High Heels That Look Good and Are Affordable Are From Wildfire!

No one might believe you if you tell them you found the most gorgeous collection of high heels that will not break the bank. They’d say that stunning shoes typically cost an arm and a leg and that only luxury designer brands have them. It’s time to prove them wrong with beautiful and affordable high heels from Wildfire.

The brand has provided well-crafted and premium quality shoes for years. Whether flat, low, or high heels, expect only the best from Wildfire. The excellent thing about shopping from the brand is that you can stay on-trend, stay within your budget, and remain cosy despite the added height. Wildfire boasts high heels that seamlessly combine fashion and functionality, benefiting ladies who always search for a combination. 

After years of enduring uncomfortable shoes to look good, they can get both without compromising. And thanks to Wildfire, you can indulge in your style goals. The brand’s collection of high heels comes in three affordable price ranges that you can pay for in instalments because of the flexible payment systems.

Discover the options within each price range with the help of our Wildfire team. Find the styles and colours you can use and add to your shoe closet. If you’re ready, let’s start!


AUD 0 – 20


Where else can you purchase excellent high heels priced within AUD 0–20?

Head to the Wildfire collection and check out the options that can boost your style and height without hurting your wallet. In this range, you can get high heels in seven easy-to-match colours. Which one do you like, black, blue, clear, gold, natural, silver, or white?

Most of the options in this range are open-toed, strappy ones. High heels with buckled ankle straps or self-tie straps will excite your senses. Ankle straps provide an adjustable and secure fit, ideal for occasions when you need the high heels to stay in place. Let us emphasise the plus points of choosing self-tie high heels versus buckled ones; then, we’ll leave the decision up to you. But since all of them are from Wildfire, you will never have the wrong choice. 

Self-tie ankle straps offer customisation. These high heels enable you to tie them in various ways to complement your clothes and reflect your personality. You can crisscross the straps until your midleg or loop them thickly around the ankles. On the one hand, high heels with buckled ankle straps are quicker to fasten and offer a more polished look. 

Comfort-wise, you have several options with broad bases in this price range. These high heels distribute weight evenly so the pressure and strain are not in only one area. Can you believe you can get all these at such an affordable price?

Wildfire’s Charisma deserves more than a second look. Make some space in your shoe closet for these high heels because they give you a combination of both ankle straps. If you love the aesthetic of self-tie straps but do not have the time to do them, you’ll love the convenient buckle fastening. We got you there! The eye-catching crossover strap detailing on the side is worth getting excited over!


AUD 40 – 50


The collection of high heels in the second price range will challenge your balance skills because of the stilettos. Standing, walking, and dancing on thin, narrow bases can be tricky because they alter your balance and put all the pressure on the balls of your feet. These high heels will require practice and breaking in, but you can liken it to riding a bicycle. Here are some essential tips to help you:

  • Make your walk look more natural in a heel-to-toe manner. Avoid putting your whole foot down at once, as if you’re stomping, because it takes all the refinement away from wearing high heels.
  • Take your time when walking. Because your strides get shorter when wearing high heels, you need plenty of small steps to cover the same distance. Do not hurry, because that’s when slips and falls can happen.
  • Use Wildfire foot care accessories like gel cushions, heel stoppers, and heel grips to make the experience more tolerable.

Do these tips, and you will walk in stilettos and high heels like a pro in no time. The collection available in this range comes in black, natural, silver, and white. Metallic silver high heels are excellent for formal occasions, providing the sparkle to complete your look. 

Wildfire’s Kalani will ensure everyone’s eyes are on you. Besides being available in breathtaking silver, these shoes feature a dazzling diamante knot across the toes. When you wear Kalani, you instantly bring focus to your feet; there’s no more need for jewellery.


AUD 50+


The rest of Wildfire’s high heels are AUD 50+. These beautiful gems will bring life to your outfits effortlessly. Whether you’re off to work, an after-work soiree, a weekend brunch, or a black-tie occasion, you’ll find various high heels that fit your lifestyle.

Regarding shoes, having a wide range of colour options can expand your styling possibilities. This price range is worth considering because it offers a dozen shades: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 

Black high heels are a staple in women’s wardrobes because of their versatility and formality. Consider adding some colour to your collection to elevate your clothes. A pop of green, pink, or blue can instantly add interest to a monochromatic look or complement a bold, patterned outfit. So, why not consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new hue for your next pair of high heels? 

Can we entice you with Celine? Add these blue high heels from Wildfire to boost your wardrobe now. Celine’s closed-toe, open-back design is a certified showstopper with a slide-in fit. Its eye-catching denim blue shade and edgy buckle strap detail can make any fashion-forward lady happy!


Boost Your Vibe with Wildfire High Heels! 


Are you looking for your new favourite pair of women's high heels that tick all the boxes? Wear heels from the Wildfire collection, which is sure to make a statement at any special occasion or formal event. Whether you're going for a casual or glam look, always put your best foot forward.

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Elevate your style with affordable women's heels from Wildfire. Having the ability to look and feel good without breaking the bank is possible with ease when using our shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to shop now!