High Heels That Don’t Hurt!


Unravel the mystery behind the pain and strain of high heels!

The incline is the leading cause of fatigue and sore muscles when you spend a night in your formal shoes. The slant on these tall styles makes your calves and thighs toned by forcing your feet to balance in an angled position. But, while high heels make your figure look more defined and slender, the angle your feet need to balance on eventually causes aches and pains. For some people, these shoes won’t cause trouble until the early hours of the morning when they’ve finished dancing. For others, they’re hyperaware of the strain from their high heels and will struggle to last through an event without stopping and sitting.


So, what are some ways that you can stop your high heels from getting your feet sore? 


Wildfire has some handy information that can help guide you towards your next ideal purchase! We can give you a quick tip, here and now, so that you can cross styles off of your list and narrow down your options. So, if you want the perfect pair of high heels the next time you go out, then keep reading!


Our advice is this: choose high heels with a big base


Even if you love wearing stilettos with stick-thin points, it will be easy for you to switch to our block-based styles instead once you think about it. These high heels have a slightly thicker base, and those extra centimetres across the width will work wonders for your balance and the ease of wear. Even the loftiest broad styles can feel better on your feet than the shortest skinny designs.


Firstly, block high heels distribute your weight evenly throughout your legs and feet, so you’re less likely to get calf cramps and similar soreness. Secondly, their larger platforms also make it easier to walk across soft or uneven surfaces. Lawns, gravel, wide wooden decks, and cobbled paths can pose a challenge to thin high heels, but styles with a bulkier base have no such trouble!


You can get designs that are formal and elegant  


Just because you aren’t grabbing your usual cocktail high heels, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to miss out on our best designs! Most of our block-based styles are twins to their skinnier counterparts, aside from the high heels on the end of them anyway. You can trust Wildfire to get you ready for any situation this season, whether you need a pair for a bridal party, workday, dinner date, or casual get-together.


What types to we recommend at Wildfire? 


Espadrille wedges have the most significant platform size out of all of our block-style high heels. These full-sized wedges are as tall as our tallest stilettos but offer superior support. You get an extra lift and can cheat your way to a more manageable incline since part of the height boost is incorporated into the main look as a flat platform. With their braided rope texture and stunning profile, we think that every woman should have a pair of espadrille high heels in their collection.


Our cocktail-look high heels come with straps around the ankles and toes, but none over the bridge of the foot. These dynamic designs are the sort that you can take to dozens of events, one after another, and still look fresh. This season, we’re recommending high heels in this look with tubular toe straps or bands that cross over the back of the ankle.


Beyond that, you can feel free to look at different patterns or material for your next high heels— we’ve got plenty for you to try!  


Make comfort yours this season


Wildfire will bring you cosy high heels and looks that bring out your wild side, so shop with us now!