High Heels That Are New to Wildfire Shoes!

Are you looking for fresh styles to add to your growing shoe collection? Your search for the perfect high heels ends at Wildfire Shoes. The brand’s selection can effortlessly elevate your style and sophistication. Before you write off high heels as painful and uncomfortable, hear us out first.


Not all elevated shoes are created equal. Our latest high heels will have you second-guessing your preconceived notions about them. Wildfire offers a range of styles and options that cater to various preferences. Some women prefer a more covered style, while others choose a more breathable option. You will find suitable Wildfire high heels, whatever your preference is.


The brand constantly updates its collection, which you can browse quickly in Wildfire’s new arrivals section. All high heels you can find there are impressive and deserve a spot in your upgraded wardrobe. If you’re ready to inject some life into your shoe collection, allow our team from Wildfire to guide you through some exciting options. We will discuss all kinds of shoes with high heels, including boots. Let’s get started!


Heeled Boots


Heeled boots are an excellent investment piece for your wardrobe must-have. These high heels are a versatile and stylish addition to any outfit, ideal for a casual day or a dressed-up evening look. Wildfire has several options for you, whether you want broad or narrow bases. If we were to dispel your earlier misgivings about uncomfortable high heels, we’d better focus on the boot options with chunky bases.


Despite standing at 7.5cm and taller, these shoes will not hurt because the chunky bases distribute your weight across, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. A plain dress will look ten times better when paired with Wildfire’s natural-coloured cowboy boots called Cher.


The thick, high heels let you enjoy the additional height without feeling the strain. You can quickly wear Cher for hours, whether dancing the night away or running errands around town. Wouldn’t you want to impress everyone at your local grocery with how great your high heels are? With standout features like a convenient zip on the side, a soft-suede material for a luxurious feel, and attractive stitch detailing people will notice from afar, you’re in for a fashionable year. These trendy heeled boots can make you look like a million dollars.




Every fashion-forward woman knows that a pair of slingback high heels is a wardrobe essential. These stylish shoes feature a closed-toe design with a strap that wraps around the back of the heel, providing style and security. The strap can be elastic or have a buckle for an adjustable fit, making slingbacks a practical and versatile option for high heels. These shoes are perfect for elevating any outfit, whether for a formal occasion or a casual day out. These high heels add a touch of sexiness to your silhouette, making you feel confident and empowered.


Slingbacks keep your feet well-ventilated, ideal for warm days when you need an extra boost of breathability without sacrificing style. The easy wearability of these closed-toe shoes makes them an optimal choice for days when you are running after time.


Elevate your style and height with Lottie slingbacks. These Wildfire high heels have all the main features of slingbacks, from an adjustable strap, closed-toe pointy shape, and trendy silhouette. Experiment with closet items like pants, jeans, and dresses and create new combinations you haven’t tried before. Expect these gorgeous high heels to turn heads and instantly start a conversation.


Heeled Loafers


A stylish working gal understands the need for chic and practical high heels in their work wardrobe. And what better option to get than a pair of Wildfire’s heeled loafers? Imagine your typical classic, timeless, and minimalist loafers stylishly and comfortably elevated by chunky high heels. These shoes are easy to wear with their slip-on style and versatility, making them the perfect footwear for the year. Style these high heels with jeans, shorts, and mini dresses for casual wear, while pantsuits and skirts are the way to go for work. Some ladies style chunky loafers with visible socks for a casual brunch, which wasn’t acceptable before, proving that fashion is ever-evolving.


Embrace retro classics with the Scorpio heeled loafers. The vintage-style high heels are a must-grab, with stylish and cosy elements like gold chain detailing, an 8cm heel height, and a 3cm platform height. The presence of platform soles makes these loafers more comfortable than ever. The reduced incline leaves your feet in a more level position, making those long shifts at work more comfortable. Wear Scorpio-heeled loafers with a dress and blazer combination, allowing you to remove the blazer when it’s time to party after your work shift.


Tips for a More Comfortable Walking Experience


While wearing high heels from Wildfire instantly assures you of a comfortable experience, it’s handy to know helpful tips to make it even better. This way, you can officially forget your misgivings about wearing heeled shoes.


  • Walking heel to toe is best when wearing high heels. Place one foot in front of the other, walking in an imaginary single straight with an invisible book on your head.

  • The taller your shoes are, the shorter your strides become, so adjust your strides when wearing high heels by taking slower and shorter steps. 

  • Practice walking around the house. Although the broad bases are enough to provide you stability, you might need to adjust to the height and elevation. Wear high heels often until you build muscle memory, which becomes second nature. 

  • Wildfire’s foot care accessories are a game changer. These add-ons will ensure your experience with high heels always ends positively. You can come home after a long day at work or an all-night party content and cosy because the gel cushions and foam innersoles make everything comfortable.

Elevate Your Shoe Closet with Wildfire!


Head to the nearest retail store or shop online for your new favourite pair of women's heels. Besides women's high heels, Wildfire also has a collection of low heels and mid heels and other styles like kitten heels, block heels, stiletto heels, court heels, peep-toe heels, platform heels, square-toe heels, heel mules, and open-toe heels. So you can wear heels and make a statement on any occasion with your best foot forward. 


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