High Heels That Won't Cause Discomfort At Wildfire!

Cut out the pain and grief of wearing uncomfortable high heels! With low high heels becoming more and more the shoe of choice among women, it's no wonder why women are ditching the uncomfortable stilettos for something more modest. 


High heels don't necessarily need height to be trendy. At Wildfire, we have high heels that won't cause you discomfort, so when it’s time to hit up the next club, you won't be the first one running to the nearest taxi to get home! Prove your girls wrong and show them how you can dance all night long in your high heels. 


Yeah, right! There's no way you could dance the night away in your uncomfortable party shoes without fighting the need to race home to your slippers! Well, what if we told you there was a way? Wildfire has the perfect shoes that will take you from long day events into long nights of fun and dancing without giving you aching arches and numb toes!


Gone Are the Days Where the Higher the Better! 


That's music to our ears, so go ahead ditch those uncomfortable high heels that you haven't worn in years, it's time to trade up and find some new shoes that your feet will love you for. 


The Height of Your High Heels Make All the Difference


It's all about height, and that doesn't necessarily mean towering height, gone are the days where pin-thin stilettos are the shoes of choice. Women everywhere are trading in their thin stilettos for a chunky low to mid-high heel, and we are not complaining!  


Low high heels are very on-trend now, so you won't feel like you're out of place or not dressed up enough in your shoes. This trendy style will get you through any event, day, night, formal or casual, you will be in guaranteed comfort for the entire day in Wildfire's shoes. 


Our low and mid-high heels come in a range of shapes and styles that look fantastic with anything in your wardrobe, we're sure you will fall in love with our range instantly. Find the most stylish shoe trends at Wildfire while walking on a cloud all at the same time! 


Block, Cake Stand & Low Stiletto Shapes


The latest high heels are waiting for you at Wildfire. Try a steady block shape, cake stand shape or a low thick stiletto shape; these styles all come in low and mid heights, so the keyword here is comfort! The shorter height will give you stability and luxury you'll need to keep you feeling comfy on your feet all day long. 


Our low high heels come as short as 4.5 centimetres, meaning this tiny incline will barely feel like high heels at all, feel like you're wearing your favourite flats. Our low height styles are dressy enough for weddings, parties and late nights and still relaxed enough to wear with jeans or cool cropped wide-legged pants. 


Head to Wildfire to find the right style for you, slip-on styles with thin, elegant straps hugging your feet in all the right places or a more modern slip-on style with chunky thick braided straps across the front of your feet. Or find a fun wrap up or buckle up style that will keep your feet in place throughout the day. Of course, our shoes come in fun bright colours perfect for the summer weather and the everyday common tones of nude and black. 


Block shape high heels are a great long-wearing shoe, keep them on all day at the office, then hit up the bar for after-work drinks in complete ease and comfort. Find the perfect height for you in our block high heels, Stay comfy throughout the day. Trust us,  you won't be packing a pair of thongs in your bag for the dance floor later either, keep those high heels on and dance the night away in style!


We have the perfect pair of block- high heels just waiting for you. Ditch the stilettos and choose comfort, try our block styles today. 


Want Something With More Stability? 


So, you never really got into traditional high heels, and you're looking for something with some more stability? Sure, we've got the high heels for you! 


Wedges & Flat Platforms


Wedges and flat platforms are a great option to add some height to elevate your look without actually adding the discomfort to your feet. Feel completely secure in our wedges. Its wide toe strap and wraparound ankle strap will have your feet looking trendy in the contrasting platform wedge and completely comfortable all day long.


Make a cool fashion statement in our wedges and platforms; wear these styles with your work outfits, casual weekend wear and even evening wear. Our wedges and flatform shoes are perfect for ladies who don't enjoy wearing high heels. These are a great alternative to take your outfit to a level of sophistication without the discomfort of high heels! 


If you're not running out the door to get yourself a pair our comfortable high heels, then we don't know what will?


Don't Sacrifice Comfort


Need that extra support for your feet or just looking for some products to place into your high heels to give you some extra comfort? We have a range of comfort support products just for you. 


Place gel cushions into your high heels for some extra support to your aching arches. You can also place grips to the back of your enclosed back high heels to prevent any rubbing and blisters to the back of your feet. Our shoe grips will also keep those high heels that are slightly too big right in place, stop your feet from slipping and sliding in your favourite high heels. 


If you are fed up with the discomfort on a night out, then ditch the high heels and come into Wildfire to find the perfect pair of high heels that won't cause the discomfort.


It’s time for a change, don't suffer in silence and put an end to your discomfort for good.

Head to Wildfire now, we've got you, girl!