Always remember to look straight to your destination, never down. Like riding a bike, wearing high heels requires balance.


Wildfire is Your Summer Buddy! 


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