High Heels That Will Take You From Desk To Dinner

Diverse and Dynamic Styles 

When it comes to diverse and dynamic styles, Wildfire has got you covered! Our range of shoes has all the high heels, sandals, platforms, and sling-backs that you could want. And today, we want to focus on the perfect styles to take you from desk to dinner. Wildfire's lovely high heels are the ideal way to brighten up your look for spring and summer, and help add some more versatility to your average outfits. So, here are the basics for our fantastic high heels!

A quick word before we start

At Wildfire, we know that while high heels may be a sophisticated and beautiful way to end a look, they are not necessarily the most practical in the corporate world. What sort of high heels you want can also depend on how you get yourself to work. The types of shoes you want for walking can differ significantly from the kind you want to wear while you drive your car, or on a train or bus. That's why we want to give you a glimpse at all of our high heels so that you can decide on the perfect fit.

Starting a little low

Sling-backs are an excellent place to start. These kitten-style high heels are ideal for work wear, given their relatively small base. You get the flattering look of a taller pair of high heels, but without the strain on your feet and ankles. If your job demands constant movement, then choosing a shorter pair of high heels might be best. With our range of red, black, and pink faux suede finishes, Wildfire sling-backs are a modern and trendy choice. Or, you could go for a polished patent with our pumps.

Either of these styles would go well with any formal wear, whether you want skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, or anything else.

Adding a thicker base

High heels with a block base are the perfect way to switch from work to weekend in an instant. These are a step-up concerning comfort from a sling-back or other stiletto style, as they provide a broader platform to balance on. This broader base, in turn, helps to reduce the strain that your high heels will place on your muscles.

At Wildfire, our block-style high heels look as glamorous in the office as they do on the dancefloor. If you want a pair you can use for all occasions; then these are it! Chunky high heels are perfect for a day behind a desk and a night out with the girls.

Part of the appeal of these high heels the fact that you can get the same height a stiletto would bring, but without the thin bases that could be your undoing. Block-based high heels allow you to walk with confidence and surety across surfaces that stilettos would quickly catch in or slip across.

That's not to say that we don't love our stilettos

If you are prepping for a busy day where you need to switch from work to formal wear, then high heels with a stiletto could be the ultimate option. At Wildfire, our stilettos are gorgeous and a must-have for a special occasion. You can have your choice of zip-up or buckled styles. If you are headed out to a dinner party or get-together straight after work, then a pair of our glittery or metallic high heels are the way to go. Diamantes are a stylish addition to shoes this season, so they will not look out of place around your office.

Are you ready to bring out your wild side?

Find high heels to go from desk to dinner and back again at Wildfire!