High Heels That Look Great No Matter the Occasion!

Are you tired of buying high heels that you can only wear once? Wildfire styles might be cheap enough to justify wearing them as a once-off, but if you care that little about getting a new pair, then you might as well wear an existing style instead. When you buy high heels, you should be able to get your fair share of use out of them, and that means you need a design with some versatility. Lucky for you, Wildfire is always ready to deliver on that front. We've got high heels that you can wear again and again to different events and occasions, from easy-to-match looks to timelessly elegant pairs. Sit back, and we'll tell you all about our 2020 range here and now! 


Let's start with strappy mules 


Mules aren't the tallest high heels around, but they sure are beautiful! With their open-back designs and trendy squared-off toes, Wildfire's most recent round of mules are must-haves in every woman's wardrobe. You can choose high heels with horizontal or zigzagging straps, ones with classic thick top bands, or a fresh new see-through look. Any of these mules would be an easy match with workwear, especially since you won't conceal the top if you wear a long skirt or something similar. Since most of the high heels in this look come in complementary colours like natural, tan, and black (and colourless perspex), it won't be challenging to style them with whatever you want. 


Self-tie designs are up next! 


Why should you try self-tie high heels this season? Well, for starters, you can rework styles like these until you have the most comfortable fit. Unlike buckled or slide-on high heels, you can customise a pair to be as loose or tight as you like. Also, you have the option to keep them low on your ankle or extend the laces up your legs. These high heels can look remarkably different depending on how you do them up. You can wear them time and again without getting bored. In 2020, we've got both stilettos and block-based high heels that self-tie, so pick whichever catches your fancy! 


Stilettos are always a timeless option


Thin high heels are a prime choice for any wedding, party, or special event during the year. If your social calendar gets booked out and you struggle to find time to shop for something new to wear, then there's no shame in wearing your cutest high heels more than once. Otherwise, you run the risk of blowing your budget on party outfits when you should be saving for other things. Most stilettos from Wildfire are minimalist looks with a single band around the ankle and one (or more) straps over the toes. As long as you accessorise differently, or wear a different outfit with your high heels, most people won't even notice. Grab one or two go-to styles at the start of the year and see how far they can take you! 


Try booties and heeled boots as well


Boots and structured high heels are the perfect options for winter and autumn, but they're something you'll wear all year. Wildfire's best 2020 booties come with woven texture or laced uppers, while our newest boots boast of soft faux suede. Fully-covered and partially-open high heels offer more protection from cold weather to spilt drinks to spikey grass, both indoors and outdoors. Also, boot-style high heels look as trendy with your party clothes as they do with jeans and tee. 


Which of Wildfire's gorgeous styles will you be taking home this year? 


Join us online and have a look at all the hot high heels on offer to decide for yourself!