High Heels That Won’t Break the Bank!


Who says that keeping up with current fashion has to cost you a fortune?

At Wildfire, our mission is to bring the best new looks into your wardrobe without making your wallet feel the pinch! All of our high heels sit safety under the hundred dollar mark, and shopping on a budget is no trouble with us.


Deals and promotions


If you love getting high heels and other shoes at discounted prices, then sign up to our email list! If you become a member with Wildfire, you can opt to receive alerts and emails from us from time to time. When a promotion or special deal becomes available, we’ll send a message to let you know. Instead of keeping tabs on our prices and checking for changes, we’ll clue you in early. Avoid missing out an uncomplicated chance at discounted high heels by becoming a Wildfire member!  


Flexible payment options


Do you need to buy high heels now but need more time to pay for them? Wildfire can help you out too! We offer customers the option of buying our high heels using a Zip or Afterpay account. These split the original cost into a series of smaller payments and spread them out over a few weeks. We’ll send your order out to you as usual, and you can worry about the cost later. Split payments are an attractive option if you bulk-buy shoes for a group, like a bridal party, and want to avoid taking the brunt of the cost at once. Your friends or family have more time to pay your back for their high heels, and you’ll all get to have your shoes when you need them.


The material aspect


The fact that most of our styles are vegan-friendly also help our prices low. Ladies who love our synthetic high heels don’t just appreciate them for the ethical fashion aspect— leather shoes and other animal-based materials would be more costly to buy. Not to mention, changing to human-made materials doesn’t detract from the quality. Our faux suede high heels are more water resistant than natural suede, simpler to clean, and have an excellent shelf-life as long as you take care of them. It’s difficult to spot the difference between our fake leather styles and the real thing, which means you can get the look without the weakness of their lookalikes. You’re sure to get your money’s worth for all of our high heels!


So, what sort of high heels might you pick from our shelves?


The range at Wildfire is diverse and varied, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. We have classic block-based high heels for every occasion, as well as trendy mules, espadrilles, structures styles, and strappy designs.


If you love styles that make your legs look longer and skinnier, then our self-tie high heels and espadrilles are a magnificent option. The faux suede material is soft against your skin and can be crisscrossed higher or lower around your leg. Since the straps of the high heels partially cover your ankles and calves, they create the illusion of slender legs. Couple these laces with a muscle-defining incline and you’ll get shoes that flatter every shape.


Do you love classic high heels? Try some of our pumps! You’ll adore the glossy patent finish and delicately pointed toes. While professional and formal settings are their forte, we’ve seen plenty of women sneak these stiletto-style high heels into their weekend wardrobe to give their jeans a style boost.


Find these high heels, and more, when you shop at Wildfire!


We’ve barely scratched the surface of all our great styles. Come browse our collection of high heels today.