High Heels That Are Vegan Friendly!

Most women are becoming more conscious when purchasing clothing and body care products. More women take note of the fine print and sourcing products that are completely animal-free. At Wildfire, we'd also like to do our little part in creating animal-free products. Not only will you love the look of our high heels, but also, we guarantee you will love the price tag and our vegan-friendly seal of approval. 


So Why Are More Women Buying Vegan Friendly? 


Vegan-friendly essentially means that these products are made without the use of any animal-derived materials. These include leather, suede, wool, silk, fur and any animal-based glues. So, we can assure you that our vegan-friendly shoes have been created using non-animal-based products when it comes to Wildfire's high heels. Our leather-look high heels are synthetic. 


By buying vegan-friendly, not only are you being conscious of animal welfare and ethical production, but you are also being environmentally sustainable. 


Why would your beliefs omit any products that you are purchasing that may be damaging to the environment for those of you who opt for a vegan diet? In saying that, why pay hundreds of dollars more for the real deal? Yes, leather shoes are hard and long-wearing and feel great on the feet. 


Truthfully styles come in and out of fashion as quickly as the weather changes, so why spend hundreds of dollars on shoes that you may not wear for years to come? 


At Wildfire, we are proud to say that we supply a range of high heels that are 100% vegan made by using only animal-free products. 


So, we are now going to guide you through our environmentally sustainable high heels. Read on, and we will show you our vegan-friendly kitten styles, stilettos, block styles and wedges.


Pump up your style with our guide to trendy vegan high heels for all occasions at very affordable prices! 


Kitten Styles


At Wildfire, find your favourite kitten high heels styles that are, of course, all vegan friendly! Our trendy styles will get heads turning! Although our high heels are made to appear with a smooth leather-look and soft suede-look, the naked eye cannot tell the difference. 


But our high heels will look and feel as comfortable as wearing an expensive pair of leather high heels. These low kitten styles are made to be durable and withstand your busy and sometimes chaotic lifestyles. These high heels will effortlessly take you to the office for long hours each day, to late-night catch-ups with the ladies after a long work week. 


We know how it is, busy work weeks, and constantly on your feet. We know that you need a durable pair of high heels that can withstand your busy lifestyle, and our kitten styles will do the trick. These high heels are designed to be worn, so take advantage of these comfortable shoes


Wear them as often as you please, test them out and see how comfortable and durable they are. At these incredibly low prices, you can afford to purchase a backup pair or buy the same style in different colours. If you are anything like us, if we stumble across a goldmine in high heels, then we're buying them in every colour… we just can't help ourselves! At these prices, these kitten styles can afford to be thrashed. 


Look great and feel great quite literally in our vegan-friendly high heels! So, come on in and check out our colourful range of kitten styles we have on offer. These strappy slip-on styles look fantastic with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. 


These versatile high heels will keep you on your feet comfortably for hours on end, so why not have a play with different heel shapes and styles like block, cake stand and low stiletto styles. 


Stilettos & Block Styles 


Our traditional high heels styles are stiletto and block styles. These versatile styles will take you from work to the weekend instantly. We believe these styles look best when worn dressed up, so we'd opt to wear these glamorous styles with our best dresses! 


For long nights out, opt for a pair of block high heels. The solid block shape will keep you comfortable and secure throughout the night, especially if that involves dancing! Save your stiletto high heels for evening wear. These styles look fantastic with skirts and dresses. We have no trouble dressing up an outfit with our stiletto high heels. 


Our high heels come in slip-on or ankle buckle styles, so shop for your perfect fit with ease knowing we have countless designs! If strappy is what you are after, then we have you covered, we are serious about straps at the moment, and these strappy styles look lovely on any foot. 


Stilettos and block styles have to be one of the most highly rotated high heels in your wardrobe, so why pay top dollar for leather? Since these shoes are worn so much, find your perfect vegan-friendly shoes at Wildfire, wear them to death, and buy something new once a new style hits the shoe market.




Flatforms make great summer shoes; flatforms are especially great for those events where you'd rather not wear high heels. These high heels will instantly dress up any outfit. So, whether you opt to wear some ankle grazer ripped jeans with a crisp wrap shirt and some flatforms or an a-lined buttoned-down dress and some slip-on flatforms. 


By adding these high heels with your outfit, you've instantly dressed these simple outfits up by only changing the shoes. As you can imagine, flats or sandals would just give these outfits a whole other vibe. 


Like kitten styles, flatforms are great in-between high heels; they aren't quite tall enough to be a stiletto shoe but aren't quite low enough to be flats or sandals. These versatile high heels can be worn casually or dressy. Style these shoes however you like! 


And of course, all of our flatforms are vegan friendly, so our leather-look and suede-look straps are synthetic man-made products.

When purchasing your next pair of high heels, we hope you look out for a produced pair ethically, so don't look any further. 

Get shopping and find your next pair of vegan-friendly high heels at Wildfire!